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Wagging The Dog Worldwide

By Jim Kiran

People around the world have been mystified by the behavior of Turkey in the current standoff on the border with Iraq as well as what continues throughout Syria. But for those who have been following this continuing takeover of the planet: There’s no mystery at all.

When the US Congress, under orders from Israel, gave Bush the lesser the power of life and death around the world: Then everything that’s happening now from Kiev, the EU and the Middle East was inevitable. It works like this: Once the theoretical leader of ‘the free world’ allowed himself to kill anyone or any nation at will, then by extension every “puppet-leader-anywhere’ could give himself the same “right” without fear of being attacked or removed from office.

That’s what’s driving the bizarre stance by Turkey, by Poroshenko in Ukraine and by the puppet-leaders in EU who have defied the demands of their own public to stop destroying their economies in their former nations and the world; thru completely insane sanctions that have only just begun to rip those nations apart.

The reason that the world once had “laws” was precisely to prevent these kinds of free-fire zones anywhere in what the world once thought of as ‘the civilized world.’

That’s been dead and buried since Bush accepted this “License to Kill” as Dictator in Chief of what had once been a Republic. Now the

whole world is living in this lawless place, not unlike Deadwood was in 1876, when “gold” was at the center of the fledgling country that was not quite a nation yet.

The first major U.S. telephone line was between Deadwood and Washington D.C. because of the importance of all that illegally mined gold which had been “found” on Native American land—in a place that did not yet belong to the USA. Consequently there was no law that prevailed in the town, but because of the outlaws, the gaming and the prostitution together with the number of political interests that were all trying to steal that gold: Everyone in Deadwood needed to find ways to cooperate in order to live in that lawless place. Deadwood was a freak of history in that it survived in the one condition that had not been permitted anywhere else in “Manifest Destiny” which controlled the rest of the Western frontier.

The world is far larger now: But gold and other resources are still part of the global-prize being lawlessly sought around the planet—only this time the population of the planet is being held hostage to the lawlessness of the global-corporations along with USrael, the Oligarch’s and the Rothschilds, that have thrown all the laws away—except the illegal power of their guns and weapons which they firmly believe can force the world to lie down and unconditionally surrender.

Only this time the act which will follow our surrender will only be a prelude to having our heads chopped off.

Think about it and fight it unless you want to be part of the next nation held hostage: Just like the Kurds the Ukrainians and the Europeans are right now. The world is waiting for the next move from the Outlaws which have already stolen the world—but the Amerikans are still unaware of the depth of this global-theft—because “it’s still not on their huge flat-screen boob-tubes yet”!”

How many more times are you going to allow yourselves to be screwed by these two-bit hustlers masquerading as leaders?

It doesn’t matter which country is in the crosshairs now, the answer to every challenge is always the same: Massive military attacks carried out by mercenary thugs and criminals under a variety of false flags that in reality hide absolutely nothing. The Nazis are being recast in their role of fighting the Russians again: The problem is that the USSR is no longer here and today’s Russia is the exact opposite of what the USSR once stood for: While the filthy Nazi’s of today have no policies except the destruction of everything that was built between WWII and today.

On the other side of that coin USI has already become what the USA once fought against in WWII, yet few have even the faintest clue about anything that’s happened in the world since the New Millennium began.

The people in Palestine have been living in Prisoner of War camps for over 66 years, which means most of them have never ever known any of the freedoms that they have always been denied. “Freedoms” which the West has totally sacrificed in that Bonfire of the Vanities that began with the theft of the Tarnished House by Junior on 12-12-2000. Consequently most of the youth of today in the USSA have no clue about what it meant to have any of the so-called freedoms that are being denied to all Americans today.

What this means is that most of those who should be participating in any society, today, because of their youth and of whatever it is that they desire to have or to be “tomorrow”; have no basis in fact on which to base their current position in any society any longer…

Couple these facts with the huge number of the Hippie’s who became the most prominent ‘actors’ among today’s global-criminals: Creatures like John Cohen (Kerry), Shut-Down-America Gingrich, Death Squad Ronald Reagan and the like in service to war criminals like Kissinger, Clinton and the entire Bush Klan from Prescott Bush to GWH Bush and finally to this AWOL ass who sold out the last remnants of this once proud place: George W. Bush—they have been traitors one and all!

Whatever this place has become it no longer has anything to do with the Mythical of American Dream upon which nothing was ever built:

It’s called the American Dream because the owners of this country know the truth. It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”. Watch the 3min 14sec VIDEO

George Carlin - The American Dream

The people who know the truth don’t command the armies needed to overthrow these outlaws

Those of us who also know what’s going on have

A responsibility

To pass on what we know to those who can and will

Do what must be done to end this nightmare!

It’s time to stand up to this government and refuse to obey them anymore!

Think about it and this time do something meaningful!


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