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USS Fitzgerald - A View From The Bridge...

By Steven


 Looks like they are going to hang some of the crew. Likely, their systems were massively hacked OR 'three levels' of human and electronic systems all failed…(which is very hard to believe.)

 They have a Bridge Crew with at least one officer, and two NCOs.  That's the top level of responsibility.

 Then, below the Bridge, they have the operational-situation room crew, also with at least one officer and one NCO on duty plus a seaman who also sees the radar, sonar and the AWD.

 Then there are the lookouts, the Third Level of control of which there would have been at least two crew members, whom at the very least, would have heard the bone-rattling 'wake-the-dead' sound of the freighter horn at least 10 minutes before the collision...plenty of time to turn hard to starboard to avoid the collision.

 So, we are to believe the Radar failed, the Sonar failed, the early warning and collision Detection and Avoidance System failed AND that all three levels of human protection failed.  All of it.    At least the USN navy admits they are at fault for cutting across a busy shipping lane and not plotting their course correctly.

 These ship autopilots are so good, they will easily scoot ahead of or around other ships that could be a threat. The autopilots still take some intelligence in programming them, although with AI that won't always be so. Ships may go on full-auto to control fuel costs.  Tankers and huge container ships typically are on full autopilot mode once they are out of port.

 This collision is an impossibility unless there was a sincerely high and incompetent bridge officer who kept countermanding everyone and saying 'we're' okay.  It's weird the Capt was never awakened. Typically, Captains give orders to be immediately called 24/7...especially if cutting across a busy shipping lane.  At some point, someone should have notified the Captain a collision was imminent when the tanker sounded its fog-warning horn.

 We'll never know, but I will bet North Korea or China was involved.

Here's the Navy's story at this point…