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Is Venezuela A THREAT To Fascist Neocon USA?


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


The title of this article is not a rhetorical question, but does require a person to really think about how to accurately define the word ‘threat’. I doubt DHS will issue an “orange” or “red” terror alert due to Venezuela.

Some people in America cannot sleep at night due to worrying about all of the constant MSM ‘threats’ and all of the boogeymen hiding under their bed. The MSM and political hacks in America keep blasting out the incessant fear propaganda 24x7 about all of the threats and boogeymen lurking and threatening America.

Simple solution: cut the legs off your bed so no boogeyman can possibly be hiding under your bed!

Another solution is to recognize that the threat is the USA, and most foreigners clearly see that the greatest threat to world peace is these Fascist Neocon warmongers in Washington DC. The MSM and political lies are exactly that; untruths so you do not figure out their agenda.

Is Venezuela a threat to the USA in the literal sense, to the point Washington DC has tried to illegally regime change in violent overthrows both Hugo Chavez and current President Nicholas Maduro?

I wonder at times if any American with at least 3 brain cells functioning can see the similarities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and now in Venezuela? It is even going on right now in Ecuador, since huge natural resources went to China instead of the favored pet mining companies of US, UK, Canada and Australia.

If you merely check on which nations were excluded from the top secret TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership] as yet another idiotic and lame attempt to reign in China, only that nation and Ecuador were left out all the way around the Pacific, and of course, North Korea, too. Several months back Ecuador kicked out over 50 DoD operatives that were trying to stir up regime change in Ecuador.

Over here in Europe the TTIP and TISA trade agreements attempt to give US and EU firms global advantages and push Russia and China aside, and some others on the Neocon’s Hit List. Those agreements will fail; no one needs to worry about that boogeyman under their bed on that one.

Is Venezuela planning to invade Texas or Louisiana, or even the US Virgin Islands? Maybe Venezuela wants St. Croix, since the sunsets from there are absolutely fantastic? Or maybe Puerto Rico since they speak Spanish, too?

Do we have a real threat to the United States right here and now in the 21st Century, or do we have yet more Neocon lies and ‘threats’ to their delusional Global Empire America?

Here we have a nation that does not have an air force, army or navy big enough to be much of a threat to any nation in the Western Hemisphere, let alone the world or the ‘mightiest military in the world’ United States. From what I can tell Venezuela’s navy would be hard pressed to keep a Bass Master’s Tournament armed with fast Ranger bass boats and fishing tackle from having full run of their coastal and river waters and attacking “Venezuelan bass”.

So, what is this ‘THREAT’ the Neocons are bitching and whining about and pushing for sanctions and regime change in Venezuela?

Part of the Neocon logic, which is usually ‘total absence of logic or facts’ most of the time as their track record proves so well, goes all the way back to 1823 and the Monroe Doctrine. The new USA was so vulnerable due to the expansionist goals of certain Europe monarchies that President James Monroe played his version of “Grand Chessboard” by warning the Europe monarchies to stay the Hell out of the Western Hemisphere.

President James Monroe, the 5th President of the United States and the last of the US presidents that was actually one of the Founding Fathers due to being involved in the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the framing of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. He knew all too well the price of empires and what the price was to create the new United States of America and the defeat of the British Empire.

James Monroe was wounded in the Revolutionary War, he was anti-federalist (exact opposite of the Neocons), and actually voted against the ratification of the Constitution because it gave too much power to a centralized federal government.

What was he so concerned about that the US issued a warning to the European monarchies that we now refer to as the Monroe Doctrine?

The Monroe Doctrine was the same type of government action that Vladimir Putin took in March 2015 in declaring the Conventional Weapons in Europe Treaty null and void. It is literally worthless trash, since the USA and NATO want to keep provoking and moving east to every border of Russia in violation of the agreement when the USSR opted to disband and let that part of Europe that was part of the USSR as captive satellites have their freedom and self-determination back under their control.

Simply put, the Monroe Doctrine was to give the USA time to grow as a new nation that chose self-determination and leave the British Empire behind, without threat of expansionist objectives of foreign monarchial powers in the Western Hemisphere. Monroe knew the Europe monarchies were after land, resources, and more subjects to their empires. With America (and Canada) being so huge and blessed with natural resources, Monroe knew that sooner or later they would try to take over the new United States of America.

