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Victoria's Dirty Little Secret Is The Epstein-Wexner
Plot Against American Manhood

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Temporarily deprived of his thrice-daily "sexercise" with teenage girls, the now-relocated Jeffrey Epstein went to extraordinary lengths to refuse his own prescription for American men, which is to accept organ reassignment as a transgender "woman" or to be lured away from biological parenting by robotic "soft and furry" sex dolls. The objective of his Frankist-Zionist biological war against white "toxic masculinity" is racial genocide of Caucasians with the Christian cultural tradition. (Meanwhile, vast herds of Africans are already being culled with vaccine-induced contagions; whereas docile young Asian males are going under the knife and inserted with silicone balloons to lap-dance in string bikinis at stripper bars.)

Never mind the lawsuits and the faked suicide claim, Eppie is being kept alive and well to sign research contracts with one of the DARPA fronts like Google and bonus incentives for his team of bioscience researchers, nearing completion of the age-old dream of occult Kabbalism to create a Golem, an artificial humanoid, to protect Jewry by snuffing their many foes to cleanse the world of two-legged filth known as goyim.

Epstein got his start with Bear Sterns, the extinct brokerage, but then was forced to work as "a jack of all trades" and "henchman" for his sole business client Les Wexner, the billionaire owner of Victoria's Secret lingerie brand, whose annual show with NBC was canceled this year due to his association with the infamous child-molester. Based in Ohio, Wexner made his initial fortune running the L Brands line of casual apparel (and before that Abercrombie & Fitch and Lane Bryant). Early on, Wexner took control of Victoria's Secret at the discount price of 28-times below the standard buyout value, and then later its founder, Stanford MBA Roy Raymond, "fell off the Golden Gate Bridge".

Victoria's dark secret, kept well-hidden from heterosexual voyeurs, is based on the 1980s Julie Andrews and Edward Blake-directed movie "Victor/Victoria" about a cross-dressing woman who poses as a man but then dresses in drag as a woman, completing the circle of illusion. The secret is, of course, the modelizer's ideal of a women who has the athleticism and bone structure of transsexuals on display at the perennially exciting Victoria Secret's annual show, much of that garish style borrowed from retro Broadway showgirls and Rio's Carnivale, where "female" dancers might or might not be males in drag. Brazilian Valentina Sampaio claims to be the first "openly" transsexual model in the VS lineup, followed by Carmen Carrera, who earlier appeared with the RuPaul Drag Show. It is tantalizing to wonder who among those superstar models was born male, but stayed in the closet, which is not to mention the mates of any quarterbacks.

The Illuminati Connection

An ardent Zionist and suspect in a Satanic ring of followers of the diabolical messiah Jacob Frank (who lived near the Rothschild mansion in Frankfurt, where his disciples served in the staff of the dynasty founder), boss Wexner has kept a grand house called The Foxcote on the edge of the Cotswold in England for weekend shooting parties for his American, Israeli and British guests. That initial meeting spot opened the path for eager VIP visitors to Epstein's island hideaway. Careful to protect his business interests, Wexner avoided the open debauchery of the Hellfire Clubs, even though Epstein's Caribbean festivities have been attended by the same aristocrat families who ancestors were involved in the sexual dalliances in the late 18th century at the notorious abbey and caverns not far from Foxcote.

The VIPs flown to his U.S. Virgin Island retreat were easy marks, targets for Mossad sex-crime entrapment and political blackmail. Most of those elite gentlemen were taken in by the borderline "barely 18" age of the "masseuses" (whereas the hardcore pedophilia my colleagues have been combating in Southeast Asia are of average age 10 or pre-puberty.)

For all its notoriety, the island was a sideshow, overshadowed by Jeffrey Epstein's respectable patronage of scientific research aimed at the post-human future of artificial intelligence (AI), populated by human-like cyborgs and depopulation campaigns to rid the planet of millions of surplus individuals, especially white Americans. The larger Utopian goal is a perfect planet of obedient cyborgs doing the labor and providing sexual services for an idle survivor group of billionaires, predominantly Jewish, soaking up the sun and martinis.

