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Washington Post Features
Op-Ed By Ukraine Putschist


By Stephen Lendman

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is Ukraine's illegitimate prime minister - chosen by Washington. He's part of Kiev's lunatic fringe - fascists masquerading as democrats.

They belong in prison, not high office. So do their US puppet masters. Together they're waging naked aggression on Donbass residents - committing mass murder on the pretext of conducting an ATO (anti-terrorist operation).

Terrorists reside in Kiev and Washington. Donbass militia are courageous freedom fighters. They reject fascist rule. They want democratic rights everyone deserves.

Dominant US media support what demands condemnation. Wa-Po editors featuring Yatsenyuk gave him a platform to proliferate outrageous Big Lies.

He headlined "What is at stake in Ukraine if Russia continues its (nonexistent) onslaught," saying:

"Ukraine is fighting a war on two fronts." He lied claiming one involves "thousands of Russian troops…engaged in an armed aggression against Ukraine's territorial integrity, including the illegal annexation of Crimea."

False as numerous previous articles explained. No so-called Russian aggression exists now or earlier nor was Crimea annexed.

Washington and its coup-installed Kiev proxy bear full responsibility for naked aggression on Donbass.

Yatsenyuk ludicrously claimed a second war being waged "against the Soviet past and the legacy of corruption and misrule that has held us back for so many years."

"Ukraine (wants) to build a prosperous and democratic future," he blustered.

Fact: Ukraine's Soviet past ended in 1991 - not its massive corruption and misrule, worse now than ever under illegitimate putschist tyranny headed by a mega-crook oligarch president.

Yatsenyuk lied claiming Putin wants Ukraine to fail. He supports its sovereign independence under democratic rule entirely absent with fascists in charge.

So-called "landmark reforms" Yatsenyuk claims already implemented don't exist. Rule by intimidation and repression reflect official policy.

So is a system benefitting Ukraine's privileged few hugely at the expense of most everyone else.

Mass impoverishment, unemployment, hyperinflation, disastrous economic policies and human misery affect millions of Ukrainians - combined with brutal repression creates a potential combustible mix.

Ukraine "need(s) the support of our partners to help us stabilize our economy and deter further (nonexistent) Russian aggression while we carry out" nonexistent reforms, said Yatsenyuk.

Policies initiated hardened police state rule. Ukraine is bankrupt yet spends million of borrowed dollars daily waging naked aggression on its own people.

Yatsenyuk wants more Western help to eliminate all challenges to ruthless fascist rule. Claiming Ukraine "is under direct attack from resurgent Russian authoritarianism and imperialism" is polar opposite truth.

"Ukraine is bearing the brunt of that attack, but the consequences of allowing our independence to be crushed would not be contained within Ukraine," he ranted.

"It would give rise to new threats and crises that would be even more difficult and costly to resolve. The democratic idea itself would be undermined."

Claiming democracy "remains our inspiration today" runs counter to ruthless despotic rule imposed.

Democracy is pure fantasy. So-called presidential and parliamentary elections held earlier were farcical - with no legitimacy whatever.

Nazi-infested Ukraine is a fascist police state in Europe's heartland threatening the entire continent and beyond. Russia together with other sovereign independent nations are the best hope for world peace.

America's rage for endless wars partnered with rogue states like Ukraine threaten it more than ever before.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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