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The War Department

By Jim Kirwan


On the campaign trail Donald Trump said that he was going to “Drain the Swamp:

PCR: “Well I think that the Trump presidency is already over. I'm not even sure that he qualifies as a figurehead“.

What we see is the Vice President of he United States, this Pence fellow, is making foreign policy announcements that have always been the prerogative of the president. It was Pence who issued threats of War to North Korea. Perhaps my memory fails me but I don't ever remember Vice President's playing that role of announcing military threats to foreign countries... Trump as the president seems not to be part of foreign policy ­ certainly as far as statements go, so he seems to be displaced from this role...

What we see now I think it's not Trump being displaced by his vice-president he's being displaced by his Washington Establishment, by the Deep State by everybody. The CIA has essentially taken over foreign policy and has made it a policy of War. And another thing that is noticeable, though it doesn't get any attention is that all previous Acts of American Aggression ­ Serbia, Libya or Afghanistan, or Iraq or Yemen or Somalia: They all had some kind of cover either some resolution or NATO or had both for Libya or 'a coalition of the willing' Or they dragged the British in, the Germans or the French ­ they get a group so that it doesn't look like an illegitimate exercise of military power by the United States.

But what Trump did in ordering the Air Attack on Syria; this was the first time that the United States went it alone and under International law, under the Nuremberg standard ESTABLISHED BY THE UNITED STATES: That constituted a War Crime....”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Trump is Over

55min 55sec VIDEO

kirwan: This would seem to require changing the official name of the Defense Department back to it's original title of: The War Department?

But in any event 'Trump is Definitely Over with' and must be prosecuted.

He's had his first hundred days and he's failed at almost every turn.

On top of that he has totally failed to challenge Israel

for her use and abuse of nuclear weapons

since the beginning of that fake place.

Pyongyang slams Israel as 'disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage'

If we were to be clear about the current state of the world today

Then we would have to label

The United States, Israel & Saudi Arabia

as the true Barbarians in the world today.