Of course, monarchies back in 1823 were not democratic, they were totalitarian. The Monroe Doctrine was a clear warning that further actions in the Western Hemisphere to expand their totalitarianism and wealth grabbing would be war with the new ‘democratic’ United States of America in its early years of trying to get things organized and the house in order.

Since the tiny US Colonies kicked Great Britain’s ass, most of the other monarchies decided to focus on their ‘pomp and circumstance’ and left the Western Hemisphere alone.

It worked pretty well until the cretins and greed mongers in Washington DC decided that since the Europe monarchies left the Western Hemisphere alone based on what could be described just as well as ‘Monroe’s Bluff’, the American elite would take the role over of plundering this entire hemisphere.

Just ask any non-USA person that is historically knowledgeable and lives in the Western Hemisphere as to what the USA has done to them over the past 250 years and you will get an earful probably with a heavy dose of expletives on what people really think about America and why. If Americans knew the entire truth, they would abolish Washington DC and reform. Most Americans do not know how predatory the USA government, corporations and elite have been first in the Western Hemisphere and then globally and even more so under this new Neocon lunacy.

Over the years Washington DC has morphed into the “Bully of the Western Hemisphere” because of the Monroe Doctrine.

The Monroe Doctrine was to head off any potential threat to the United States of America and the Western Hemisphere back in 1823, but Venezuela is not today in the 21st Century a real threat to the United States.

They are a definite threat to the Special Interests that the Neocons are the big mouth and front for in their dreams of Global Empire America.

The Neocons want to have their cake and eat it too as the old saying goes. They want to flood Europe with military arms and heavy weapons (including nuclear missiles aimed at Russia) but sucker Russia into agreeing to a treaty that is a very real, clear and present danger to Russia.

They want to flip Venezuela because of some things Russia and Venezuela have done recently and try to negate that with a friendly regime in place willing to void commercial contracts and agreements between sovereign nations.

Russia is not expansionist except as an economic power and energy colossus, and neither is Venezuela. NATO is expansionist towards Russia and the USA is intent on ruling the entire world exactly like the British Empire tried to do, too.

The Neocons are about to pull their hair out that Russia was very powerful as the USSR and after that ended the Russia Federation is a rapidly expanding superpower and growing more powerful than the communist USSR ever dreamed of being. That reality has the Neocons doing the Bugs Bunny-Elmer Fudd routine daily as to “that dastardly wabbit Putin!”

Putin is violating the self-serving Wolfowitz Doctrine that both me and Paul Craig Roberts have reminded the world about recently.

It is just a threat to the Neocons delusional Ivory Tower vision that they are the Rulers of the Entire World. As for being a real threat to you Americans, cut the bed legs off so there are no imaginary boogeymen under your bed and get some sleep.

The Russians are not coming! The USA is no longer and never was sole Superpower in the world. Just about everyone in the world has figured that out except the American voters and the Neocons.

Lest you have not been paying attention, the USA lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and is about to lose even America if the Neocons do not cease and desist or are forced out of power.

So, why is Venezuela now on the ‘Neocon’s Enemy List’ when they have not done one damned thing to the USA except act as a sovereign nation and in the best interest of their own people as they see fit under the simple concept of self-determination?

Do they have a nuclear, chemical or biological weapons program? Nope, have better things to worry about.

Do they have a massive weapons and defense program and building up for a big attack on St. Croix or take over the refineries in Port Arthur and Baytown Texas? Nope, they are focusing on using their natural resource wealth for the benefit of their own people, just like Iran and Russia are doing. They hired a company in Italy named ENI to build them a $16 billion refinery and never need US refining capacity again. (FYI: until Bush and Obama went full tilt with this Neocon empire lunacy a special type of coker refinery for heavy crude oil at Port Arthur TX was producing at maximum capacity for the Venezuela and US energy needs. Alas, another Neocon brain fart and lost business for America due to Neocon policies.)

So, exactly how did Venezuela get on the Neocon’s Enemy List?

First, Venezuela granted Russia the right to use their ports as a ‘port of call’ for the Russia Navy. OMG!!! That is such a violation of the self-serving Wolfowitz Doctrine that no nation can be a global power or threat to US hegemony!!! Only the USA can have a navy and ports and military bases all over the world, right? Only the USA can have armed military personnel all over the world, right? That might be a bigger foul than Russia putting a port of call in Syria, since the Mediterranean Sea is not in the Western Hemisphere!!!

