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The War We Have Feared Is Here


By Jim Kirwan


This has come to the world, via the invasion of many nations, by millions of diseased creatures that have not lived by the same standards which the civilized world has spent eon's creating. The current invasion of the civilized world mandates real changes, to the ways of life, that Sharia Law is using to threaten the continued existence of the planet and the entire human race.

Real Changes to the Society must be made now,

If there is to be anywhere upon the planet where people can be free to live

and prosper as human beings again.

The first order in the reversal of humanitarian values must be be headlined by burning the existence of Sharia Law, from history and from life - wherever it is practiced: Because Sharia Law is totally-contrary to the Human Condition.

Sharia Law mandates the lowering of the status of all women, to that of sub-human bestiality. This is contrary to the civilized laws of every nation that has rejected “Living in the Dark Ages”, which Sharia Law stands for. Sharia Law today stands in direct opposition to all the natural-laws of the universe: Which is why the practice of Sharia Law must be cauterized from human existence, wherever it is found. This is not a matter of religion, this is a matter of honoring the natural laws which people need, in order to live a free and productive life—in any country which they might find themselves trying to live-in today. This is only a prequel to everything else that has beset the people trying to live in this New Millennium today.

But Sharia Law has many subtle crimes that are not apparent to the outside world. The targeting of very young boys as “the one true delicacy” to be raped at very young ages, as “the most delightful of all sexual pleasures” possible, which turns those boys into savages by the time they become young men ­ they then naturally follow what that kind of youthful experience has saddled them with. Girls and women are really the second choice for the routine pleasures of RAPE as a requirement of life, just like everyone else needs water: The followers of Sharia Law need violent sex to survive—that's why these diseased creatures must be cast out of every country they have been allowed to illegally migrate into.

There is no place in any settled society for these throwbacks to ancient times to be allowed to live-in: Because the invaders are not from the same world as are the people in the countries they have been assigned to enter into, to take their jobs, their houses and their loved ones—not just to rape and torture, but to use and abuse however they wish. That's on top of the fact that there is literally no room for the millions of them that they will physically overwhelm by sheer numbers in every country they are still going into ­ largely uninvited. This challenge must be met with force and thrown back to where they came from or face immediate death because they are more dangerous than any form of the black-plague that killed off more than a third of Europe at the beginning of the Dark Ages.

The above was all mandated by EU Policy over the wishes of the people of those 28 nations, without permission, from the individual states.

Needless to say the EU is already dead.

All that remains is to hold the formal burial of their horrible failure.

The “WARS which have beset the planet now have many layers of duplicity to each and all of them. If people can grasp just how very much is at stake by excoriating Sharia Law, then they will be free to take on the rest of these WARS for the massive crimes that the wars themselves have perpetrated and penetrated the entire world with as of February 2016.

If the world wakes-up and ends Sharia Law worldwide, then maybe we can all begin to take on this Third World War which has just begun.

If not then there is no hope for whatever is left for us

anywhere upon this planet.

Current reports on the status of The Global War

as of 1:31pm, PST

Use the links @ superstation95

to keep track of fast paced changes for yourselves...

Reports are coming in about three times a day now

documenting the progress of the war across several states

and throughout the region as well.



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