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When We Ignore History


By Jim Kirwan


It Will Always Be Repeated

The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Race

Of course the obvious facts are always overlooked, in favor of keeping the total farce of what passes for politics alive, long enough to save the political-futures of hundreds of thousands of traitors that have all become losers now, along with the talking muppets that continue to parrot the 'politics' that's all been lies since before WWI.''

I did some homework of late about a number of things that have been totally omitted from the all the issues that have arrived since Reagan began to smash so many the laws that the ruling oligarchs found to be so very 'inconvenient'.

Ronnie paved the way by tearing down the wall between religion and the state, followed up by abandoning the Immigration Laws while he supported the first bloody versions of 'Freedom Fighters' that have morphed into everything we're now fighting, all over the planet today: And of course everything that bastard did was illegal, yet he was hailed as a fantastic president while we overlooked the fact that he took this nation to the lowest spot we've ever occupied as the world's leading debtor nation, and basically the scum of the earth that Amerika has become today.

But these recent events are basically nothing at all when compared to what we've done to the planet since even before WWI. If you really want to know about our 'storied-past', then here are the two articles that you must familiarize yourself with—if you want to understand what “Amerika” stands for in 2015.

The symbol that still exists today for all of this is Gaza-Palestine!

And this continuing genocide has existed since 1948,

With no demands from the world to stop this crime.

That's because the truth behind Palestine today

would reveal too much of Why & How that crime became real.

The Holocaust ­ The Greatest Lie Ever Told

One Hour & 17 minutes

Once you understand exactly how we behaved toward the victims throughout both the First World War (19 million dead) and then the many times over dead we created during and after WWII, with massive war crimes beyond knowing, which Americans participated in but which is still hidden from the world today. We actually killed more Germans after the war, as prisoners than we did during the entire period of WWII.

Maybe the facts behind our involvement in the slaughter of the German people was the reason that so many GI's refused to talk about what they did during that unspeakably horrible war-crime...

This was the reason that General George Patten was murdered when he demanded that we stay in Europe and finish that war by exterminating the Zionist-Communists that were behind the Red Army, which had been created by the Zionists that involved the entire planet in order to create the illegal and criminal state of Israel: Something that the world has never dealt with to this day... These two hours plus of carnage and war-crimes can change your global view completely, if you have the guts to watch them both.


Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)

One Hour 30 minutes

Once you understand how the world got into both WWI & WWII, it's easy to see how it was that we came to be embedded in this series of global war-crimes, that have almost completely destroyed the world.

This brings us all to the latest weapon being used against us in the massive lies about the protected IDEOLOGY of today's Muslims. It's not a religion. It is not 'a race' and despite how many places it has invaded lately, the Jihadists still have no nation of their own.

What has come down to the human race through the Koran has clearly defined just who and what the world must come to deal with, because they are leaving the rest of us no choice: “Convert of die” is the only choice the planet is being offered. For millions of us that demands the ending of everything related to Jihad and to the Koran which is 'their bible' of global hatred, which has declared uncompromising war upon anyone and everyone who is not a believer in the current day view of Mohamed. This is especially true for every woman in the world.

Everything that has been raised to the level of global-warfare in the Middle East and Ukraine, can all be traced to the massive theft by nation after nation, because none of the crimes that so many nations have been committing since the end of WWII ­ has still not been even mentioned for what they have always been: Here's the latest overview for the smuggling of oil and antiquities which are still being covered up by yet another UN global war upon humanity.

The world owes Russia-today a round of applause for all that they have done to correct the fake talks with the UN and their puppet-coalitions, that are designed to stop the actions that Syria, Russia, Iraq and Hezbollah are taking to end these global thefts worldwide.

With the end of the illegal-trade-routes and the prosecution of every 'nation' that continues to blackmail the planet in order to keep the entire world subjected to this global slavery that was created and fostered upon us all by Israel and USI.

That's why the UN has decided to try and end all the actual actions in Syria and elsewhere that could wipe out all of these problematic global-war-crimes—before the world is prevented from ending Jihad and Israel as well as USI, that are totally dependent on the continued existence of Daesh and all the talking heads that have never succeeded in ever doing anything to end this global threat to planet ­ because at the end of all the talk, no one ACTS, except those in the Russian-Syrian coalition.

The failure of all the Amerikan political parties, is but the prelude to freeing the planet from these lying outlaws that have held the entire world in bondage since Israel became the wet-dream of the Zionists so very long ago...

It's time to tell the truth and demand an end to all these mufti-generational lies ­ and there's no time like the present to begin the end of all of them.

This is what happened to the people of Greece, who were sold-out by their supposed leader. Notice how many women were super-active throughout this struggle, yet the so-called 'leader' failed his people.

This is what happened to Greece before that country was inundated by the current invasion of the thugs

that are promising rape and beheadings to all of Europe - which is why people everywhere must rise and throw off this insanity - everywhere that Austerity raises it's ugly head.

The battle-cry of the Jihadists of "Surrender or be Beheaded" must bring a forced end to everything that keeps on getting worse, because the EU is in the midst of their own death-throes that must end with the bankruptcy of the EU and the freeing of the peoples of Europe and the world, by our

victory over Jihadists everywhere and the absolute end of AUSTERITY- everywhere.

This is a Coup


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