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Vince Foster’s Ghost Haunts RussiaGate
Perps At DOJ-FBI While Orthodox Jews Hide
How Soros Duped Kushner

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

More than 22 years after the assassination of Vince Foster Jr., clumsily faked as a suicide in Fort Marcy Park, McLean, Virginia, his ghost returns during the Russia dossier controversy to haunt the treacherous crew at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI, who've protected his erstwhile law partner Hillary Clinton. A specter prowls the executive floor of the DOJ’s Robert F. Kennedy building, glides through the J. Edgar Hoover headquarters of the FBI, and lingers inside CIA Langley where the halls of secret power shudder with moaning for justice at long last.
 The forgery known as the Trump-Russia Dossier has dark roots in the toxic soil of Little Rock, Arkansas, where the seed of all that haunts Washington was planted by partners in the Rose Law Office and their powerful clients at Stephens Inc. Crafty financiers Witt and Jackson Stephens created the Systematics-Alltel telecom company, which modified the breakthrough PROMIS software ordered by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on behalf of the CIA and the Treasury Department into a tool for computer hacking into bank accounts and an instrument for espionage.
 Systematics upgraded the highly adaptive PROMIS software to include trap doors for hacking into bank accounts and international wire transfers. Prosecutors Management Information System, as the name suggests, was originally developed for the Department of Justice (DOJ), the same outfit which decades later under Bruce Ohr has been involved in eavesdropping on Trump and his campaign team. PROMIS was also used and further adapted at the CIA to intercept diplomatic cables and coded messages of overseas intelligence agencies. More recently, the CIA has employed Nellie Ohr, editor of the Russian dossier, to translate hacked messages at its Open Source Works (OSW) operation at Langley.
 PROMIS was the granddaddy of all hacking technology, athough long ago surpassed by cyber-espionage software developed by the NSA, DARPA and their Silicon Valley contractors. The prosecutors’ code was originally created by Washington-based INSLAW company owned by William Hamilton to translate different computer languages at DOJ/FBI field offices and unify them into a single reporting system. Interfacing, however, was only the start, because the software could be adapted for data-processing for accounting purposes by banks and tax agencies, and also for the darker more profitable task of breaking into and stealing private accounts.
 Too valuable to treat as a commercial product, George W’s Attorney General John Ashcroft stole the proprietary version that the DOJ had custom-ordered from INSLAW instead of paying for it. That theft was the original sin that elevated PROMIS into a precious treasure of immense power for neoliberal globalism, as spellbinding as Sauron’s golden band, the One Ring to rule them all. So many who dared touch PROMIS were waylaid like Vince Foster or forced into obscure exile like his law partner Webster Hubbell, a Clinton-appointed Assistant Deputy Attorney General, who took the fall for the Whitewater embezzlement.
 The curse of PROMIS continues to this day and hour, frustrating Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and forcing Bill to shut down the Clinton Foundation. Now the shadows overwhelm those underlings who conspired to fabricate the Trump-Russia Dossier. One Ring to bind them all and bring them into the darkness of Mordor.
 Stop Trump
 In 2016, the second-generation heirs of Stephens Inc, namely CEO Warren Stephens and his independent brother Jackson Stephens Jr., were the lead sponsors of the Stop Trump movement, which provided campaign funds to Romney, Rubio, Christie, Ted and Jeb, anyone but the populist outsider Donald Trump.
 Long-range strategic planning by Vice Chairman Jon Eilif Jacoby and his son, managing director James Oswald Jacoby, meant that Stephens Inc. had in place a deep-cover agent in Washington on friendly terms with DOJ/FBI insiders, especially Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder. Their rook in the game of influence and blackmail was the daughter and sister of the father-and-son executives, Mary Barstow Jacoby.
 A former reporter for Roll Call and the Wall Street Journal, Mary Jacoby is chief editor of the Main Justice blog, where she has run a 30-rmember staff to stroke the egos of DOJ bigwigs. Significantly, Jacoby is the wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, who commissioned retired British spy Christopher Steele to produce the Russia dossier.
 This past June, in a Facebook post, Mrs. Jacoby-Simpson stated: “Some people still don’t realize what Glenn’s role was in exposing Putin’s control of Donald Trump. Let’s be clear. Glenn conducted the investigation. Glenn hired Chris Steele. Chris Steele worked for Glenn.”
 The reason for her insistence on Simpson’s sole responsibility was pressure from the UK Foreign Office and MI-6, which have been eager to revive BP’s once-leading role in the Russian oil sector, which ended with the Yukos oil conflict involving Mikhail Khordokovsky. The hypocrite Western governments have been jockeying to be the first into the Russian oil fields when trade sanctions over Crimea are lifted.
