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World Exclusive! Val Thor Notes

Published with the permission of Dr. Raymond A. Keller,
author of the Venus Rising trilogy


More incredible handwritten notes from Valiant Thor (from the meeting at Howard Menger's home in NJ) as provided by Dr. Raymond Keller, as well as the Madeleine Rodeffer
original photos and handwritten description from the Silver Springs event with Val Thor and two other Star Visitors on Feb. 26th 1965 as given to KT in 1999







Howard Menger’s Photos Below...
On the afternoon of 8 September 1958, Howard Menger Menger drove about 70 miles from his home in Highbridge, New Jersey, to a remote, but predesignated location in Pennsylvania's Blue Mountains.  He was previously instructed by a Venusian contact in New Jersey to bring his 8 mm movie camera in addition to his Polaroid Land Camera.He did not return home until 5 a.m. on 9 September.  Howard had taken a photograph of a spaceship,but he admitted that it was "something more;" and he wasn't going to go public with it because "people might misunderstand and become frightened."  

His wife, Connie, however, immediately recognized that the ship itself was a living entity and in the very process of transmogrification that she had seen extraterrestrial beings of every kind undergo while transitioning into the Earth's biosphere.  Connie insisted that Howard calm himself; and that nothing bad will occur if the photos get published with a rational explanation.  Howard was still hesitant; but Connie went ahead and submitted the film to Hans Stefan Santesson, the editor of the Fantastic Universe science fact and fiction magazine.  They were published under her pen name of Marla Baxter in the October 1959 issue, vol. 11, no. 6.  

There is much to discuss here, certainly lending vindication to UFO theorists like Ivan T. Sanderson and John A. Keel.

Your cosmic friend,
-Dr. Raymond Keller