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Are All Victims Equal?

By Jim Kirwan


Victory & Defeat are equals when it comes to ‘Change’

And nothing will ever ‘change’ by itself!

If there is to be hope

We must all betray our countries.

We have to save each other

Because all victims are equal.

None is more equal than others”

From “The Russia House” script

The world has failed utterly to discover anything about the real secrets which this planet continues to hold. We have spent trillions on weaponizing the weather, plundering the earth and scavenging what’s left of the life on the planet. However at the same time we have utterly failed to understand what has gone on in the oceans, or in the mountains, the forests, the deserts of the wild lands of this tiny blue orb.

One consequence of this failure is that we still have almost no idea of why or how this planet actually functions. All that we know for certain is that something caused the 1,000 mph spin of the globe to slow to a point where that movement stopped for a time. Then all hell broke loose and even the poles shifted while the planet rearranged itself, on several different occasions...

These unscheduled and totally destructive events have turned over entire mountain chains; shifted the poles of the earth, altered the course of the world’s oceans and literally wiped out entire civilizations ­ some of which were totally obliterated ­ yet today we know almost nothing about what or why such events occurred. The powers on this earth could have investigated the oceans as well as the surface of the planet, and the workings of the atmosphere: Before we allowed them to slaughter the civilization that lived here. Instead some have built artificial-underground cities to supposedly “survive” a coming Apocalypse.

Earth In Upheaval”

Pg. 1, In Alaska, to the north of Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, the Tanana River joins the Yukon. From the Tanana Valley and the valleys of its tributaries gold is mined out of gravel and “muck”. This muck is a frozen mass of animals and trees.

F. Rainey of the University of Alaska described the scene: “Wide cuts, often several miles in length and sometimes as much as 140 feet in depth, are now being sluiced out along stream valleys tributary to the Tanana in the Fairbanks District. In order to reach gold-bearing gravel beds an overburden of frozen silt and “muck” is removed with hydraulic giants. This ‘muck’ contains enormous numbers of frozen bones of extinct animals such as the mammoth, mastodon, super-bison and horse.

These animals perished in rather recent times; present estimates place their extinction at the end of the Ice Age or in early post-glacial times. The soil of Alaska covered their bodies together with those of animal species still surviving. Under what conditions did this great slaughter take place, in which millions upon millions of animals were torn limb from limb and mingled with uprooted trees?

A volcanic eruption would have charred the trees but would not have uprooted and splintered them; if it killed animals it would not have dismembered them. The presence of volcanic ash indicates that a volcanic eruption did take place, and repeatedly, in four consecutive stages of the same epoch; but it is also apparent that the trees could have been uprooted and splintered only by a flood or a combination of both agencies. The animals could only have been dismembered by a stupendous wave that lifted and carried and smashed and tore and buried millions of bodies and millions of trees. Also, the area of the catastrophe was much greater than the action of a few volcanoes could have covered…

What could have caused the Arctic Sea and the Pacific Ocean to irrupt and wash away forests with all their animal population and throw the entire mingled mass in great heaps scattered all over Alaska, the coast of which is longer than the Atlantic seaboard from Newfoundland to Florida?

Pg. 4, and from the days of the conquest of Siberia (1582) the Cossack Yermak under Ivan the Terrible, until our own times, trade in mammoth’s tusks has gone on. Northern Siberia provided more than half the world’s supply of ivory, many piano keys and billiard balls being made from fossil tusks of these mammoths.

In 1797 the body of a mammoth, with flesh, skin and hair, was found in northeastern Siberia ~ the flesh had the appearance of freshly frozen beef; it was edible and wolves and sled dogs fed on it without harm. The ground must have been frozen ever since the day of their entombment ~ [because] they remained unspoiled for thousands of years. It is therefore absolutely necessary to believe that the bodies were frozen up immediately after the animals died, and were never once thawed, until the day of their discovery.

Pg. 6, … J. D. Dana, the leading American geologist of the second half of the last century, wrote: “The encasing in ice of huge elephants, and the perfect preservation of the flesh, shows that the cold finally became suddenly extreme, as of a single winter’s night and knew no relenting afterward.”

