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Unleashing The Rabid Dogs Of War

By Jim Kirwan

Cerberus, ‘The Dogs of War’ that guard the open Gates of Hell

This is Washington, Tel Aviv & the Vatican

In the broken universe of 2014

Welcome to the Future!

On Crosstalk today, many of the deeper questions at issue behind these Rabid Dogs of War are questioned and discussed.

Imperial Pax Americana

One of the key points mentioned blows apart the entire argument for the slow death of all empires when @ 4 min 30 seconds a participant mentions: The ‘overlooked end of four empires at the end of the WWI: “The Chinese, the Austrian-Hungarian, the Russian and the Ottoman Empire all simultaneous collapsed” because they could no longer maintain the fictions which had allowed them to function. Hence the argument that Imperial America will be able to string out this bogus ‘posture’ for another thirty years of power is a total farce.

Crosstalk does probe the fact that Pax Americana got its start from their Colonial achievements, which began almost immediately once this new nation was formed. The discussion then moves on into the very real problems that came up when “Pax Americana” moved from being a Colonial Power into the realm of a single global power that seeks to rule the universe; that’s where everything began to break down.

One of the speakers mentions what the FED did to promote this, without mentioning the fact that the FED is owned by Israel and the global oligarch’s.

American Exceptionalism”

Is based upon “The Children on the Roof”.

For the last three days in San Francisco this city has been home to the Blue Angels who have been practicing their aerial maneuvers over a very positive audience that cheered them on from hundreds of rooftops. These are creatures of the ‘Google-Generation’ who have no idea of what real freedom felt like, much less where this kind of military worship is leading us all. That’s because anyone who came of age (21) in the year 2000, who are now 35 years old, could not have experienced even the remnants of freedom that was dying while they were still in highschool.

Real Life for these people is still a fantasy

Which too many of them have never known…

What has happened, that almost no one remembers now, is that the surge of the Baby-Boom generation was worldwide and a direct result of the Second World War. As that generation began to leave its mark upon the planet they began by destroying what they perceived as entrenched Old World Institutions, including almost everything, where personal responsibilities were still alive and functioning.

Baby Boomers flooded the world with their bodies and little else; determined to rearrange everything that preceded their existence. All of this was religiously guided by the still powerful criminals and traitors worldwide like the Kissinger’s and the Nazi Bush Klan that spanned the time from the beginning of WWII, with Prescott Bush all the way to the end of the nation, with George Junior, which morphed into the Obamanation that sits in the Oval Office today. This treason spawned the rape of the Republic and the end of freedom: But there were also hundreds of others who sought to capitalize upon this flood of children who did not come equipped to envision the real changes they were demanding; in every corner of the world where they then held sway.

The result is that we are all living in a criminally adolescent world: A world that has much more in common with “The Lord of the Flies” than it has ever had, with an adult view of this universe where personal responsibilities still played a major part in that universal concept which could have moved the entire planet forward.

Today we lack all the safeguards for any society to even function: What’s happening now is the obvious outcome which flows directly from our totally irrational actions (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Gaza and Ukraine) which can only end in the colossal collapse of all the components of the various criminal empires worldwide.

We must remember that when the “Rabid Dogs of War” are backed into the kinds of corners where they are today: The only course of action open to them is to try and kill their way out. This is where we are today, with the Stealth-Leadership of Washington, Israel & the Vatican.

What these Rabid-Dogs have overlooked is that billions have begun to recognize them for what they are around the world. The thought-forms that are unmasking them have become legion, to the point where Pax Americana is about to go the way of the Chinese, the Austro-Hungarian, the Russian and the Ottoman Empires—all of which vanished in a flash at the end of WWI. Those ‘empires’ did not end in thirty year long death-throes as envisioned by those who think that the world actually has more than a few months to live.

Whatever this place has become it no longer has anything to do with the Mythical American Dream upon which nothing was ever built:

It’s called the American Dream because the owners of this country know the truth. It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”.

Wagging The Dog Worldwide


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