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Was NORTHCOM Created To Ignite War On Whites?

From Gary Holland
Exclusive To

Hi Jeff,

DARPA demanding the FAA allow the use of drones over the US is part of NORTHCOM's advancement into the combat phase of its operation.

In order to get a better understanding of why NORTHCOM exists, I will give some analysis of its combat operations as it relates to the millions of foreign fighting-aged men being allow to flood into America and Europe.

As you have been reporting, the 'refugees', migrants and illegals are being strategically placed all over America.
The true intent being to use them as a near future fighting force against American citizens. They are coming in via Trump's
unrelenting support of the UN Refugee Resettlement Program. He will not stop fact, he won't even MENTION it.
I believe thousands of Somali refugees have been covertly trained in Somalia by the CIA and Mossad to be used as part of a 5th Column taking form in America.

Another part of that 5th Column is the continous invasion of illegal alien fighting age men pouring in over our Southern average or 1,200 to 1,500 a DAY according to the US Border Patrol.

This caravan invasion force consisting of children of the CIA-run CONTRAs with aid and comfort provided by the Trump administration is a planned part of the 5th Column. The weapons supplied to the CentAm caravan invasion force were mostly likely supplied indirectly by the CIA-Mossad.

Due to these events and the continous 24-7 White demonization propaganda campaign, it's my conclusion that World Zionism has covertly declared war on whites worldwide. Zionists continue to use their shabbos goy European white dupes and traitors to bring millions of young 700 BC era African fighters and rapists into Europe. It does appear Zionists have committed to a racial genocide of the white population of the world.

In The United States, Zionists created conditions for America to be fractured into a Balkanized society. Worldwide, Zionists continue to expand a hostile, growing younger minority-majority to eventually be used to kill off an aging, declining, demonized, non-resistant white population.

At this moment in time. it appears that Eastern European countries and Russia might be the white population's last hope for survival in the future. If I am wrong and Eastern Europe and Russia also fall, I predict the white population will become virtually EXTINCT within the next 100-200 years.

Thank You
Gary Holland