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We Created This 'Future'

By Jim Kirwan


Back in the early 1990's part of what was quietly being 'exposed' on the planet were the huge holes in the protective-ozone that was constantly expanding at an alarming rate around the planet. At that time 'science' was not forthcoming about any 'real danger' to the planet or the human race. In fact 'science' said that this was “nothing to worry about”.

Now that it's finally here, why not judge for yourself, whether or not this “means anything important to the survival of humanity”.

This bizarre story surfaced today that claims: Earth's "Magnetosphere" COLLAPSED in space TODAY for two+ hours” followed by a 'scientific-explanation that leaves far more questions than it can even barely describe; much less “answer”.

Thirty years ago I was working on a still unfinished trilogy of novels set in a very distant future that was predicated upon the world after what is about to happen to the planet now. The three novels were set 300 years after technology had already leveled the war-torn planet that we still inhabit. The story depicted a world where the extremely few who had survived, had retrieved some maps and some of the pictures of what the world was once like: But the place they inhabited had undergone such a massive series of changes that left their planet with no technology and the few who inhabited 'life-here' had only their wits and their courage to explore what had become their world of the non-existent future.

Briefly, everything had changed from the colors of the foliage the water and the skies, as we have contaminated everything, all the way to the extreme-temperatures of the hostile-surface that was almost impossible to exist on, during the daylight hours. In that world there were clearly visible holes in the daylight skies, the ozone-holes of the future, through which people could easily see the depths of outer-space surrounded by the fragmented remains (in that 'future-glimpse') of what we think of now as 'chem-trail-riven-skies': And all of that was portrayed as normal in that distant hostile-future which we're racing to create right now.

The trilogy was interrupted by Bush Junior's theft of the presidency, which is beginning to look more and more to have been about the hideous setting for that unfinished text every day.

I mention this only because the 'explanation' of what is supposedly happening now is as obscure as the initial announcements were that accompanied the first mentions of 'the Ozone-holes' that began to appear when “science” first begin to artificially and globally mess with our weather, our atmosphere and the stratosphere upon which all human and animal life still depends.

Most of this was indirectly suggested, early-on by Immanuel Velikovsky in some of his books beginning with “Earth in Upheaval”.

This story in the link below and its rather obfuscated conclusions might be far-easier to understand ­ if you remember that all of this began for us, when “science” first began to publicly play with everything that involves the sun and our relationship to it, as well as the universe, which this world has always inhabited as we move through the vastness of space.

Earth's "Magnetosphere" COLLAPSED in space TODAY for two+ hours!

Trouble ahead for all of us

There can be little doubt that there will be much more to this unfortunately real-life story, as those who are qualified begin to add what they 'know' to what science is still trying to obscure...


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