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We Can't Go Back

By Jim Kirwan


When we were young, as a nation and as individuals things were much different than they’ve become for the entire world today.

Think about how far this planet, in this galaxy, has gone in just the last hundred years. At the moment we’re moving at just over 67,000 mph in orbit. Add to that how far our galaxy is currently moving outward from the beginning point of the universe.

NASA - What is the speed of the Earth?

When you take into account the three-dimensional picture of the Sun's movement through our Milky Way Galaxy, things get very complicated.

4. The sun {and hence the solar system} is moving towards the constellation Hercules, namely to the star Lambda Herculis at 12 miles per second {or 20 kilometers per second} which is 43,200 MPH

5. The Solar system is also moving upwards, at 90 degrees to the plane of the Milky Way, at 4.34 miles per second or 15,624 MPH. But we are actually leaving the Galaxy, out about 50 light years now and will be moving out to 250 light years before it reverses. Details of the mechanics of this are explained in the link below. We also crossed the Galactic plane 2 million years ago.

6. The Solar system is orbiting around the Galaxy at an "estimated" speed of 124 miles per second {or 200 kilometers per second} which is 446,400 MPH. The way that figure has been calculated can be found at the link below.” (1)

Given the above speeds shouldn’t the people on this planet have moved forward from where we were in the eleventh century or the nineteenth or the twentieth? Remember the people began going backwards in what our work forces could make, beginning in 1973: Thanks to the Trilateral Commission. In that meeting 300 of the world’s greatest criminals, torturers and murders decided for the rest of the planet just how much any of us could have and how we should be living: That FACT is still true today!

When our forefathers arrived and started enslaving people, stealing their land and taking whatever they wanted, that was one type of “progress”. We slaughtered somewhere between seventy million and a hundred million natives. As we ‘matured’ we expanded our highway robbery, murder and theft until we managed to reach the western shore of North America. After that we began our real job of becoming a major colonial power. We managed to do that with very little concern for what we had done to acquire whatever we decided “we needed”.

In Europe, as the First World War (1914-1919) was gearing up, the US was almost completely immersed in our own affairs. As far as Europe was concerned Americans were “isolationists” and totally uninterested in what transpired in Europe.

However, in this hemisphere beginning in 1801, we had begun to practice “Manifest Destiny”. From 1801 until 1911 we created and participated in colonialist-military-actions in over 71 different countries mostly in this hemisphere. We did all of that before the First World War, while the most of this population was still rather naïve about realities in the wider world.

By the end of WWI, the population of most of the planet had lost a great deal of their innocence. By the end of WWII the entire planet had been transformed by the brutality of global war, even though that was almost nothing when compared to everything that was yet to come.

But with each new military ‘action’ Americans became more jaded and less interested since we lost in Vietnam after 15 years of unparalleled barbarity. The end of Vietnam marked the next major turning point in our effort to deal with becoming adults in a world where we had prided ourselves on remaining childishly unconcerned for far too long.

Then came Grenada, Panama and Chile, after which our national course was set to go forward into WAR unending, forever if possible, for the illicit profits that seemed endless at the time.

In 1953 we overthrew Iran’s democratically elected government and replaced it with a CIA stooge. Twenty years later Kissinger overthrew Chile’s democratically elected government with CIA help. That led to a 17 year long fascist puppet-government in Chile. Then we went to war throughout Central America, using death squads and lies. In Iran, in 1980 we traded Arms for Hostages. American hostages were imprisoned in the American Embassy for 444 days until Reagan was elected, which was part of the agreement under which we sold weapons to Iran, in exchange for their release. We engaged with the leaders of the Iranian-Revolution of 1979 to sell them weapons, along with running guns into Central American and taking out illegal drugs to the states, courtesy of the CIA and the Reagan Administration. These international-crimes were beginning to get serious notice, until Reagan developed Alzheimer’s and the charges were forgotten.