In the stomachs and between the teeth of the mammoths we found plants and grasses that do not grow now in northern Siberia. “The contents of the stomachs have been carefully examined; they showed undigested food, leaves of trees now found in Southern Siberia, but a long way from the existing deposits of ivory. Microscopic examination of the skin showed red blood corpuscles, which was proof not only of a sudden death, but that death was due to suffocation either by gases or water, evidently the latter in this case…

When Hedenstrom and Sannikov discovered the New Siberian Islands in 1806, they found in the “desolate wilderness” of polar sea the remains of “enormous petrified forests.” Those forests could be seen tens of miles away. The trunks of the trees in the ruins ~ were partly standing upright and partly lying horizontally buried in the frozen soil. Their extent was very great ~ On the southern coast of New Siberia are found the remarkable wood hills [piles of trunks]. They are 30 fathoms [180 feet] high, and consist of horizontal strata of sandstone, alternating with strata of bituminous beams of trunks of trees.

In 1829 the German scientist G. A. Erman went to the Liakhov and the New Siberian Islands… He described the soil as full of the bones of elephants, rhinoceroses, and buffaloes. On the piles of wood he wrote: “In New Siberia [island], on the declivities facing the south, lie hills 250 or 300 ft high, formed of driftwood, the ancient origin of which, as well as the fossil wood in the tundra, anterior to the history of the Earth in its present state…

Pg. 8, Eduard von Toll [1885-1902] found bones of mammoths and other animals, together with the trunks of fossil trees with impressions of leaves and fruit. On Maloi, Toll found bones of mammoths and other animals, together with the trunks of fossil trees with leaves and cones. “This striking discovery proves that in the days when mammoths and rhinoceros lived in northern Siberia, these desolate islands were covered with great forests, and bore a luxuriant vegetation.”

The same kinds of discoveries were made, and are still being made all over the world, including throughout Europe and the Americas. Contemporary ‘science’ still pays little to no-attention to these findings as they have already formed their ‘practical conclusions’ and for the most part, “science” chose to keep their findings free from any threat that such findings might ever-pose to the “safe” and “incremental-progressions of change”. The world needs to be routinely reassured: To keep people informed that the natural world is totally manageable and that nature itself presents no surprises that science cannot completely manage ­ regardless of whatever might be discovered in our blood-drenched past.

The damage to the planet in the distant past was so massive as to have taken place upon so many levels, so far beyond our comprehension today, as to be totally unbelievable in this supposedly contemporary age of “technological advancement”. Case in point:

Pg. 18-21, “In the late thirties of the last century Hugh Miller made the Old Red Sandstone in Scotland the special project of his investigations. He observed: “The earth had already become a vast sepulcher to a depth beneath the bed of the sea equal to at least twice the height of Ben Nevis over its surface.” Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Great Britain, 4406 feet high. The stratum of the Old Red Sandstone is twice as thick. This formation presents the spectacle of an upheaval immobilized at a particular moment and petrified forever ~

The history of the period represented by the Old Red Sandstone seems, in what now forms the northern half of Scotland, to have opened in a similar manner… The vast space which now includes Orkney and Loch Ness, Dingwall and Gamrie, and many a thousand square miles besides, was the scene of a shallow ocean, perplexed by powerful currents and agitated by waves. A vast strata of water rolled pebbles, varying in depth from a hundred feet to a hundred yards, remains in a thousand different localities, to testify to this time of commotion. ~ it is difficult to conceive how the bottom of any sea should have been so violently and so equally agitated ~ for a period so prolonged that the entire areas should have become covered with a stratum of rolled pebbles of almost every variety of ancient rock, fifteen stories’ high in thickness.

The same platform in Orkney ~ is strewn thick with remains, which exhibit unequivocally the marks of violent death. The figures are contorted, contracted, curved; the tail in many instances is bent around to the head; the spines stick out; the fins are spread to the full, as in fish that die in convolutions. ~ The remains, too, appear to have suffered nothing from the after-attacks of predacious fishes; [as] none such seemed to have arrived.

What agency of destruction could have accounted for “innumerable existences of an area perhaps ten thousand square miles in extent [being] annihilated at once”?

The ravages of no disease, however virulent, could explain some of the phenomena of this arena of death… one half of Scotland, from Loch Ness to the land’s northern extremity and beyond to the Orkney Islands in the north “A thousand different localities” disclose the same scene of destruction. An identical picture can be found in many other places all around the world, in similar and dissimilar formations…”

This is also true of animals from the great mammoths down to the smallest animals, all over the world where their broken bones were mixed with shattered trees and boulders in impossibly located caves thousands of feet above any accessible plain.

