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We Must Stop All African 'Refugrees'
Because Of Airborne Plague

By Patricia Doyle


Hello Jeff - The situation in Madascar is critical.  Schools had to be closed to stop the spread of this airborne plague. It is spreading rapidly person to person.

I suspect that we may have a strain that is weaponized.  Labs like to test their pathogens on island Countries. Madagascar is a perfect island for such a test.  Not only is it an island but it is also difficult to travel from east to west and north to south.  It is divided by impassible mountains and valleys.

There is fear that this Plague will spread to East Africa coast.

Given the West  inability to stop taking African refugees this disease might spread to Europe and make the Black Death of the Middle Ages seem as a tea party in May.  If this airborne plague hits Europe and the US as well as Africa we could be looking at millions of dead. Is this risk a risk worth taking?  Not only are we bringing in refugees who do not have Western values but they also bring death in the form of disease.  Time to stop and smeel the coffee.

Kenya and Uganda have outbreaks of Marburg which is similar to Ebola and highly contagious.

Monkey pox has spread from DR Congo to Nigeria.  Check out the map and see the enormous disease risk and spread from third world to the West.

This is when we should implement the CDC laws governing immigration.

Obviously, people are leaving Madagascar and bringing the disease with them. If it hits Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia etc we can predict that it will turn up next in Italy and Europe then the US  We must stop all refugee immigration and all immigration from Africa and Middle East.

We still do not know if this air borne plague was weaponized by a State government or ISIS.

Our health care is very fragile now as is that of Europe. It will collapse rather quickly if this plague arrives in the  US or Europe.

The hospitals cannot cope with our own population but how can it cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees plus western population. How can we even cope with the bodies and burial.

This influx of refugees is going to break the west and for what? These are not people looking to Americanize or to have a better life for themselves and families.  These are people looking to harm the West.

Deport all refugees who arrived 2010 onward and stop taking in any refugees at least until this plague outbreak is stopped.