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WalMart $250 Billion Lie A Cover Story?

By Anonymous

Walmart (which we will call Chinamart in this article) made big news claiming they will invest $250B in American manufacturing.
Mike Rowe, a reality television star and actor who frequently promotes Ford in commercials did the voice-over for the Walmart commercial which showed the inside of dark, silent factories - the same factories that ruthless Chinamart forced to close. Rowe received a great deal of flack from the public for doing that commercial. (A  nice check for his voice-over work, too.)

Let's look at the company's big announcement to see if it makes sense:

1. Chinamart announced a drop in earnings in November 2013. This is not a isolated quarterly loss - it was the THIRD STRAIGHT QUARTERLY DECLINE according to Reuters. (1) The last quarter of each year for any retail store produces most of their annual revenue.

2. Shopping has been down during the Christmas season when they most of their annual revenue.

3. Why would Chinamart spend precious dwindling cash on investing in America, when they can continue to have almost anything made in China with cheap labor? Unfortunately, most of that labor is performed by children who are held captive in factories who work 7 days/week.

4. Chinamart has bragged it buys from over 700 factories in China. Many of these factories churn out more than one product. There is almost no other country in the world where labor is cheaper with high technology to design, manufacture and provide the high volume of product Chinamart needs to meet customer demand.

5. When Sam Walton was alive, he used his personal aircraft to fly over stores in various cities. When he saw a store parking lot missing too many vehicles he would land at the nearest airport. Then he took a taxi to that store and yelled at the manager demanding to know why the store had space in the parking lot. Even on a Sunday. This fact came out after he died, and was discussed in a book about Sam Walton. He was proud his store was selling American-made products. It was often mentioned in the company's television commercials. That idyllic philosophy quickly disappeared after Walton died, when executives at at Chinamart saw huge profits in overseas labor and jumped at the opportunity.

With these major factors and more, it is impossible to see any reason why Walmart would suddenly become a good Samaritan to America.

Anyone that understands the business world knows this: NOT ONE CENT is spent on anything if there isn't a profit in it, or something of value will be gained. If anyone really believes Chinamart will dish out $250 billion dollars when they have no reason to, then that person might be interested in buying some real estate in southern Florida. Yes, it is infested with alligator and poisonous snakes. But it's still a great deal!


There is another possibility. It is a fact that the company's corporate office building in Bentonville, Arkansas has a special secured area for Homeland Security. I learned this from a late relative who was a tractor trailer driver. He often went to Bentonville on business. A war with China (perhaps planned for a year or more from now) may be secretly in the planning stage - or even finalized. Keep in mind governments always plan at least five years ahead for most everything they do. Especially when war is involved.

If relations with China collapse and trade ceases, this will leave Chinamart without a source for most of its products. Such a disaster will destroy company value almost overnight, causing both stock and company net worth to plummet when shelves start to empty. No company is too big to fail. Kodak had 65,000 employees and proved this fact, as did many other companies.

Perhaps the American manufacturing announcement was prompted by government advance information, giving the company time to prepare. Even if American manufacturing is revived to prepare for the impact of war, it will take several years for manufacturing in America to begin again and ramp up. In the business world, the time required to work out negotiations, find facilities and investment money can take a year more before the first product comes off the production line. Perhaps war will accelerate the process.

Since my son works for Chinamart and has a name similar to mine, I will have to forgo signing my name. The ruthless company might take revenge on our son and cause job loss. Thanks to Walmart, there is no other place he can work full-time and survive where he lives.

Perhaps if manufacturing products for the company really returns to America, they will rename it AmeriMart. But I doubt it.





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