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We Can’t Make War
No More

By Jim Kirwan


We’ve filled the bottom of this hourglass

We’ve broken up our forces

And disfigured any purpose that we might

Have ever had.

The whole world knows that we are done

Because nothing that we’ve said was ever true

And now the vultures have begun to circle over this dying place.

Having forgotten history - We now have to live thru

The re-runs of our failures until we are forced

To leave the global stage.”

kirwan ­ 2003

It isn’t just Netanyahu. The controlled media is working 24 hours a day to make it seem like America will do Israel’s bidding in yet another round of wars fought for oil, drugs, stolen human organs, stock market scams or whatever the “flavor of the month” in Tel Aviv is.

It just isn’t going to happen. I don’t care what this interview or that pundit say, America can’t fight any more wars.

Our military is gone, not that we don’t have weapons. We are drowning in them. We have half a million broken soldiers, one million broken young veterans and two million more left over from other wars. We have a population that no longer believes the news, a population that thinks “false flag” at every staged false flag incident. No sane American would fight for a nation ruled by the clowns in Washington, not even if we nuked Denver.

TV already warned us about nuclear false flags on the series Jericho. Obamacare There is a huge divide in Washington. The Israel lobby is at the center of the Obamacare debate and the government shutdown.

Many global political analysts see Obama’s reassessment of Syria, in particular his rejection of Israeli intelligence reports on the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons as a “red line” to Israel It is not. Many more see the burgeoning friendly relationship between the US and Iran as a betrayal of Israel. They could care less. Netanyahu’s belligerence is, in itself, intended to be high comedy, played out to a UN General Assembly that has voted sanctions against Israel over 200 times. Netanyahu would be more welcome at a Nazi Party rally…” .


“…Syria is the end. The idea of fighting in Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq is insane. The terrorist you train to fight in Afghanistan or Syria may, someday, be living next door to you…

…The Syrian model is more insane, with terrorists and advanced weapons likely to head to Europe or be used to dismember Iraq or overthrow the Saudi government.

This has been a huge error and will only get worse if or perhaps “when” the Assad government is finally triumphant. The scurrying rats will turn on their masters.

The power elite, be they Zionist plotters or the Bush family, you choose, have deluded themselves that they can control the world, force populations to kill themselves off, starve off others, kill millions more with diseases engineered in secret facilities in Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland, enslaving the world, ignorance, anarchy, pestilence and death.

Watching western leaders, excuse me for including Netanyahu in this group, shamelessly speak of others developing “dangerous” or “illegal” weapons when new germ warfare labs are being built every year, part of the “gulag” of “black sites” that infect so many areas now, veritable “free trade zones” for murder, torture and human depravity.

Whenever you hear the term “Central Reference Lab,” think; Ebola, anthrax or virally spread fast killing cancers. Sarin has become passé.

This model was designed by Henry Kissinger who has some surprising adherents, names like Rand Paul for instance. Long ago, we were warned to be wary of those who saw what we want to hear.”

This takes us back to some of our original evil-bastards. Kissinger has been at the core of this rotting cancer since we began to seriously approach the New Millennium. Henry Kissinger was worshipped by Amerikans, not despised, and not even shunned: Yet he was the quintessential mass-murdering outlaw savage; a literal beast in an American business-suit that brought the old United States to the dark-alter of Zionist-slaughters, just to enrich the criminal-elite and end the world.

Henry Kissinger still walks freely through the halls of power, at least here inside our crumbling-ruin. Bush & Cheney are becoming part of the shadow that Kissinger created, but none of our war-criminals seem to feel the heat of their age-old crimes against humanity. Hey, just look at Obama who continues to play his part as the modern-day Nero who delighted in the partial-burning of Rome—the city he was responsible for as a Caesar at the time.

Today’s Nero delights in burning the Constitution while he waits to set fire to this nation as the damaged prize that Israel still claims as theirs alone to dictate to: Until they finish killing every American that continues to resist them…


It seems Amerika has forgotten that they were made-possible by actual Americans who are now fading from the scene. The only two things that are certain in this life are continuing Change and Death.

No individual life is ever guaranteed, just as no-one on this planet was ever classified as “The Chosen People” ­ except maybe those who have been “Chosen” as a global-example of what not to be, when it comes to being human beings.

The Amerikan public needs to struck-hard with an iron-skillet in the face ­ to remind them again of some of these facts:

Our military is gone, not that we don’t have weapons. We are drowning in them. We have half a million broken soldiers, one million broken young veterans and two million more left over from other wars. We have a population that no longer believes the news, a population that thinks “false flag” at every staged false flag incident. No sane American would fight for a nation ruled by the clowns in Washington, not even if we nuked Denver.” ­ Because every word of this statement is true!

