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Warmongering Dreamslayers



By Jim Kirwan


As the image above is skewed, so have the natural timelines between epochs been distorted. We have failed ourselves and history in so many ways, but with resolve we can shatter this death-grip which has enslaved us all, this is a planetary problem!

Whenever we look at any major area of life in the world we can see that making changes in the way people approach life, can be altered:

The problem is that it takes at least a hundred years. In our case we have allowed unnaturally flawed patterns to continue to exist long after their “time” has come and gone. Two of these particular crimes involve slavery & colonialism. In both cases the world looked the other way; because of the outrageous-profits on the strictly-monetary side of what was ‘inhuman-business, criminal-profits & illicit-power.’ These global-crimes have lasted for hundreds of years, and exist into the present time.

Timelines are controlled by the life spans of those who created rips in the fabric of human-endeavor. Had this been a natural by-product of history; i.e. when society finally broke-free of generationally inherited-professions, or when the world shifted from nomadic to agrarian and again from the agrarian to the industrial age—the artificial time-lines could have been overcome. When “traditions” are shattered new ways of living are created. This happens because those who believed in the old ways have to die-out before a new way of living can be openly engaged. There were fits and starts. In the end the human-shift was accomplished because then new ways were studied, taught and eventually adopted.

This did not happen with either colonialism or slavery. Instead the world simply kept the old criminal-practices and gave them different names. That led to the Old World Order simply calling itself the New World Order.

Along with the crimes of slavery & colonialism the leaders tried to lock-in our dependence on fossil-fuels, primitive modes of transportation and the absolute ownership of any new ideas by the very few. This blocked natural-progress and crushed the fledgling human-freedoms which had begun to catch on. Today most of the people on the planet are still living in the Feudal Age as either serfs or slaves to something that should have ended in the Middle-Ages.

The historical aspect above is only an overview. The larger crimes that have allowed the continuance of the worst in humanity, are what we’re dealing with now. This has to do with the literal continuity of specific creatures. Namely, Kissinger, GHW Bush, Cheney, the Rothschilds, and the entire upper echelon that has reached their 80’s. These people have distorted history, murdered education and tried to rape, pillage and plunder the entire planet just to overfill their blood-drenched coffers. Together these barbarians are currently holding the entire planet hostage: With their termination we can free ourselves.

If we remove the top three tiers of their organizations, with trials and executions, we can break their death grip and open ourselves to the reality of this world that has been frozen in time for far too long. We must do this or die trying.

Mistakes that must be corrected.

At the core of our problems is the way in which ordinary people choose to look at the world and exactly how we individually decide to live our lives. Now - All decision-making responsibilities have been removed from the population, including the freedom to think our own thoughts. ‘Education’ has been strangled, to root-out anyone who could become self-reliant. Society has become a vast-herd with no sense of itself or of what must be done to protect any member of that herd. Even self-defense is now prohibited and especially—if life itself is threatened.

The compounding mandates beneath these Draconian dictates comes from the intent of “the few” to radically control everyone besides themselves as they race each other to the end of time itself. In that process the world has licensed, over the last hundred years, the illegal-right of ‘the few’ to patent virtually anything and everything on the planet, including all forms of life and nature. This was clearly meant to control the planet and all life. What has been revealed is that their need for control is destroying the planet.

There is something much deeper that must also be addressed.

In virtually every age there have always been individuals that have smashed the confining-boundaries of overly-restrictive societies.

For example: In today’s world—societies have discouraged any pursuit that is not solely focused on a single field of endeavor. Everything within that tiny microscopic world of study is scrutinized and patented to death. This guarantees absolute total-control of whatever is being studied. Any and all other disciplines that might be co-related to the targeted professional-speciality are ignored. This has two purposes. First to be able to copyright and control any findings: Second by absolutely “OWNING” an entire area of life. The few believe this perspective is the only way to win it all! However, neither nature nor humans’ tend to view anything in this way.

The few people who shattered the useless restrictions above knew that the wider the field of knowledge grows, the better able we are to understand the individual-interests within each realm. Thereby deepening and expanding the usefulness of everything else.

Real knowledge arises from shared inter-disciplines between specialized areas. This is far more gratifying for both the research and the end result of any actual endeavor—than are the paranoid practices in use today. Some who have given the world the example provided by their lives include: Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, Joseph Campbell and Immanuel Velikovsky… to name a few.

These men, and some women, have bequeathed to the world an entirely new way to look at life. Unfortunately, since the world of today is stuck in the Middle-Ages, most of what they left to humanity has not just gone un-used—most of it was and still is actively being VICIOUSLY-SURPESSED!

What else happened to that TIMELINE in our individual case, namely the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, was a massive shutting down of all the old ways of looking at everything. That was strenuously replaced with supposedly-looking at everything but seeing nothing. The conversion of sounds into noise, and the massive destruction of all language into a mere shadow that is for the most part devoid of all meaning—on purpose!

These outlaws have virtually upended the entire human-condition to replace substance with theft, life with premature-death, and finally they have reduced the planet to an abject permanent-ruin long before its time.

In this rare comment one person sums up what she sees as parts of the problems we each and all must now come face-to face with. (1)

Also: In viewing spontaneous survival mechanisms we can see how nature adapts to overcome whatever obstacles might need to be overcome. This 2 min 31sec slow motion video of a Goshawk demonstrates how the mind and body of a hawk work together ­ which can also be used by humans in automatic reactions once we train ourselves to respond accordingly when needed…

For football I trained my body to respond automatically to whatever came up in broken-field running. The same type of stimuli and response are used in a wide variety of professions as well. By training the body to prepare it for situations in which there is no time to think­ eventually we acquire traits we did not have before. The Hawk has the ability to ensure that it can successfully hunt in a dense forest. People use the same types of reactions to survive in a complex society. This isn’t special; it’s just a part of what we can learn more about.

For those of us who fight and challenge the darkness of the evils daily - Here is a fantastically apt metaphor from nature that delineates exactly what is needed by each of us, to keep our eyes on the target, while molding ourselves naturally to continue to

reach our targets, each and every time...

With every attempted political-blockade, every over-reaction by the barbarians that is meant to crush us, we just keep coming. This is part of what Asymmetrical Warfare is really all about, and watching the Hawk do all of this in slow motion is magnificent!’ (2)

Life’s a Gift & we need to make every second count”

Now more than ever!

1) Why ­ I Am Spartacus

2) Goshawk Flies through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo! - 2min 31 sec VIDEO



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