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The War Of Lies

By Jim Kirwan

The end of the War in Europe in 1945 marked the beginning of this War of Lies created by the UN and the European Union

In service to the global-outlaws of the world.

The current 28 member EU actually collapsed even before it was created: The pretended European creation was designed to implode the financial viability of Europe by the willful destruction of the ancient nation-states that had been in existence for hundreds of years. This happened before they surrendered to the Rothschilds Bankers, (IMF, BIS, and WB) to the UN’s Agenda 21 and to the Fourth Reich Nazi’s run by Israel and USI who are fighting inside Ukraine to finish destabilizing the planet.

The wars over sovereignty inside Ukraine, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Ukraine are continuations of the original theft of nation-state sovereignty of all the nations of Europe.

The reason that England is not part of this is because of the City of London, the Vatican and the City of Columbia (D.C.) because those three flashpoints are responsible for pulling the strings on these crimes world wide.

The original 13 independent nation-states of the EU were murdered: Just as the original 13 American States were silenced to create fake unions, composed of privatized corporate unions of captured slaves, (stock) that are now at war all over the planet.


There will soon be an Avalanche of rebellion around the planet, when other nations begin to follow the lead which the people of Ukraine have set: First in Crimea and now in two more parts of Eastern Ukraine.

The fake politicians in the fake political world have rejected the referendums inside Ukraine, because if those referendums get results, then every imposter government anywhere else is in danger of being thrown out of power—permanently!

This story is clearly being reported in today’s RT Bulletin Board: This is what CNN was supposedly created to be. But the differences are unmistakable: CHECKMATE!

Referendums have been leading the way out of darkness for millions of people who are determined to overthrow the artificial-controls over the people of the world that are about to be challenged by referendums around the planet ­ except of course, in the cowardly United States, where ‘becoming aware’ is still a crime! This link below proves everything that the alternative media has been saying for the last thirteen years.

Israeli Dual-Citizens in the US

Are Destroying America’s perceptions of Reality

In the last three articles I tried to walk through these events that have brought us to this point, because this is an international rebellion in the making. Beneath each link are the comments of a troll…

Asymmetrical War

Quit flapping your lips and cut to the chase”

The American Referendum

The American Referendum Another Kirwan Wild ass exhortation with no modus operandi about how to execute it”.

If the Unchosen Speak

The troll tried to keep pace but we’re at least three steps ahead of him or her who’s still not capable of compound thoughts.

Despite the angst of censors everywhere, this movement could grow quickly, if and when people begin to pay more than just attention to the breakthrough that has been growing; since the lies in and around Ukraine become clear to billions of slaves still in denial everywhere…

The right of the people in every nation to take back control over their so-called leaders is universal: Because The Consent of the Governed is not exclusive to the U.S. Constitution, it’s a universal right of every person born on this planet. But only those who are willing to fight for it will ever know this for the fact that it is!

The key to taking back that control is contained in holding and enforcing referendums in any country that cares enough to legally overthrow the criminals that are running the world of today. The people inside Ukraine have led the way toward freedom. It’s our job to follow thru by creating referendums in every country that is fed up with being starved into submission or beaten into surrender. Together we are the people of this planet, regardless of race, religion, or national origin. And we have always been one-people, even though most are still unaware of that fact.

This is the Burning Flag of All Nations that we’ve allowed Conquest to carry for over two thousand years: Is it not time to take back our right to be free in every country where people have been crushed into submission by the enemies of humanity around the world?


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