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In The Global Aftermath

By Jim Kirwan

After the 69th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, some of the bloodier emerging truths behind the functions of the world became clear.

For Amerikans, the Congress of USI has used the “UN” version of the international “responsibility to protect” ­ to defend their every illegal act: While simultaneously “exempting themselves” from everything which the same congress continues to dictate to the people still living inside the corpse of the old USA.

Seen from this prospective the congress of USI thereby becomes a “mini-UN” inside this “exceptional place” where only Israel and USI remain exempt from all “international laws and norms”.

In addition a “new ideological right” has now been openly declared for the exclusive use of USI-Israel, as “their tool”, to further internationally illegal wars and mass murders that no other state can ever claim the ‘right’ to do.

This double-standard for the planet was first claimed by Israel when they stole Palestine at the end of the 1948 war. Since the arrival of the new millennium in 2000, USI has been using Israel’s “exception-status” from all international laws to “support” Amerika’s absolute and fake-authority to rule over the entire world. This is what all of the national and international clashes, wars, murders and pre-emptive Amerikan military strikes have been using to justify the Amerikan-Israeli murder of the world today. This has been a very long process…

The Price of Prosperity ­ The State of the Nation1966

What links the chains to each of us is the U.S. dollar symbol on each bracelet

This has taken the entire time which the UN and Israel have officially been “Part of the World” for them to be able to plot and to achieve their total takeover of what they have always called “the international community”. That phrase might sound ‘impressive’ but what it has come to mean is nothing less than the imprisonment of the entire planet.

USI and Israel, which is ISIS; was created as an Israeli function that will become our jailers and later on, an they’ll become an international czarist community that will enforce USI-Israeli claims to their “exceptional right” to control all life & death anywhere on the earth: If and only IF they succeed in pulling off this massive theft of the planet.

Beyond “total control” over every society, the near total lack of jobs and the near control over real money along with their murder of the potential for any ‘global prosperity’ their real goal has always been the establishment of their permanent ‘exceptionalism’. This act clearly tells the world just exactly who and what has been to blame for all the mindless world-wide destruction of everything that was considered to be the basis for any growing civilization anywhere in the world.

Bullet’s Bombs and massive Lies have replaced dialogue, reason or the human creativity that was once responsible for everything that was once a requirement in the wider-world that once struggled to move forward.

That ended when we allowed politicians to ignore the crimes of the past and to “look only forward” to “the promise-of-the-future” which as we can all clearly see, is much, much worse than anyone could have ever imagined back when Reagan was promising all that “Shining City on the Hill” garbage. But Ronnie was not alone. GWH Bush announced the New World Order on 9-11-91. Then came Clinton who destroyed America’s industry and our national leadership in innovations. Then finally came the AWOL Amerikan traitor, Bush Junior, the first “Decider” who promised nothing really except chaos—while guaranteeing endless war forever: But the world was too busy “believing his lies” to pay any attention to what that traitor did to us and to the world.

If Amerikans could see they would realize that we’ve all been chained to our beds, in this shabby-hotel, where we’ve all been used and abused as common whores, in service to false-flags and fake-governments to serve the hatreds and lusts of political outlaws and slanderous traitors since the New Millennium arrived.

If you disagree ­ then prove it with any facts that contradict that dire assessment!

This traitor said it all yesterday! He who is the Evil of which he speaks declared it all, before the United Nations and the world. He was speaking about himself and his owners, not those that they have been conveniently using to justify their overthrow of what is left of the sane and determined world.

Once the real history combined with the reality of the real past that has stolen the future of all Americans’ became apparent - which began with the secret meeting of the Committee of 300, sometimes called the Tri-lateral Commission and which ended any real profits for every American that had to work for a living: Then what was waiting for Americans in the future became crystal clear even then!

This potential “acceptance” of “International EXCEPTIONALISM” is nothing more than an engraved invitation to the global funeral of the 95% of those of us who have been marked for death by Israel & USI ­ since long before there was a UN or an Israel.

Those too stupid to listen or to research for themselves what has been so clearly documented, about the truth of where we’re all headed: Will deserve exactly what we’ll get once these barbarians come from the shadows to claim what they’ve been working on for thousands of years!

The hourglass of world-affairs is empty. What remains is however still up to us to use, in order to reverse this scheme that has cursed the world for so many thousands of years, which, if finally it could be realized by the herd would vanish in a flash, much like the French Revolution did when it exploded against their corrupted world that would not bend and was thus ended just after the American Revolution.

The time to fight for yourself is here. It’s time to choose!



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