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We Got The Memo!

By Jim Kirwan

United States is officially a private for-profit corporation, it is not a country. Obama is the CEO. There is no president, because there is no nation—there hasn’t been a nation for a hundred years, just a private corporation.

Yesterday in California we had an election. That will be the very last election that will be held inside this prison. As a corporation there are no elections, there are only appointments of the officers and all of that is done with memos: And we’ve finally got the Memo.

This story is about Conquest,

because as anyone can see ‘conquest’ has no mouth, so ‘it’ can never speak as that portion of Conquest’s face has always been solid stone.

All the facts are here inside “The Price of Closure”

There are some other salient points about this biblical figure above that were taken directly from ‘Revelations’ in the Bible. Upon his chest are the seven seals of St. John and it was the breaking of the first four seals that released the Four Horsemen themselves. But the arms of Conquest are also interesting. The heavy protective armor is unyielding, to the point that the figure cannot bend its arms. So while it may be impressive: Conquest cannot effectively even use its bow because of all that illicit gold and silver that supposedly protects its powers.

The pommel on its saddle, where the saddle-horn would have been, consists of the universal golem clutching the world that supposedly guides this nightmare crew. But the truth that’s never seen lies in the foot of clay, that’s disintegrating beneath the rising Phoenix that’s just caught fire, beneath his shin guard, which will sever his connection to his armored boots of steel.

The universal symbol for chaos lies just beneath his left shoulder. On that shoulder is the symbol of the masculine while on the golden side is the feminine that marks the arm that ends in his volcanic hand which carries the Burning Flag of All Nations. This symbol further restricts the actual movements of any of the real action required to carry out its global-mission. And of course inside his Egyptian crown the serpent is busy eating its own tail. Conquest of course precedes the Pawns of War displayed upon the shield of War, directly behind this unworkable symbol, the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Amerika is no longer a real place; it’s just another private corporate entity in which the people who live here have no rights and no possessions of their own. We have been slaves since 1913, which means that everything about our so-called government has been nothing but a lie.

Translated into the vernacular, anyone and everyone who continues to have anything to do with any official political party is a traitor to the Constitution that has been officially ignored for the last 80 years.

Since the vote in every election in America is rigged by the Corporation, UNITED STATES INCORPORATED: Voting is just another tool of the CORPORATION that owns us all. The official results of every election are fixed ­ and presidential elections are now counted in Israel, instead of inside this country. Anyone can easily see how these facts have already been made clear to the public. Yet the public will not react to anything their supposed “leaders” continue to do to all of us, even as this government continues to slaughter us at home, in the streets or on the highways of this total lie which the USA has been since long before most of us were even born.

Today Corporate statutes have replaced laws.’

In the World Today

The policies of the corporation are not doing well in the global arena either, because double-speak and treachery are very difficult to hide upon the global stage—especially when all the US puppets, that are acting for the corporation, are as infantile and arrogant as it is possible to be in not just this ruined place; but in the global arena as well.

But the global world is not yet conquered, at least not completely. The latest victim of the private corporations, both here and abroad is the European Union, which has totally forgotten their own national status that was used against them when they “joined” the EU. The EU has made slaves of every state that has become part of that corporation, and now it’s clear that the citizens in the EU no longer even have their own economies!

Watch what has just happened to their individual national status, in the current USI extortion that’s demanding that Europeans must bear the full weight, and pay-the-full-price of the sanctions that USI is determined to lay upon them; disguised as new sanctions on Russia.

This begins @ 23min 12 sec from RT Bulletin Board today.

Earlier in the same video, RT explains how the US has gone through some extreme gymnastics to avoid meeting with both the European Union and Russia at the same table to discuss the current set of lies which USI wants to ram down the throats of the world.

When the “leaders” consisted of the G-7, they were fond of claiming total leadership of the planet. But then it was noticed that they could not really make that claim without Russia. So they finally acceded to G-7 +1. That finally and formally became the G-8—in order to more clearly reflect the global reality. Now, with the US trying to divide the world into everyone versus any nation that disagrees with the United States Corporation, being isolated and kept out of any serious discussions on the global scene: USI cannot allow all the supposed powers and Russia to meet at the same table, because face-to-face the US representatives are just children with demands that cannot stand against adults who have real problems to discuss and solve.