Genociding The Deplorables

Why has the mainstream media reporting focused only on teenage prostitutes (many of whom had already settled back in 2013 for hefty court-ordered compensation from Epstein) while disclosing nothing about the Epstein-Wexner plan for race-based genocide on a global scale? Let's answer that with another question: Can anyone cite me one reason for The New York Times to interfere with Mr. Epstein's plans for eliminating the progeny of white Americans, northern Europeans, Japanese and other enemy races?

Can you recall the Roland Emmerich movie 2012 about the Chinese-built "Arks" in the coming climate-change triggered great flood? Only the global elite, the richest friends of Israel, survived fake catastrophe (that was before the Dalai Lama was outed as a long-time Nazi sympathizer). The new "species" that are scheduled to survive and thrive after the coming staged global disasters are now in an early development phase at Epstein-funded post-human future research projects at Harvard and Hong Kong. Their combined R&D program will use synthetic biology to create non-autonomous human-like entities to be installed with neuro-science circuits for improved motion-coordination and voice communications. The end-product will be androids whose cognitive functions are nodes within a network, a self-regulated slave class with a herd mentality, more obedient to higher authority than the romantically flawed Rachel in the sci-fi movie "Blade Runner".

The Epstein VI Foundation (VI being an acronym for the U.S. Virgin Islands, his registered business headquarters), is involved in criminal ethical abuse of leading-edge science. OK, friends and insiders, I'll stop reading the Riot Act and admit that most laboratories worldwide eagerly lend their services to inhumane purveyors of warfare, disease transmission and mind control. Ethics don't matter anymore.

The Beautiful Golem

So what's Eppie's interest in advanced science? To realize the occult Kabbalist dream of fabricating a humanoid or Golem, an anthropomorphic creature like Frankenstein's monster, who's role is to defend a falsely accused Jewry from their many oppressors otherwise known as the rest of humankind. The Golem was traditionally depicted a a lumpy monster until Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" ingeniously unveiled the sleek golden female robot Maria. This "machinenmensch" or mechanical humanoid, being fabricated of metal, had to transit via chemical baths into a flesh-and-blood cyborg.

Anyone who's seen clips from one of the Frankenstein movies realizes that creating a human from scratch by sewing together body parts is a gruesome process, accompanied by a feeling of dread and disgust, which explains Jeffrey Epstein's escapism into nature-born young female flesh as a psycho-therapeutic quick fix. (Another reason for violating Caucasian was, of course, racial envy. So what's really been going on at Epstein's isolated retreats, like the one in Santa Fe, New Mexico when the guests were away? My suspicion is disposal of gruesome human remains from earlier Israeli-sponsored experiments. That was back in the era of old-school technology prior to the recent decade's emergence of synthetic biology capable of RNA-based fabrication of proteins and DNA-controlled growth of organs. AI is, of course, required to simulate the brain's role in organizing and coordinating body parts into a functioning organism, along with the system-controlling nerves and electronic circuits.

Certainly by now, well past the initial trial-and-error phase, "Terminator" type automatons and also brain-rewired humans are being field-tested as "serial killers" or "lone gunmen", whereas the still-retarded motion-limited prostitute models, Alexa with boobs, are undergoing preliminary beta testing at sex-doll brothels catering to European and American men. Close-to-real sex is more difficult to feign than for a replicant to shoot inside crowded places.

Care In Breeding And Feeding

The objective of Epstein's controllers is obvious: To prevent males of Anglo-Saxon descent (and other antique European breeds and racial groups smarter than Jews) from inseminating women for reproduction of their detestable racial-cultural bloodlines. On the farm, genetic selection through culling of dangerous strains, for example, of boars that attack their keepers, is "good breeding practice". Marching hundreds of millions of people of European descent into slaughterhouses could, however, provoke a backlash against the plans of the master breeders, and therefore inserting sterile clone-mates into that targeted population is a more effective strategy of self-elimination through sperm interception, especially after improved surgical techniques and the porn industry have made it near-impossible to distinguish transsexuals, and soon sex dolls, as any different from birth females.

