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From Vigilance to Valor

By Jim Kirwan


V for Vendetta began this Odyssey

Anonymous picked it up and spread parts of what’s at stake

Around the world.

But each of us in our own way is responsible

For making this truth possible.

Rent or buy the video

Watch the unraveling of 'us' for yourself.

The film is a fantasy, but it is directly tied

To reality, as that exists

In the Amerika of today’s obscenities

The tens of thousands of lies which

this government brought into the world

Are meaningless

We need to realize this fact

And act upon it!

In order to be free

Each of us must come to realize

That we have always been free to live again.

No one in the world


This criminally-inspired fantasy

Which is called

The New World Order!

Those who created this centuries old


Are Not Human

And they never were.

To free yourself,

You must stop running from the truth

And breathe the air of FREEDOM

Just once more.

Do this and then Celebrate

What you have for too long denied.

These ideas are bullet-proof

But only those willing

To reach for Freedom will ever understand…

The goals of the New World Order

Were never about America’s foreign enemies,

They were always about


This nation & the whole world.

Recently the people have begun to challenge

The Gangster State

But none of that could have been stopped

Until the American public understood

What’s really been going on here”,

Since the arrival of The New Millennium!

Since this has become a reality

We can take a real look-back on our country

And bring this Reign of Terror

To an End

With Freedom for the people everywhere

Once we deal

With those that did this to the world.

For those who might think

That this is more than just slightly over-the-top

Ask yourself

Are you prepared to live or die in the camps”?

Spread the word

And sleep well tonight!

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