 Jacoby exaggerated her husband's contribution, because various notes from Steele’s British perspective can be readily spotted. The dossier gives favorable mention to the three Russian partners who head the TNK-BP partnership (now owned by Rosneft). While adhering to sanctions, the British oil giant can still quietly cooperate with TNK and Rosneft in oil projects outside of Russia. Trump, of course, has been the only politician to voice qualms about sanctions over Russia’s oil supply to Western Europe as a self-defeating tactic. (My detailed analysis of these tycoons in the dossier and the Rothschild connection is found at:
 To avoid appearing like a mercenary gun for hire, Steele and his sidekick Guardian reporter Luke Harding insist that in June 2016 the retired MI-6 agent flew to Rome to meet with his “FBI contact” from the 2010 FIFA soccer probe, that being Bruce Ohr of DOJ, and later returned in September to brief a full FBI investigation team. The dates indicate that the FBI was fully aware of his involvement in the Trump dossier during the campaign. The FBI and DOJ were, in fact, in on the plot against Trump.
 The Rome FBI office (ROM), which conducts counterintelligence in Italy, Malta and the Vatican, was the center of planning of Operation Gladio orchestrated by  paranoiac infamous CIA station chief James Jesus Angleton. Once again, as in the early Cold War, paranoia about the Kremlin was striking deep.
 Jacoby’s deception about hubby Glenn Simpson penning single-handed the Trump-Russia dossier, was therefore intended to deflect any suspicion away from DOJ offiial Bruce Ohr’s relationship with Steele and Nellie Hauke Ohr’s role due to her long service as a CIA Russian-language translator and her work in an inter-agency operation on Russian organized crime base in her husband’s office on the executive 4th floor of the RFK headquarters of the DOJ. The CIA is implicated in this conspiracy up to its gills. (See my article on the Ohrs: at ).
 The other no-go zone in relation to the dossier was, of course, the continuing role of Stephens Inc., the puppeteers who ran Bill and Hillary Clinton for more than three decades. For those unfamiliar with the investigative journalism of Sherman Skolnick, the next section is a recap of how Stephens Inc. created a pair of Frankenstein monsters known as the Clintons.
 The Clintons and the Stephens empire
 The crimes against President Trump are an extrapolation of more than 30 years of political corruption and intrigue involving the Arkansas-CIA hillbilly crime network. For those familiar with the “Lil Abner” comic strip, the existence of Arkansas bankers deeply involved in the Clintons’ criminal ventures may seem more improbable than alien abduction. In fact, the Stephens clan has been the power behind “Daisy Mae” Rodman and her wayward hubby “Lil Abner” Clinton with his many buxom “Moonbeam McSwines”. Like the of grandparents of the Yokum family, the Stephens hail from the Ozarks in northwest Arkansas, location of Mena Airport, the major CIA-run cocaine landing strip while Bill Clinton was governor in the 1980s.
 Stephens Inc., founded by brothers Witt and Jackson Stephens soon after World War II, has been a pigpen wafting a foul stench across American finance and politics. Under the founders, the investment firm had a major position inside the BCCI bank (a money-laundering hub run by Bert Lance for rich Islamic elites), provided expansion funds for Walmart and Tyson Foods, and as exposed in the Paradise Papers on offshore tax havens, ran an offshore firm that invests in casinos built by white gangsters on Indian reservations. Those Indian casinos were under the federal jurisdiction and given a pass under the lax supervision of Bruce Ohr, head of the DOJ Organized Crime force.
 To understand how the buccaneering Stephens clan got its hooks onto the gargantuan Moby Dick, otherwise known as the White House, it was because of a cyber-coup with the hacking software and malware, PROMIS, which dug out the privy information and insider dealings used for the blackmail to shoehorn Clinton into the presidency.
 Most relevant to the Stephens-DOJ connections was its control of the notorious company Systematics/Alltel, which installed a back door into a stolen copy of  Promis. Then to accomplish the Arkansas coup, Jackson Stephens provided the $2 million “loan” to Clinton’s first presidential campaign in 1992. The bailout enabled Clinton to buck the media controversy over the Whitewater real-estate loan sandal that enriched the Clintons.
 Following his electoral victory, President Clinton appointed Rose Law partner Webster Hubbell to the post of Associate Attorney General, where he introduced the improved PROMIS software, with its back door, to the FBI and CIA to hack foreign bank accounts. Three years later, however, Hubbell had to take the fall for the Clintons by pleading guilty in court for the Whitewater embezzlement case. The Clintons were whitewashed by an adorning press corps, and the once-household term, “Vince Foster”, was forgotten by the mainstream media, until now, when the ghost returns for payback.