Then came George Bush Sr. and Iraq in 1991, which did not stop until 2011 when that illegal-war finally ended. Twenty years of blood and treasure and we lost again! Together with Vietnam that meant the U.S.A. had been at war for 35 years against two minor nations and we weren’t able to “win” anything at all.

Does this seem like progress or regression to you?

We were only ‘at war’ for just over 4 years during WWII, but we claimed victory over Germany, Japan and Italy. So what happened to us in Korea, Vietnam, Iran and Iraq? Did we deliberately go backwards? That backward monetary slide was related to shutting down the free-time too many people had for themselves: Because the Committee of 300 thought people had too much time on their hands, so they decided to make everyone have to work two jobs to survive. This apparently did not have anything to do with the end of the Vietnam War, which came just two years further on.

Then along came Clinton!

Clinton undercut our entire economy with his fast-tracking of the “Free-Trade-Agreements” and the formal outsourcing of American jobs at fire sale prices that left the nation reeling from wholesale job losses, just about the time that Bush Sr. ordained the opening shots in what had been Yugoslavia.

That war was finished off by Clinton; as the crime of the twentieth-century that no one in the USA even noticed.

It’s officially been 22 years since that political cluster-fck and blood bath began. That series of war-crimes initiated a totally new-era of lawlessness, involving both the UN & NATO, that rewrote all the rules for global blood-shed without any shred of any law anywhere in sight…

Given all that’s happened to the world since we began to claim our place as a nation on this planet—would you say that we have made progress, or have we specialized in going backwards at the speed of light?

By this time America had added continuously to the body count of nations that we invaded. Currently it’s over 200. If this isn’t stopped we won’t even pause at the stone-age, we’ll just keep right on going until the planet loses everything it ever had.

Here’s what the planet will look like without water, vegetation, soil, food or much of anything else for the 5% of the population that will be left if we don’t stop this now!

It’s true “We Can’t Go Back!”

What we must do now is to create real possibilities for people, with adaptations that will work; in this revised environment that has been totally and permanently changed over and over again.

Gone are the days of childlike innocence. Gone are the days of idealistic purity when people chose not to deal with reality of any kind.

There is no justice in this place: There never was and there cannot ever be an artificial substitute, for what must be done when crimes are committed on this global-scale. We must end the farce of pretense that there will come a time of peace when there will be no violence: Because that has never been the case in-nature or in the wider-world; to believe otherwise is pure unadulterated folly.

We don’t have to accept crime as it is today. In fact to go forward, we must punish the surviving criminals which we’re living with, so that we can move on now and free ourselves of all these bastards!

The darkside wants you to believe that we have no choice except to initiate total global war: In that war, every nation will unleash all their weapons once the nuclear war finds a way to begin. That’s not true because this does not have to happen.

If the people of the planet came together and outlawed Usury in the extremes which we have today, that could be a start.

The Italian Renaissance (1420-1600) happened when Science and Art began to work together toward a better world. That has not been repeated since that very distant time in this war torn world.

If we outlaw the way the FED makes their illegitimate money: That could be a massively powerful second step!

The knock on effect of any real blow to the Rothschilds banking system could start that much needed chain reaction, to begin to take down the entire criminal-banking-edifice worldwide. Of course, if that happened it would cripple the global-war machine and force the world to rethink the way that the remaining population could learn to live, in free and open societies around the planet ~ but first we have to be willing to fight for that right, again!

Anything of that nature on an international scale would automatically challenge the IMF, The World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements and all the rest of that criminal-association that taken together could begin to free the currently imprisoned peoples in the EU and around the world—if Americans as individuals would only act “to make this wildly improbable dream into bedrock-reality!”

We have a lot of catching up to do if we are to keep pace with nature and where this planet has taken the entire world to date, since this place started to record our actions.

If all our inventive genius did not go into the war machine, just imagine what we could do as humanity and as individuals that are free to use the gifts that nature gave to each and every person on this planet. The difference between what that world could be and where we’re headed now is much more extreme than anything that could even be described…

We Can’t Go Back, but we damn sure can go forward!

1) Secrets of the Universe



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