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"We Love Israel, We Respect Israel"

By Jim Kirwan


Trump was speaking for himself when he went to Israel, to speak these lies. Trump ran for president as an American, not as the Jew that he's always been. If he had been truthful with the American public, he would not have been able to win, as a Jew.

By Way of Deception

Thou Shalt Do War”

Remember that ONLY “0.37% of the people in this world are “Jews” - and the Ashkenazi-Jews are not religious: These creatures are the Barbarians that have always lived by the motto of Mossad, the same people that blew up the King David Hotel in order to steal the fraudulent idea of “Israel” from the Palestinians, back in the 1940's.

This presidential-impostor does not speak for anyone but himself,

and now that we know who he really is, the public must

condemn Trump for this betrayal.

RT News - May 22, 2017 (17:00 MSK)

As for the 34,000 “troops” he is supposedly going to bring together to remove Iran from the Middle East ­ that too remains to be seen.

Just like the movement of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is globally illegal ­ the world needs to remember the135 other nations that this shitty impostor of 'a nation' has been forced to leave, beginning with ancient Carthage ­ when they first began to appear in the world they have always hated with every breath. The world is about to remove Israel from their stolen “state”, just as the United States is about to get their walking-papers from the independent nation of the Philippines, before very much longer now.

The attitude of the Russian interviewer from RT in this in-depth conversation with president Duterte of the Philippines, is mind blowing in his honesty, as well as the shocking naivete exhibited by the RT moderator, who sounds more like the US State Department than she was able to represent as what RT supposedly stands for ­ which is why she ought to be fired immediately for her total ineptitude, on such a critical interview.

If I could reach RT, I would ask them 'why in hell did they allow this creature to mangle such an important interview, especially now when there is so much at stake everywhere in the world today? Considering that this woman is supposedly a war-correspondent, she should have shown more finesse and intellectual acuity in attempting to interview a very experienced head of state—which she treated just like the 'owned-slave' that Duterte has complained about, which is what necessitated this interview in the first place.

He gave her respect, despite the fact that she did not dress for the occasion, nor was she prepared for the globally acute questions that Duterte was there to answer for. President Duterte could have easily embarrassed her, but he took the high road, and maintained it until she forced the issue that necessitated his response to why he outed the Catholic priest that abused him and so many of his classmates so many decades ago: The fact that she could not understand his need to set the record straight so many decades ago - said volumes...


US, EU meddle in other countries & kill people under guise of human rights concerns’ ­ Duterte


And one final note ­ why have Americans not complained about paying for Ivanka and her flim-flam husband, as they travel the world on our dollar ­ as guests of the American Government ­ I would not give these two Jews one cent, in fact they should be prosecuted for being impostors, as well as being unqualified representatives of anything except themselves; their business interests and Israel's longer term plans for their take-down of the United States as the slave-state the Jews have always thought of the U.S.A. as.

Trump needs to leave his adolescent children at home or put them on the record, with all the baggage they bring with them, and see if they're qualified to be anywhere near the president of the United States ­ In fact Trump himself ought to be called to answer for this continuing slap in the face of every American who thought Trump was running as an American and not just another filthy Ashkenazi impostor...

Trump is not Superman, he's political-filth and always has been!