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Welcome to the 4th World

By Jim Kirwan

The old USA has crossed the line into poverty. Every state is broke and the real numbers behind the so-called national-debt are in the range of $2.4 Quadrillion.

I made a mistake in the article which cited that $9 trillion is missing. I had forgotten the $2.3 Trillion that Rumsfeld announced “went missing” the day before 911 took place. That would bring the total amount “officially missing in the U.S.” to $11.5 Trillion. That could certainly offset the current problem. There are also huge sums languishing in the CAFTA accounts of every state. In California the state has over $13 trillion which California’s government refuses to touch, because it’s been earmarked as a discretionary slush fund for California politicians to use -“should they need it”. That money belongs to the people, because these funds were created by skimming from the excesses created in every bill that is passed.

Ordinary people just can’t seem to get motivated enough to demand that those funds be used to totally upend Obummer’s false-flag financial crisis.

This might change some minds in a hurry!

In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time,” Obama said. “In an economic shutdown, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, they don’t go out on time.

More than 57 million Americans receive monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration. The average monthly check for retirees totaled $1,224 in September.(1)

I was watching a film last night called Man on Fire, with Denzel Washington. It’s the story of kidnappings for hire in Mexico, amid the general corruption which Mexico has traditionally been immersed in since the U.S. illegally-enslaved Mexico so very long ago.

In the film corrupt police officials live in an official compound. This was a miniaturized version of the Green Zone inside Baghdad, which has of course been deserted now. But it crossed my mind that whenever any country becomes so corrupt that their outlaw-officers need to live inside a compound, then there is more than just a chance that the country wherein this happens is probably not just a Police-State. It is also a place where the cops are the primary movers & shakers behind the crime & the corruption in the country. How long will it be before American ‘militarized-police” begin to have their own compounds?

These questions will soon have much larger consequences

Mexico is no longer a separate place. Mexico, Canada & the old US are all part of the same illegally conceived “North American Union” which is now under the United Nations, thanks to the treasons committed by Bush-Obama in secretly negotiating this outrageous-merger.

Flag of the North American Union, creator unknown

There is a very dark side to this, not for ordinary people but for the elites. Apparently in Mexico, and the other 3rd world countries today: The rich must have “insurance” to protect themselves from kidnappers and other obscenities that tend to screw-up their all too comfortable lives on a daily basis. Rent or find the film to understand this part of the dilemma more specifically.

Obama wants to hasten our fall from a viable nation to a shabby fourth-world society wherein the filthy-rich will need to be protected from the poor and starving mobs by hired forces that will be paid and paid extremely well. Their problem will be that the militarized-fascist-police, who were trained by Israel, are not loyal to anyone or anything except to the money they can “earn”. Therefore, no-one can be trusted to keep the “Special-people” safe from the same things that most Americans now have to contend with from the uniformed Police-State.

When the only business-opportunities left are positions in any number of criminal groups—as career-choices—then life will become a series of always needed convoys and goons, or the wealth that was stolen to begin with, will be stolen-again by the thieves that built their wealth on crimes and murder just to get where they are. Once this happens here, in the vaunted North-American-Union it will be the rich that will have to defend themselves from the same people they’ll have to hire to keep their filthy-profits safe from the great-unwashed: They will be guarded by the same uniformed-slaves who now make life unbearable for most Americans. I’m looking forward to the day when none of those traitors will be able to actually enjoy anything they have—because everyone knows exactly how they got to be where they are now.

They’re expecting to move up when the rest of us are theoretically wiped out. They have forgotten that the true criminals, at the heart of this takeover of the planet, will never share with anyone who is not already a part of their blood-line. Consequently their lives will begin to resemble the lives of Drug-King-Pins who have a life-expectancy of only a few short years.

True they can live like kings, until the up and coming Outlaws take each of them out ­ only to repeat the process over and over and over again. But every one of them dies an ugly death after only a very few short years “in Power”. That’s why “societies” were developed to allow people “to have and to hold” without worrying about being killed in their beds or assassinated on the streets.

But since the public will not act to stop this backward slide to the stone-age; then all those age-old-lessons will have to be played-out until people decide to simply end these perpetual-cycles of violence that have haunted the human race since we left the caves…

Enjoy “the Ride for the Constitution” & The Million Vet March on the Memorials throughout the weekend and make sure that the rest of the time between now and the seventeenth is not wasted! (2)

1) Obama Social Security checks will stop when debt ceiling is reached

2) Ending the Motherload

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