The planet, the globe and the earth itself has been largely ignored by science to this point in time. This series of books by Velikovsky covers just ten-years from 1950 to 1960. The first book I wrote about was written in 1950. (2)

This book, “Earth In Upheaval” was written midway in 1955 but his index only hints at just how much we have continued to ignore about this place we try to continue to live in.


These chapters reveal how much of this has managed not to have gained the attention of “science” or the global-population until now.

About the only thing that has surfaced in direct relation to any of this seems to have been the supposed creation of secret-underground bunkers for the élites: But given the levels of devastation that has already happened in our not so distant past—it’s clear that such follies won’t even come close to protecting anyone from what’s about to happen to the entire planet now: And all because we insist on looking for extra-terrestrial causes for something that “happens” sometimes when it is least expected.

Of course the sudden appearance of a “Planet X” just “can’t happen” in the scientific world that formally-recognizes no surprises. Maybe that’s why there’s no reporting in the mainstream-media about Fukushima, or the Jet-Stream being thrown off course or the massive-drought throughout California because of the lack of water created by HAARP ~ but hey there’s nothing to worry about because government will take care of you and yours—just like they ‘always’ do—right?

Americans must lose their public innocence

That innocence must be replaced

With personal intuition & natural instincts.

We have all been part of “The Great Lie”

Which is?

That “we” have not been able to succeed.

The Amerikan-public has become totally addicted to the lies about the “stability of the planet” in a naturally-unstable world. The irony is that the truth would have kept us focused on the need to live and our need for knowledge as well as history - but only within the reality of the basic truths, we still have not investigated.

Ask yourself ­

When was the last time

That anyone kept their word?

Has any “nation-state” ever kept its promises?

If we learn nothing else from what’s happening today

We know that we don’t belong to countries,

We belong only to ourselves

And to those we can love and live with, in a wide-open world.

But to do this ­ “We” have to be FREE!

What befell the planet in the second millennium was colossal and more than catastrophic. The destruction’s came to this planet on several different occasions that have mostly gone unnoticed until now. That’s largely due to the fact that the science has been covered up and buried for centuries. Now; thanks to an over-the-top HAARP program worldwide and the fact that things like the interaction between meteors and this planet have begun to happen again ­ only this time it’s being reported. Maybe this time the results might vary between what happened in what we termed the Ice-Age, and today. If we are to survive we’ll need to have an entirely different result.

One thing that is crystal clear is that if we don’t destroy the entirety of the HARRP weaponry, as a real beginning point, and then there will be no future for humanity regardless of whatever we might want to call it. It has been “known” since 1947 that mankind could, and did, play with controlling the weather. That was recognized when the UN outlawed the use of controlling the weather as a military weapon, because by 1947 weather controls were being used to improve crops, relieve droughts, and to potentially affect the outcomes of military adventures around the planet, in a much smaller degree than what HAARP has allowed the outlaws to do to the entire planet today.

This book is 301 pages long, and I’ve only touched on the briefest of mentions which are investigated much more in depth as you go further. I got the books because wanted to illustrate this saga in a study of Velikovsky’s works for our most popular ‘science’ magazine back in the eighties. I pitched the publication with an eye to portraying some of the massively unbelievable imagery that would merit a full magazine special edition. I was unaware of just how much of an outcast that Velikovsky was already, at that time. He was the blood enemy of “real-science” and the very last thing that they would have ever considered was something as revolutionary as those images would have been ­ they called me upon receiving my letter with insults by the box-car load.

Once our space program began to prove Velikovsky correct, with his off-world-predictions about the realities on other planets ­ he was vindicated, but formal-science was silent about their errors when it came to just how right this scientist actually was, and that situation has not changed. If this subject interests you at all; why not try and get some of his books (Listed in the link under “Playing with Eternal Fire”) and make your own decisions about the truth or fiction of what his studies produced, back in the 1950’s?

In the meantime the RED BLOOD from the current encounter with a meteor is bringing this ancient history back to life with a vengeance. I can’t dispute the visitations of alien life, but it does seem to me that there is still a vast amount, yet to be learned, between what is beginning to happen now, quite possibly “again” and how we have behaved with respect to attracting comets to this planet because of what we continue to “play-with” in our applications of HARRP as one of the deadliest weapons that mankind could ever have chosen to play with at this time in our long and bloody history!

1) ‘Earth in Upheaval’

Written by Immanuel Velikovsky

Copyright 1955 by Doubleday & Company

2) Playing with Eternal Fire!



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