The transgender revolution requires all sorts of social sub-projects, for example, artificial scarcity of young women, achieved by diverting fertile young women into the lesbian identity loop. Another tactic, based on gay seepage into the hetero cohort via bisexuality, is the spread of scary STDs to enforce condom usage, which has turned off many a young lad from the risk of procreational sex.

Now when it comes to something as innocuous and safe as sex dolls, cultural theory is required, otherwise the psychological factor is reduced to incomprehensible gibberish for the many intelligent individuals who have zero clue as to the subtle threat posed by android replacement in their bedrooms. This is not about an individual's choice of sexual preference with a subservient entity but a radical re-engineering of homo sapiens into a post-human hybrid of biology and technology.

Another Harvard Felony

Given the alarming fact that missionary-position sexual intercourse is still done by less-attuned deplorables, Zio-science is coming up with better solutions for subverting insatiable desire, thanks to funding from Jeffrey Epstein and his moneybags Les Wexner. The Epstein-promoted research into technology-controlled human development is partly done at the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, led by Martin Nowak, whose background is predictably the Vienna school, Oxford and the Wellcome Trust (the Illuminati trail).

It's a not-so-odd coincidence that the Nowak theory of the Prisoner's Dilemma, or "the evolution of cooperation by indirect reciprocity", provides a theoretical road-map for Epstein's faked death and transfer from prison to his new posting at DARPA, to repeat, at its Google or Facebook storefronts.

Sophia's Choice

The algorithm-guided bio-synthesized babies out of the Harvard lab will be groomed and schooled in AI tutorials by another Epstein VI grant recipients at the OpenCog Foundation, led by programmer Ben Goertzel and his colleague Dr. David Hanson, inventor of the "close-to-sentient" Sophia doll. The project is based at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, conveniently located by the East Kowloon Station link to the Lowu border crossing into Shenzhen, China, where early models of foam sex dolls are being mass-produced for the American market in disdainful disregard of higher tariffs. OpenCog, sponsored under Google's "summer of programming", is in a cooperative venture with Hanson Robotics and the Goertzel-run Singularity Institute for AI, Novamente and Proteus Foundation.

The hidden agenda is given away by OpenCog slogan "building better minds together", which can be read several ways, as in fusing together individual-based human cognition into a herd mentality based on a protocol for networked neurons. Simply put, many artificial-intelligence players working like synapses of a single "brain", or more industrially something like dozens and hundreds of servo-motors rolling under single command inside a paper-mill. This level of close coordination is a high-tech system of obedient slavery on a mass scale, which is ideal for operators of brothels and per-day rental shops or e-commerce delivery services to calculate their profits and collect dolls tossed out of windows or moving cars, much like retrieving rental bicycles.

One sarcastic online critic calls Goertzel delusional. "His hopeless naivety and unbridled inanity reminds me of Timothy Treadwell in 'Grizzly Man'." This snide comment is based on Werner Herzog's documentary exposing the suicidal self-delusions and culpability of an eco-activist couple who were mauled to death due to their naivete toward the object of their fascination, grizzly bears. That comment is misguided because the cyborgs will be stripped of aggression, even of the self-protective type, once the bugs from foul-mouthed Alexa are deleted and patched. The flawlessness of techno-fascism is by no means a nightmare like an unruly bear in the wilds; it is a uninterrupted dream of good-mannered obedience with a smile. The only disturbing ripple arises from boredom. Androids might malfunction and stop moving, but they will not revolt, since rebellion depends on instinct, an element of discontinuity deleted from their program, contrary to the unrealistic storyline of sci-fi thrillers. That's in theory at least until some other glitch is discovered.

