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The War On Gender

By Jim Kirwan



Will end civilization as we know it.

Satanism and pedophilia are behind it all.

How stupid have people been, to have put up with this



Civilization was founded on the unification of men & women working together to create better lives for the families and the tribes at first and then for the entire human race. Men & women have always been different. Their strengths are derived by working together as individuals, so that when combined, couples can become the bedrock of productive lives that can do anything, together: Regardless of whatever they need to face. The sensual & sexual result of those unions is what produces the successful children of tomorrow. Sex exists to produce the continuation of the survival of the species . And as life continues - each new generation was always meant to exceed their parents. It is in this long line of progression that the world continued to prosper and to grow into the tomorrows of our individual lives.

Now we're going backwards at light speed to deny everything we ever learned, before we allowed the fake religious patriarchy and radical feminists to slaughter and enslave the matriarchal world, since the Judeo-Christian ethic was forced upon the people. This is just some of what is being denied to the world by this global 'War On Gender'.

Virtually all of the above directly applies to exactly how massively dangerous it is, to the human race, to fail to understand just how vital GENDERS are in the world.

Women make up more than half the world, and in far too many places they're still treated worse than livestock. And the biggest public enemy of all women is still the current barbaric Islamic terrorism against the world.

The Muslim 's must be taken at their word and stricken from the human race for their attempted rape & murder of anyone that refuses to convert to Barbaric-Islam.


The subtext for this concocted war

has always been the total-extermination of the White Race, followed by

the end of civilization everywhere.

A careful analysis of the behavior behind the current global-invasion, by these primitive savages, clearly shows that their behavior has no equal anywhere else in the animal kingdom. What other species penetrates their young, while teaching them to rape and torture, even their own parents? These creatures are sub-human by any standard and they must be physically fought, to the death, if there is to be any civilization left on this earth.

This is the third time in history that Jihad has been used to try to conquer planet earth. This must end before everything that the human race has built over the millennia'ss totally vaporized.



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