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Val Thor And The Transition Of George Adamski
…The Rodeffer files

From Raymond Keller


As many know, George Adamski was born in Poland on 17 April 1891 and died in Silver Springs, MD, on 23 April 1965.  At the time of his death, he was residing in the home of his good friend and research associate, Madeleine Rodeffer.  

 She would accompany Adamski to UFO meetings up and down the East Coast, helping him set up displays, the projector, pamphlets and books, etc.  She had been working in close association with the contactee for two years.  From time to time, she had the opportunity of seeing the "visitors" in the audience at UFO meetings, as George would point them out, and even, on occasion, entertaining them in her home.

 By the beginning of February 1965, however, as Adamski was tiring out from the UFO tour and getting weaker by the day, the flying saucers would hover near her home in increasing numbers; and on the morning of 26 February 1965, Adamski received a telepathic message from Val Thor that he should have Madeleine get her 8 mm camera and go outside to take a movie of his scout ship.

Madeleine was so excited she was fumbling with the camera and the first frames had the object bouncing all over the place and unsteadily focused in the lens.  As it was, Adamski took hold of the camera and continuing filming, with the movie coming out fine.  

 It was the last photo of a Venusian craft taken while Adamski was alive...but not his last visit from our cosmic friend.  Many bid George a fond farewell at his bedside on that fateful day.  He transitioned to the Ethaeric plane a couple of months later.         - Raymond Keller

Photos Of Val Thor In A Scout Craft Over
The Rodeffer Home In Tribute To George Adamski

Flying Saucer Farewell - Adamski's final days were graced by a flyover of Val Thor and his Venusian scout ship.

George Adamski's last words were, reportedly, "I tried to tell them; but they wouldn't listen."

The Article below appeared in Probe - The Controversial Phenomena Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 2,
Whole Number 14, March-April 1966 from files of OSIRIS-New Millennial Star, Dr Raymond Keller, Editor

Val Thor and three fellow travelers at the Highbridge, NJ on July 13, 1958...