So now there will be two separate dinners, one without the Russians, the other one with the Russians but which will be held in such a way that real political confrontations cannot occur. This is an offshoot of the Politically Correct mantra (Inside USI) that demands that any and all disagreements at the highest levels cannot tolerate any real disagreements—regardless of the global needs that are demanding actual confrontations in order to get past the all the mega lies that have become part of everything that supposedly happens across the globe at the moment.

Here’s part of the global problem, most of which is discussed in various stories by RT today. It’s worth noting that broadcasts like this are never ever held on CNN or any of the western media outlets.

Here’s the hub of the problem. Elections have become problematic in those nations that have held actual open elections. Elections that are held in nations where USI has been making war upon the populations are particularly difficult, because the people in those states are willing to risk their lives to cast their votes against USI and the puppets they’ve tried to install in places like Syria and Ukraine.

In Crimea where there was no war, USI tried its feeble best to convince the world that there was a real war, when in fact there was nothing but an area within Ukraine that did not want to accept the illegal overthrow of Ukraine, so they held a referendum to free themselves from the Right-Sector supported coup that had stolen the democratically elected State, which Crimea had once been part of. USI still does not recognize the election that followed that referendum, but Russia did and accepted the vote, along with the people who chose to align themselves with Russia.

In Ukraine which is being led by outlaws and oligarchs in Kiev has not accepted the decisions made by the people of Crimea. But then neither has Kiev accepted the same referendums that were held in several of the Eastern cities inside Ukraine either. Ukraine, for its part, decided to hold an election of its own in which not all its citizens were allowed to vote, but even with this abstention: The newly elected oligarch has announced, that before he formally takes office, he will personally see to it that all resistance to his “election” will be smashed!

To that end he’s ordered the bombing of hospitals, clinics, schools and administration buildings, as well as apartment blocks and public parks in the breakaway independent cities; by making full scale modern war upon everyone that might resist his strong-arm tactics anywhere inside Ukraine. Of course part of his goal is to force Russia to react.

But the part that is suspicious is that Ukraine, prior to the incident with Crimea, had barely a shadow of an army and its weapons were of the WWII variety. Now the new dictator is suddenly using modern weaponry, new jet fighters, rockets, helicopter gunships, mortars, missiles and hundreds of mercenaries that speak perfect English, to supposedly “train the Ukrainian military” in just two weeks to obliterate Ukrainian citizens in their country that supposedly elected him to rule over the entire nation, both those for him and against him in his own faked election: And no one has challenged his own fake election process.

In Syria, people have come back from all over the world to vote in the Syrian election, something the old USA would have applauded as a vote for democracy that was once noteworthy. But since we were the forces that were recently defeated in Syria, USI has decided that the elections in Syria are “illegitimate”. The same decision was reached about the referendums in Eastern Ukraine as well.

Any referendum held anywhere today by people trying to free themselves is automatically declared illegal by the corporate powers that are ruling the world today.

Just imagine what would happen if the people of the world decided today to hold a global referendum that banned the global corporations and their puppets from holding any political office anywhere in the world ­ today!

That’s the current condition surrounding the elections process at risk today. But the global situation is vast and will soon become very dangerously explosive, once the EU and other nations begin to discover that they have become the new Iran when it comes to ILLEGAL-SANCTIONS. The irony is that the broken corporation of USI will be stealing money and long term profits from their supposed partners in the EU, to hypothetically punish Russia, which will only become stronger with every passing day that this massive fraud is allowed to continue…

But what the hell, that’s always what happens when any nation surrenders to a bunch of bankers pretending to be global leaders. All they really are, are the modern day money-lenders, outlaws, thieves and murderers in the fake-temples of everyday life around the planet today. Ironically? Russia has and is using its gold, as is China, to advance both their national and regional powers in the world. They have become profitable and powerful while the West is rapidly sinking like the setting sun in this broken quagmire that reached for Empire but came away empty handed.

Meanwhile USI lost all its gold back in the 1930’s. Today USI’s so-called dollars are worthless toilet paper and is about to become globally labeled as such while USI and EU battle over who will fall first in this latest round of LIES INCORPORATED, in this world that has already gone insane!

Oh Yeah, “We Got Your Memo” and we’re gonna send you one of our own very soon!


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