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Vigilante Government


By Jim Kirwan


Burning the Social Contract to shield their Social and global Financial Terrorism

The Barbarians of the Khazarian Supremacy and their puppets have launched the official breaking of the Social Contract in both England and America. Whenever that ‘contract’ is broken by the government, according to John Locke: ‘the people must revolt’ or commit suicide.

This act which is now in the process of becoming ‘law’ here, just as it is being announced now in Britain, directly threatens every person in this place with the further loss of freedom-of-thought and speech, as the newest increase in the individual-price that must now be paid in the phony ‘War-of-Unending-Terror’. Either we rebel against this tyranny or we will clearly die as victims of our own unwillingness to oppose this treason against the public in the United States.

That choice is the only one left to those who care about themselves, society or the quality of any of our tomorrows.

The barbarians committing these atrocities are the ‘enemies’ of all humanity, around the world today. The so-called ‘terrorists’ are nothing but another fake global-threat that has always had what they thought was an opaque ‘shield’ to keep the populations of the world from seeing the real terror for what they’ve always been. That ‘shield’ is now as transparent as glass for the whole world to finally see and revolt against.

Today on the Keiser Report:

Stacy says: “But I might want to point out to the public that while Cameron was passively tolerant (of the public’s positions) he was actually actively tolerant of those who (have always) disobeyed the banking laws”…

Max: “There’s two things wrong with this statement by Prime Minister David Cameron. Number one is that he did nothing about bankers breaking the law, even when they funded terrorists…”

Kirwan: In reality all of this is about Global-Financial-Terrorism being pushed along by the illegal Vigilante Government’s at every step of the way to achieve Total Financial Terrorism, in place of anything that anyone might want to see happen with their own resources ­ anywhere today or tomorrow.

Yet now ordinary people everywhere will be held liable for every thought and deed that might in any way be subject to the whims of a government that has now broken the Social Contract for all the world to clearly see ­ despite the fact that maintaining that “social contract” is the sole reason for the very existence of so-called government to exist in the first place, anywhere on earth. Watch the first 12min 46sec ­

While the government in Great Britain is openly threatening the social contract in England, the exact same ‘scheme’ is brewing itself into the Amerikan version via the

current ‘Politically-Correct’ assault upon Americans that will end in the same way that David Cameron is now threatening Great Britain with. The solution in the U.S. resides within the public’s understanding of how much further the public is willing to let this government go, toward enslaving us all, into what is fast becoming the Stasi-State of Amerikan Fascism that will happen openly: Unless there is an general-uprising to end this shabbily masked attack upon whatever remains of our rights and our once clearly protected liberties that are now in ruins.

It seems that thanks to the US Supreme Court’s Decision about MONEY being the great determinator of just exactly how much “freedom” anyone can be allowed to have ­ so if you have the money you have “freedom” if you don’t - get ready to move into a cell in federal prison, at least that’s what’s “COMING SOON” inside the old USA.

While these deceptive changes are being introduced in England, it’s being followed here by the PC crowd, condemning and taking charge of what people can be allowed to think or discuss: Controlling our thoughts to stop real and visceral reactions to their open attacks on the Social Contract here.

Theresa May asked to define extremism in new counter extremism bill 12min 19 sec VIDEO

Another indication of the depth of the deception of the global-population, being carried out by the criminal organization that we call the United Nations; consists of the current scheme to appoint Saudi Arabia to head the Human Rights Commission of the UN.

That’s right you read that correctly ­ Saudi Arabia the country with one of the worst records on Human Rights, in the world, is about to be appointed as Chairman of The Human Rights Council for the United Nations, because of the money they represent that has nothing whatever to do with Human Rights in the world today.

UN WATCH: “Electing Saudi Arabia as the World’s judge on human rights would be like making a pyromaniac a town’s Fire Chief” Hillel Neuner, Executive Director of the UN Watch.

The story begins here @ 5min 14sec ends @ 7min 15sec.

Transparency has been a victim throughout the rise of the Khazarian Supremacy, but this might indeed be one bridge too far, even for these criminal bastards…How much more will Americans’ continue to take from this Vigilante Government ­ and how much longer will it be before the public decides to emulate these governmental examples that cannot go unnoticed any longer?

The latest “Crusade” to wipe out all resistance to this global take-down of the global population has already begun. The question remains: When will this public finally get up off their asses and take some concomitant action to bring this criminal charade to a permanent ending?



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