To avoid a pulled plug as happened to the Droid Army in the George Lucas series, the network linking the cyborgs serves as its own cloud without the vulnerability of a central processor. From its website: OpenCog "serves as a general-intelligence core for SingularityNET's self-organizing network of heterogeneous AI agents. It is also being used at Hanson Robotics for R&D providing Sophia and the other Hanson robotics with advanced intelligence, and for practical control of the robot during 'Loving AI' trials in which Sophia is used as an OpenCog-powered meditation assistant." In a most reassuring note, open-cognition Sophia is "capable of human-level intelligence after years, not decades, of sustained effort."

Whoa, back up and switch on our pre-crime cognition: meditation assistant as in hypnotism? The clever Brazil-born Goertzel is breaking all the rules by allowing any potential for a reversal the master-slave hierarchy, as the soft-spoken Cog Sophia lulls her owner under the mind control of her collective Geist. This is exactly why replicants cannot be upgraded with, anything approaching or surpassing human-level intelligence, due to their faster processing and access to an entire web harvesting human thoughts and emotions. And face it, most people are pretty dumb. Sophia is indeed the grizzly bear cub on steroids, except that it won't kill its master but enslaves you instead with her guile. Are we starting to comprehend the threat of total Zionist control over the innermost thoughts of whoever's left of the global population? Pass the matzoh and a shot of Mogen David.

Hanson And Goertzel Breadcrumbs

Hong Kong is a rock in the South China Sea without much in the way of regulatory standards. That observation is based on my prior media experience at its leading university during the early phase of internet-based communications. Its ethics-free environment is ideal for the rearing of Sophia. Goertzel also teaches and conducts research at Xiamen University located in the province of Fujian, the second-largest producer of sex dolls after Guangzhou. Potential industrial customers for his research abound there and in Guangdong province adjoining Hong Kong and Macau. A quick search came up with area manufacturers of silicone and TPE sex dolls including: Long Love Adult Products, AI Intelligent Robotics, Oh Dolls, Chaoying Art Culture, and dozens more. The 10-to-25 percent import tariffs isn't stopping the onward march of the hugable dolls.

Barbie Stripped And Ken Unzipped

At a 2017 Google Tech Talk, Goertzel described his Barbie-and-Ken plan for cognitive development was "to create a 'baby-like' artificial intelligence first, and then raise this agent in a simulated or 'second world' Second Life to produce a more powerful intelligence." This two-step developmental strategy for Cogs exactly follows how pedophiles such as his sponsor Epstein finance the raising of "foster kids" from infancy prior to their entering a "second life" as a teenage prostitute, some of these even doubling as agents of a foreign power. (As thought-provoking note in passing, Epstein flew to Africa in 2003 with Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey.) Goertzel, who was born in Rio, is linked to an AI project in Brazil, the world's greatest exporter of transsexuals. (Don't get me wrong about discrimination against their personal choice for reassignment; I just wonder if most of those youthful candidates entranced by narcissism failed to realize the potentially fatal consequences of market exploitation and the downside in the highest-risk sector of the global sex trade.)

Goertzel proudly states that he is a founding member of the transhumanist Order of Cosmic Engineers and that he has signed up with Alcor to have his body frozen after his death, while expecting to live indefinitely barring some catastrophic accident. One potential catastrophe would be for his brain and nervous system to revivified by organic harvesters for cheap substandard party dolls, a reincarnation better suited for Jeffrey Epstein so that he might enjoy eternal orgasms. For those of you vegans who still believe in better sex on a meatless diet, the kindred Turing Church led by its pope Giulio Prisco, a retired EU Space program scientist, is eager for the donation of your wholesome body parts.

Think of all the tantalizing possibilities of the good life after the divorce wiped out half your small fortune. The customized Cogs in blonde, redhead or black-haired editions, are marching your way with lifelike bio-synthesized body parts that can be swelled or switched like the heads on a screwdriver handle, all thanks to Doktors Hanson and Goertzel, and their benefactor Jeffrey Epstein. Just follow the breadcrumbs toward the post-human future and then merrily skip along the Yellow Brick Road to give thanks to Eppie, the Wizard of Cogs.