The United States died when this government shut itself down, without finding themselves guilty of committing anything like a crime against the people who they were responsible to, as officials of the Republic they were sworn to uphold and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

USI has walked away from enforcing the protections our borders were created to provide. Our ports are no longer protected. Long Beach has been given-over to the Red Chinese as a free-trade-zone where the United States has no authority over anything that is done within the deep water port in Long Beach California. Yet no one notices, or much less cares. Look at the maps, read how many cities no longer have any constitutional protections from what Nero & the congress are now doing ­ to us all without any real objections from the people of this former nation-state. (2)

Our troops and the public are both broken, almost totally destroyed. Our ‘people’ are addicted to everything that will kill them. Obamacare in its three-thousand pages, plus 30,000 pages of riders will bury what’s left of this place in unimaginable debt—while it cuts everyone off from getting anything that might resemble health-care in the US.

This treasonous plan came to us via Rockefeller, as the US representative of Rothschild’s global-banks. Obama’s criminal legislation is the direct descendant of Hillary Clinton’s rewrite of Rockefeller’s original take-down legislation using health-care to enslave the country. Hillary’s treachery was rebuked, only to reappear as the Godzilla from the Depths of global-terror: Reborn as “Obamacare” that cannot be funded unless the nation first goes into receivership. This is the stranglehold that is currently holding the entire nation hostage.

The additional massive debts that are waiting in the wings are the funding of FEMA, DHS and the broken military. Between these three spending bills on top of Obamacare—the USA will die a very ugly death—unless we reject everything including Obamacare—if we are to survive to see 2014 even arrive…

We’re out of time. Because as you can see our hourglass above is full: And given the two other hour-glasses that went before this one came along, to add this exclamation point to everything we cannot seem to say no to: We have to act. (3)

Many have been saying for a very long time that we must act!

Today there are clear cut reasons for why that is all too true. If the US cuts funding for FEMA, DHS & OBAMACARE the following scenario might not happen ­ think about it and decide, then take the actions that must be taken to determine whether or not the nightmare below will be allowed to happen or whether this government can be forced to cave-in to the public’s demands for ending our enslavement to tyranny.

It has never happened before in the history of the United States. We The People are watching a political game of chess unfold from our nations leaders and are on the very brink of a financial catastrophe like no other since our nations founding.

When and if this occurs in just a mere 11 days, on October 17, President Obama is not looking to fix it but rather “shut down” or terminate the charter of 16 U.S. States!

The train wreck that was predicted with the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, is being scheduled. Our national debt clock is ticking down like a time bomb. October 17th, for the first time in U.S. History, we may default on our loans. Not a joke. October 17th is when the check to the outstanding accounts that we borrowed from to fund our Federal Reserve comes due to countries like China who President Obama borrowed over a Trillion dollars from.

Imagine if you will:

The sequence of events would likely go as follows…

Within seconds of news that the United States missed a payment, almost simultaneously, the stock market and the U.S. dollar would plummet in value.

A super-spike in interest rates would follow in short order.

A gallon of milk would suddenly cost upwards of $100.

A loaf of bread, $44.

A gallon of gasoline, upwards of $1,000.

In a panic to protect their inventories, business owners would shutter their doors, triggering widespread looting and chaos.

Then, within an hour later, the federal government would issue emergency notification that its disaster map is in effect.

The United States of America would look dramatically different,” says renowned global analyst, Karim Rahemtulla, adding that “not every state will survive.”-Town Hall

Town Hall reports some interesting comments from the Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, on this subject.

If we have insufficient cash on hand, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all of its obligations,” said Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, on Wednesday.

What our treasury secretary is hinting at is bigger then anything we could imagine and an almost doomsday scenario for the United States being planned out by President Obama and his administration. How serious is the threat? Well it is serious enough for the NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal government to put contingency plans in place completely annexing 16 states and redrawing the federal United States Map.

The Federal Government has put into place contingency plans for if this happens implementing a virtual “government shutdown” of 16 states. Which 16 states? Well that depends on the map, as two are in play. One shuts down the biggest welfare states, the other redraws the map of the Civil War!”

There’s more at this site (4)

Freedom is not and has never been “FREE”. It has to be earned by each and every next-generation and we haven’t done that for ourselves since 1945 at the end of WWII. That’s one hell of a long time to let these massive cancers grow into the global-body-politic: To fester and to deepen to the point we’ve reached today ­ just because it’s been too inconvenient for most of us to bother with. Well Damnit we must “Bother” with this now or just go buy our coffins because if you and I don’t act we’ll all be dead already!

1) History Abandons Israeli Regime

2) The United States Constitution-Free Zone

3) Failure Is Success!

4) Obama ready to shut down 16 U.S. States





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