Additionally, that means ‘The Grand Chessboard’ lunacy of Zbigniew Brzezinski now has to figure out how to play ‘3D chess’ in two hemispheres and they have failed thus far to prove to anyone they even know how to play checkers.

The USA had to rush to mend fences with Cuba because they also offered to let the Russia navy use their ports. You probably did not hear that in US media as they were in Washington DC apparently trying to look so magnificent and benevolent in ending what was always an absurd policy towards Cuba.

In all candor, when the USSR disbanded in 1991 the USA should have changed the policies then, not 24 years later and denied a generation a right to a better life. So much for the values that America talks about but only pretends to stand for in real life.

And these arrogant Neocons assholes wonder why they are hated all over this world.

Did you catch the news recently that the USA cannot handle 2 wars at the same time with their ‘mightiest military in the world’ according to the Neocon’s definition of their greatness? Makes a taxpayer person want to ask where and how are they pissing away all of that money and producing nothing but crap for hardware and a long list of failures for their ‘mightiest’ delusion.

Trust me, it will take these arrogant nit-twits in DC at least 10 to 20 years to figure out what wrong moves they made at every step of their Wolfowitz Doctrine and Grand Chessboard lunacy. Thank God that by then many of them will have kicked the bucket due to old age. Their arrogant senility is already showing and wearing thin.

Arrogant people have an almost impossible time admitting they are arrogant, blind and SHITFORBRAINS stupid. The Neocons are the worst I have ever seen, even more oblivious to the problem than alcoholics or drug abusers that think they are normal.

Then, this is Venezuela’s next big sin in acting as a sovereign nation and doing the right thing with their own resources for their own future. (Iran has that same problem and a long-term $400 billion energy contract with China; just watch the non-US news to see reality clearly.)

Every major energy company in the US and UK wanted but was denied a major stake in the vast oil resources that Venezuela has in the Orinoco basin. That was a direct result of the arrogant, belligerent and hostile meddling that the Neocons excel in.

The Russia based LUKOIL signed up so much oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin region that the USA conspired for over 30 years to control, they needed to cash out in Venezuela and focus on the new business in the Caspian Basin and Russia itself.

That was a DOUBLE CHECKMATE move on the Neocons when they lost out on both the Caspian Basin that they lusted after and fabricated wars based on lies, and then lost Venezuela, too.

Rather than kneel to the Neocons and their idiotic business plan, Russia based LUKOil sold their share to Russia government owned ROSNEFT with Venezuela’s blessings. Rosneft also signed up a lot in the Caspian Basin but being government owned and really are soon to be the largest producer in the world, they do not have the same liquidity problems as LUKOil has as a public traded company.

Lukoil Sells Stake in Venezuela Project to Rosneft

Rosneft’s Stake in National Oil Consortium Rises to 80%”

That is why Russia’s Rosneft can handle a $400 billion and then a second $325 billion in energy sales and deliveries to China. They have major stakes in Russia, the CIS Caspian Basin region and now 80% stake in the Venezuela Orinoco Basin.

Well, at 80% stakeholder that pretty well blocks out any chance for the US or UK energy giants to ever control the Orinoco Basin in Venezuela and what might be 4 TRILLION BARRELS that eclipses Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and maybe even Russia. The land area of Russia is colossal as the world’s largest nation and they have barely explored the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The following chart was issued by BP addressing the 2002 proven reserves, but it is not exactly accurate. The Neocons hate accurate, or the truth, and yes, BP is Neocon led, too.

If you are paying attention to what is going on right now, you should know that the US and Canada tar sands oil projects are in major trouble. They are buried in debt and soon the loan defaults and bankruptcies with start raining down like large hail stones. At the current price of oil so low they are bleeding to death when it would take $75 to $100 per barrel for them to be economically viable.

It has not been reported yet that the Saudi’s attack on the price of oil was not entirely directed at the US and Canada oil sands projects. Their bigger fear is the juggernaut Russia now controls vast reserves in Russia, Caspian Basin and Venezuela.

Of course the Saudis would roll over for the Neocons and try to attack Russia economically to slow them down. I have yet to see that Russia has slowed down at all, nor has China.

Note the difference in the chart below for South and Central America, which is primarily what they now know about the Venezuela Orinoco Basin and Russia now has 80% stake in that. Plus Russia has continued to develop the Caspian Basin and within its own territories with huge new discoveries and bringing them to market.