 Given this background of blackmail and corruption, the hidden agenda of the Stop Trump movement promoted by the Stevens brothers was to prevent the nomination of Donald Trump, the only Republican candidate who had a remote chance of staging an electoral upset against Hillary Clinton, their meal ticket at the federal trough for the next eight years. In anticipation of another Clinton presidency, the brothers established Stephens Europe private equity in 2014, with new offices in London and Frankfurt to gather business intelligence to penetrate the EU. Their luck ran dry with Brexit and then the ascension of Trump, while Hillary was dogged by the Seth Rich murder and the Podesta emails, dropping the One Ring that binds them all.
 Orthodox Jews rewrite a treacherous history
 Now that the Christmas season is over, saintly forgiveness can give way to the crusader’s sharp-edged truth, even if it cuts close to the bone of the First Family with a necessary act of surgery if Trump populism is to survive the 2018 midterm elections and the upcoming 2020 collision with another Clinton stooge Terry McAuliffe on the warpath. The coming challenges leave no space whatsoever for nepotism or ineptitude.
 New York-based Tablet magazine, focused on the “modern Orthodox” perspective on politics and culture, has attempted to interpret Mary Jacoby’s statement as implying that her husband Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS was the only author of the Trump-Russia Dossier, basing the report solely on his own research for earlier articles on Russia as a journalist for The Wall Street Journal.
 To the contrary of this absurd theory, the fact remains that the dossier is a composite of many voices, including former MI-6 Russia bureau chief Robert Steele (and probably ghost writer Luke Harding), his long-time DOJ liaison officer Bruce Ohr, and Nellie Hauke Ohr at CIA with her access to top-secret intercepts of voice calls and messages from Russia. The claim of single authorship is an obvious diversion by the Orthodox Jewish press, which fronts for Rabbi Saul J. Berman, a professor at Columbia Law and Yeshiva University.
 Why is the rabbi’s team deliberately lying about the sources of the Trump-Russia dossier?
 The publisher of Tablet is Morton Landowne, an executive with a packaging firm who sits on the boards of several Orthodox Jewish scholarly groups. Landowne gained notoriety, somewhat differently from his West Coast counterpart Harvey Weinstein. A female employee at his packaging company filed a lawsuit against Landowne for his peeping-Tom voyeurism while she was undressing in the female employees’ locker room. Unfortunately for her, the judge was also a Jew who let the prominent Landowne off the hook.
 The purpose of the security camera, the defense arugue, was for surveillance of theft by employees of whatever lucrative “product” his company may have been shipping or receiving, and so the perverted Landowne could claim he was merely doing a security scan. Of course, here is a case in point for why Jews need to more stringently vetted on insider connections before appointment as judges. Jewish canonical law is not much different from Islamic shariah law when it comes to overruling the Constitution, and certainly it does require “anti-Semitism” to comprehend the risk.
 Jews and the JFK hit
 Landowne is also president of an Orthodox Jewish educational group called Edah, which publishes several scholarly theological journals. The chairman of Edah is the prominent lawyer Murray Laulicht, also a Yeshiva-Columbia law grad, who is one of few surviving law clerks with the Warren Commission, which whitewashed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Consenting to the preposterous lone gunman theory was the path to professional success and societal status in the Jewish community along with the Eastern seaboard Establishment, considering that Meyer Lansky was the head of the Jewish mob involved in the executive action against Kennedy, along with the even less savory role of Jacob Rubenstein aka “Jack Ruby”.
 To quote JFK researcher and attorney William E. Kelly (see “Of all the surviving former Warren Commission lawyers, none will be more influential in the new administration than Murray Laulicht, a New Jersey attorney whose wife, Linda Kushner, is the sister of Charles Kushner, the father of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law.”
 A Ruse from Belarus
 Jared Kushner is one of the family members of “Russian émigré businessmen in the U.S.”, code word for Jews, repeatedly mentioned by Russian officials in the dossier, based on his several discussions with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Kushner was a close associate of Sergei Milian, real name Siarhei Kukuts, the head of a phony “US-Russia Chamber of Commerce” operating out of Millian-Kukuts’ apartment in Astoria, Queens. It was Kushner who introduced the Belarusian conman to campaign staffer George Papadopoulos and attorney Michael Cohen.
 Millian-Kukuts was the source of the big lie about the Moscow Ritz-Carlton “pee” story, yet another pervert harassing Trump. Who is the Millian-dollar man aka Siarhei (Sergei in Belarusian) Kukuts? He is a 38-year-old citizen of Belarus, from the poor rural village of Sharkaushchnya, 200 km north of Minsk. How did this lad from the Eastern European boondocks accomplish a Horatio Alger rise to be a “successful business consultant” in New York City. His story is nearly as moving as the success of that boy from the little town of Hope, Arkansas.
 His father Miliany, a former collective farm manager and labor advocate who writes poetry, said in an interview with the Daily Mail (London): “I wonder if it was Trump's rivals from the Democratic Party who got Sergei involved in this scandal, thinking that he was a weak point.”
