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Violence Begets Violence

By Jim Kirwan

This is being driven by Naïveté, Apathy

And Full Spectrum Dominance worldwide.

There are no longer any real international borders because those who have launched these endless wars see the world as already theirs. As usual if you follow the money trail thru this convoluted continuation of continuously shifting forces across the world: It’s clear that there are no longer any meaningful borders, which means that there are no longer any individual states. There are only USI & Israeli “interests” that must be obeyed.

Eternal War


Americans have for the most part remained outside the global chaos; because they cannot picture themselves as being affected by any of the vast amount of blood being mercilessly shed around the world

today. Since they don’t believe that this could ever touch them, they

have refused to even think about any of the very real problems that

are poised to invade this nation, this year. That’s the primary reason.

Some of the other reasons involve not believing that they could ever win against this global behemoth which still portrays itself as ‘all powerful’ coupled with the fact that most have absolutely no idea of who or what they have become during this not-so-silent takeover of the old USA.

Some of the other reasons involve not believing that they could ever win against this global behemoth which still portrays itself as ‘all powerful’ coupled with the fact that most have absolutely no idea of who or what they have become during this not-so-silent takeover of the old USA.

Why Are Americans so Apathetic and what can be done about it VIDEO

This entire scheme was actually designed and begun by USI & Israel to erase all the national borders throughout the Near East and Europe. GWH Bush senior began this round with his baseless attack upon Iraq in 1991 which at that time was a fluent and beautiful a country, as Libya was before we erased that nation from the world. Then Junior came along in 2003 and continued the USI’s savage destruction of Iraq, under the guise of ridding the world of Saddam. From 1991 until today, Iraq has been buried by foreign invading forces for the last 23 years of criminal and illegal war: Wars that shattered international laws and borders throughout that period, according to the imperial demands made upon Iraq by USrael that did not threaten any US interests in the least.

The goal was to steal Iraq and its assets for the Oligarch’s and the Rothschilds banks: Followed by the destruction of Iraqi society and the desecration of all the peoples who lived there, with a standard of living in Iraq that was in fact better than anything in America, under either Bush at that time.

USI, NATO and the UN then moved their global road show into Libya and did the same thing to Gadaffi and Libya that they had done to Saddam and Iraq—except with more ferocity which ended with nothing but the total chaos that still rules over that ruin.

Most of Libya’s weapons have been used to try and do to Syria what was done to Iraq and Libya, in order to create more land for Israel without the IDF needing to fight anyone: Since Israel has been trying for over 66 years to expand their shitty apartheid state, with zero success. Next on the USI menu will be Lebanon and Jordan, for Israel of course.

Meanwhile new players are being added every month; like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and on and on: While nations like Yemen, Somali, Pakistan and most of Africa are being lined up to follow the money trail all the way into the new no-man’s land that was once called the Near East & all of Africa. And Ukraine has just begun!

Turkey is currently being used as the open doorway into Syria, as it has always been, while playing all sides against the middle. Having just overseen their “help” in allowing Kurd fighters to reenter the battle over Kobani: While simultaneously allowing the weapons that were supposed to go to Kurd fighters to be delivered to ISIS; just before Kobani was bombed again by the US Air Force using phosphorous and other illegal weapons yesterday.

Which Borders Still Exist

All of the blood in all of the above is on Washington and Tel-Aviv, as it has been from the start of Israel’s illegal pre-emptive strike against the world in 1948.

Wherever you look throughout the world USI is there creating enemies, funding mercenaries and destroying infrastructure while calling what they do an effort to bring freedom and democracy to every besieged place, to which it has always been USI who slaughters entire nations genociding whole peoples and then calls all of that “justified”.

How is it that “Amerikans” can continue to ignore the billions of people that we have callously slaughtered all over this planet in our 238 year long war upon the entire planet?

Now USI no longer just ignores all the international borders and murders whoever they decide must go: Now they’re using every means available but especially sanctions and drones to carry out those ‘missions’ where U.S. troops would be assassinated, if we dared to put American boots on the ground?

But that’s not all. We’ve just added a totally manufactured fake-pandemic in order to force Americans to be vaccinated which includes an RFID tracking device that must be accepted into their bodies, or the people who refuse will lose their ability to be employed or to travel anywhere without being vaccinated. There is no end to this nightmare unless we do what those who fought in the American Revolutionary War did.

We must RISK everything, if we want to survive: Because the “Stability” of the back to back I beams (above) will never be ours so long as the criminal police state is allowed to survive. This police state has incarcerated more people than any nation on earth, with more being arrested, raped tortured or killed every day. Never mind the fact that if we want to live then we must turn this nightmare on its head and permanently end it all.

This must come down to this action, because this endless war will never back down or let-up in any way so long as they are allowed to survive… the forced vaccinations are only just the latest obscenity in “What comes next”!

Freedom lives upon the blood of tyrants and our freedoms’ must be refreshed from time to time, in every generation; because it cannot be handed down or given to anyone—every person must earn their own freedom, or accept the slavery or the death that always follows the loss of freedom ­ wherever that natural right is challenged.


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