There is another nuance of this move by LUKOil and Rosneft that escapes a casual reader with half-baked facts. LUKOil was until recently 35% owned by US based Conoco, and LUKOil is a publicly traded company. The Neocons do not even respect the rights of other nations, much less what they consider to be ‘lesser corporations’ than the US corporate oligarchs for which they are the mouth and US policy pushers.

By having Russia government owned Rosneft now in position in Venezuela, any USA attack on Venezuela to upend those agreements will easily be viewed as an attack on the national interests of Russia itself. Putin made the same warning in Tehran Iran regarding the Neocon agenda towards that nation, too.

Also note the big shift in Europe and Eurasia on the chart below. A lot of that is what the USA and the Neocons have now lost out on due to choosing lies, manipulation and contrived wars instead of pens and contracts to do business in the Caspian Basin region.

In short, Russia, Eurasia and Venezuela eclipse the claim that the Saudis and Middle East are #1 in oil. It will not be much longer before the Saudis and OPEC (and US-UK manipulation) will probably have no say whatsoever as to what the price of oil is per barrel.

Another way to say that, the Neocons, Zionist Israelis and the Zionists in the USA pushing this stupidity bet on the wrong horse and tried to play out their business plan through made-up wars and hostilities.

Their reference above to ‘unconventional reserves’ assumes oil sands, but Russia, the Caspian Basin and Venezuela are not those types of deposits. They are oil and natural gas in huge volumes without have to do fracking or the environmentally toxic separation of oil from the tar sands.

Then, as the USA is hammering the Venezuela and Russian economies with sanctions and underhanded manipulation in the international markets on currency exchange, the Russians prove they are more resilient than the Neocons thought. (Go figure… another error in judgment for the Neocons!)

Rosneft and Venezuelan Corporacion Venezolana del Petroleo Sign Joint Venture Agreement

Rosneft Buying $2 Billion Oil as Venezuela Seeks Funding

No, that is not a US grant, gift or half-hearted and feigned benevolence, or IMF or World Bank that stepped in and helped Venezuela with their ‘Death Spiral Financing’ and austerity into poverty terms. All of the Neocon bravado on what damage they are doing to Russia with sanctions based on Neocon lies, is not exactly the truth.

But, the Neocons are not hemmed in by the truth. That is part of what makes them and their business plan so damned despicable.

The USA would be loath to admit that while cutting Venezuela off on gasoline and diesel to run their economy, the Austrian energy company OMV has been for 6 years shipping Venezuela oil all the way to Romania and Turkey, refining it and returning what Venezuela needs to function as a nation. Minor matters like gasoline in their cars, trucks, tractors, construction equipment and energy generation. They could do that from PORT ARTUHR TEXAS, but the USA Neocons love to be bullying assholes.

Is Venezuela a threat to you cowardly Sheeple in the USA that cannot sleep at night due to the boogeymen under your bed?

No, they are just a threat to the Neocons since they failed yet again to achieve Global Empire America.

Einstein is credited with a quote that sums up these Neocons very well:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The last two groups in the world to figure that out will be the American citizens, and lastly the arrogant Neocons that are blinded to how truly stupid they are and why their approach is not workable and rejected globally with increasing frequency.

There is a secondary reason for my ‘pivot’ to Venezuela and Neocon misdeeds instead of what I usually write on. There is a certain Venezuelan now living in the United States and was granted political asylum due to his past misdeeds in trying to help the CIA regime change Hugo Chavez for the US Neocon agenda.

What he was doing in Europe, then sold out, is about to be front page news on one of the biggest accounting frauds in the history of the world to evade taxes and the conduct of financial fraud on a colossal scale. Imagine my shock and surprise, Neocon financial fraud, NOT!

If you read the news about Europe and apparently all of the hyperventilating about some of the economies, there are some nations about to start the recovery of back taxes, interest and penalties that were wrapped up so that taxable profits were made to appear to be bank liabilities and not taxable.

I am aware of one struggling nation that has been evaluating the scale of this fraud and they project to receive back between 500 to 600 Billion Euros due to accounting fraud to evade taxes. This accounting fraud is very linked as to how the Neocons use financial, currency manipulation and economic warfare to get their way.

That also traces back to the Neocon lunacy as to how they think they are exceptional, indispensable and above the law; rule of law be damned as far as they are concerned.

As they say… pride always precedes a fall and theirs (Neocons) is long overdue and will be a long way down to ‘splat’ when falling off the lofty pedestals they put themselves on.


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