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Warcrimes Reruns & Atrocities

By Jim Kirwan

Major cities inside Ukraine are under siege by US Incorporated. NATO, 90% of which is USI and the UN, has sanctioned more blood baths in the new millennium than any other single nation. Now these privatized military forces have moved their road show from the Middle East to European territory with the currently intensifying attacks on Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine has become Syria in Europe, in a re-run of what began in Libya, which has now morphed into Ukraine with non-stop airstrikes against the civilian population: And still the world does nothing at all!

Water is being cut off in the cities in the 5th week of the war. 7,000 refugees have left Ukraine so far: While 10’s of thousands still remain behind, trapped in cities throughout Eastern Ukraine.” Meanwhile the US has just pledged another $5billion to further arm Ukraine in this effort to drive Ukrainian’s from their homes. RT coverage begins at 12min 33 sec. in the video.

In reality USI & Israel started all three of these “WARS”

To expand Israel’s influence in Africa by crushing Libya: In Syria the goal was destabilization and full spectrum dominance to increase USI influence along various borders with Russia.

This attack has been ordered by the Oligarch who “won” the questionable election in Ukraine. He has demanded that all resistance to his dictatorship be completed by Saturday when he will be sworn in as the new president. But just like Obamanation, he’s not a president he’s just another corporate CEO waging war on legitimate citizens of a nation that he has just purchased. The oligarch calls the people in Eastern Ukraine ‘a population in revolt’.

We Got the Memo!

USI is just a corporation, not a nation. Politics inside this corporation are meaningless because they only represent the corporation and the herd has no choice about anything that USI chooses to do to them at any given time. The fake-elections inside the corporations are exactly as Kerry labeled his view of Syria and the people trapped there by shadow corporations and mercenaries.

At 19min 51 sec: John Kerry speaking at the G-7 meeting (where Russia is not present) put the entire situation in Syria this way:

The elections are a great big zero. They’re meaningless! And they’re meaningless because you can’t have an election where millions of your people don’t even have an ability to vote. Where they don’t have an ability to contest the election and they have no choice.” This concludes at 20min, 08 sec.

The exact situation was in effect during the “election” that brought the oligarch to power in Ukraine: Yet USI, NATO and the UN are all calling his bogus election “valid”. Kerry is apparently unaware that he cannot have elections both ways. If the over 88% victory in Syria is illegitimate, then the much more questionable vote in Ukraine has to be disqualified as well: Because the current rerun of the Syrian War is alive and well inside Ukraine as we speak…

As far as Russia being forced, under penalty of more illegal sanctions, to end the fighting is concerned: The Western duplicity that’s involved in trying to blame the war on Russia is a total and illegal war crime in its own right. The SANCTIONS will only impoverish the EU member states that vote for them, while Russia and the BRIC nations continue to move forward toward open and prosperous business ventures that will move the entire East forward while the US continues to sink into oblivion, because this nation no longer has any power at all to affect the outcomes they so desperately desire.

More jets and warships: US increasing military presence in Black Sea

Apparently United States Inc. must be using the new math to conclude that since they have military forces stationed all over the planet in over 700 bases: that this means these corporations are not warlike. Anyone who believes that Russia actually started this war, in a bid to grab more global power, is both braindead and a certifiable ass!

Russia has commercial interests that span the world. Under Putin Russia has negotiated business arrangements rather than to send in billions of dollars worth of mercenaries to force the deals they’ve been able to peacefully arrive at. USI on the other hand has bankrupted itself to create a global military power that exceeds all the other nations of the world by a huge margin—yet they demand that the world accept whatever they say, as if they won’t immediately use those arms to force other nations into their clearly drawn terms of slavery, such as has just been done inside Ukraine.

The Oligarchs in charge in Ukraine forced their people to sign up with USI’s IMF, the WB and the International Bank of Settlements, who are the global agencies that have put the planet into global poverty, slavery and receivership…

USI is demanding that Russia concede

To having created this war.

And this is a Lie!


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