 The father knew his son had a weak point: money. That, coming from a father proud of his son’s success as a legal intern to the USA, had to be based on his impressions from a visit to see his son in Atlanta in state of Georgia. Millany mentioned his son’s ownership of a house in Atlanta, which he sold off in order to move to New York. The mortgage took much higher income than the salary of an intern at a non-profit legal-aid group.
 The Soros funded SPLC
 Sergei Kukuts came to the US on an internship with a law firm in a “poor Spanish-speaking” neighborhood in Atlanta. It turns out that only Spanish-oriented legal-aid internship in Atlanta is the Immigrant Justice Partnership based at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and operated in cooperation with the John Marshall University Law Center. SPLC founder is Morris Dees, former campaign finance director for Jimmy Carter, and its president Richard Cohen, a graduate of law schools at Columbia and U. Virginia.
 In 2008, Dees was paid a salary of more than $270,000 and Cohen earned $290,000. The Dees-Cohen propaganda operation, which relies heavily on Soros funding, was criticized by the leftist Counterpunch magazine for “scaring dollars out of the pockets of trembling liberals, aghast at his lurid depictions of hate-sodden America, in dire need of legal confrontation by the SPLC.” Suing “hate groups” in court is their basic funding strategy an exercise in shadow boxing, an easy way to tap wealthy donors as opposed to confronting greedy corporations on behalf of poor working people.
 The Soros connection is relevant to Sergei Kukuts aka Millian, a youth activist who in the late 1990s left Belarus at age 20. That was simultaneous with when the Minsk government banned Soros groups for “foreign currency violations” aka money-laundering, and of course the underlying reason was the Soros role in political subversion through bribery and mob violence. So this promising cadet, who was learning foreign languages and took classes in law, was handpicked by the Open Society Institute for further training and new assignments in the United States.
 Soros Agent behind the Moscow pee story
 Jared Kushner’s good friend Sergei Kukuts is an agent of Soros, put into place to keep watch over his former business partner Donald Trump. (Soros lent many millions for construction of the Trump Tower in Chicago, but later fell out with Trump because his presidential candidacy.)
 Jared Kushner was easily suckered into the entrapment scam, proving his basic lack of political savvy, disqualifying him from further service on the Trump team. Worse, as liaison to Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Kushner is responsible for the greatest foreign-policy mistake of any White House, which is the monumental crime of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish settler state, which soon isolated the U.S. in the international community, with a heavier price yet to come not only from Islamists but, more significantly from Christendom, which has sacrificed so much throughout 2 millennia for a toehold in the Holy Land. To give away this gift during the Hanukkah season and Christmastide was a slap at the face of every Christian around the world, who’ve turned the other cheek, but not for long.
 Facing down Jewish arrogance

 Someone has to act in the role of the man from Cyrene to defy the howling mob and carry the heavy load, so allow me to step forward with the facts. The Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus was temporarily laid to rest after the crucifixion, is the most sacred site for Christianity. Therefore to surrender that Aramaic-Hellenistic-Palestinian city to unrepentant fanatics whose forebears refused grace and forgiveness, and instead took pride in torture and murder while knowing full well the absolute innocence of the accused, that is a moral transgression that cannot be forgotten. Forgiveness depends on the sincerity of the wrong-doer in seeking to be forgiven. The mob may not have know what they were doing then, but they do know.
 If Kushner was half a mensch instead of a veynen (crybaby), he would not have demanded his Presbyterian father-in-law to violate his own family’s creed by bartering away Jerusalem for a mess of pottage and a fistful of silver shekels. The damage done is beyond the pale, unacceptable to America’s founding values as set by the Pilgrims and the other Christian persecuted fleeing Europe. In his shame, the prodigal son should accept banishment to that little country where his real loyalty resides. There in the desert, may he find a sturdy tree of the Cercis siliquastrum species, waiting for the unrepentant.
 2018 and onward
 The compendium of slander and outright lies in the Russian dossier found credence because of character flaws and guilt by association of Donald Trump, his family members and inner circle. Many a crook and deviant have held the nation’s highest office in the past, but that is no excuse for impropriety and bad judgment based on lapses in moral values today. The vast Christian constituency should be willing to forgive, but only if the president sincerely seeks forgiveness for the harm done and the consequences yet to arrive.
 Beginners luck and defensive tweets must end on December 31, for the onset of the new year demands strategic commitment to coherent policy, including America’s reindustrialization, decent-paying real jobs for working people, and a reconciliation with the international community, starting with those nations that share America’s traditional cultural values. The American people must be rallied to restore confidence in their society and its core values. Otherwise the no-holds-barred subversion campaign by Soros, Rothschild and treacherous bureaucrats just might succeed in a hostile takeover.