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USSA To The World
"Do Exactly As We Say, Not As We Do"

By Jim Kirwan

In Response

The world is choosing Legal Defiance over Illegal Submission

The sanity of the remaining parts of the world is on the line. Today is Election Day in Crimea, but it’s also Decision-Day in the rest of the world that will have pay for whatever happens after this. The decisions being made in Crimea today need to be heard and acted on, not just in Ukraine, but everywhere where the USSA and all the treacherous criminal forces have tried to skew the lives of billions of people are still active. The real problem is cloaked in the fact that there are no longer any recognized “legalities”, in this world, that has become a massive Rogue-State that recognizes no law that could restrain any of their barbarian-choices, in any way whatsoever.

Crimea will become the demarcation line between the rights of the people of the world to choose where and how they will live; over what armed-and-paid mercenaries demand from what they continue to see as their future slaves.

The USSA, speaking out of both sides of Secretary of State Cohen’s lying mouth, is demanding the implementation of a kind of Double-Speak that simply cannot withstand any honest examination by any unaffiliated observers.

The United Nations and NATO are complicit, as usual, in what is coming, just as they were complicit in the annihilation of Libya. However this time there are differences. Putin is definitely not Kaddafi and the sovereign state of Russia bears no resemblance to Libya.

If the USSA persists in these shabbily concocted lies, then the Russians will do what they have recently been doing so well: They will answer our threats of sanctions, with sanctions of their own… and more! At the end of that round, if sanctions are imposed, the USSA will lie bleeding in the financial-suicide we seem to be determined to embrace.

"While most Americans couldn’t locate Ukraine on a map, the Jew-lying press tells the Goyim how they must react to ‘boogie man’ Putin and his so-called ‘invasion’ of Crimea.

(99.9% of Americans never knew Crimea even existed until two weeks ago.)

In spite of Kerry’s latest threat: “Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine,” a backlash has already begun in America by US business groups opposing his twaddle.

Both PepsiCo and General Electric warned Kerry that sanctions would backfire by putting tens of billions of dollars of US investment and trade at risk of retaliation.

PepsiCo, the largest beverage company in Russia, said its earnings of $4.8 billion (in 2012) would be compromised — and General Electric’s joint venture with two Russian firms to manufacture gas turbines in Rybinsk would suffer.

Ford Motor’s partnership with the Sollers car company would come to a grinding halt and Boeing, a top exporter to Russia, would see its trade with Russia stopped.

There are two ways America gets hurt in a game like this. One is by sanctions, that puts our members out of business, the other is by Russian retaliation,” said William Reinsch, head of the National Foreign Trade Council.

Billions of US dollars are intertwined in Russia.

According to Ernst & Young, the auto industry alone is worth $75 billion a year with large investments from Ford and VW.

Problem is, Jews (they rule America) FEAR Putin so much they will trash American business interests if they can only ‘get back’ at Putin for defying their global agenda."

If the USSA is determined to use mercenary thugs to try to force Crimea and Ukraine to surrender to the criminal institutions of the West’s empirically fake-bankers: The IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements along with the CFR, and the whole criminally-mechanistic paper-construct that worked so well throughout the EU and elsewhere—thus far: Then with Russia and China and the BRIC nations coming together, the USSA will suffer the kinds of defeats which no one in living memory has ever seen happen before.

The other shoe which these events are meant to furnish cover for are Israel’s various and continuing wars in the Middle East. They’ve attacked Lebanon again, this time with tank shells. They have recently reopened their attacks on the Palestinians and of course they’re preparing the one attack that they cannot seem to resist: The coming Israeli attack upon Iran, which they are seeking to use Crimea to deflect global-opinion from watching for.

This reactive and dangerous situation in Crimea will be the most severe defeat of the USSA & Israel, if the USSA does what they say they will do. If the criminals proceed: Where they were expecting to succeed, what they will instead create are the conditions which will boomerang and flesh-out with clarity the plans of both Israel and the USSA, from the shadows and onto the global stage…

That will simply not happen this time

Because this time actual integrity is being used

Against global-outlaws for the first time

Since this war-torn world entered the New Millennium!


Crimea shall not become the next Gaza!

However, maybe with the wounds from this coming loss still fresh, the world might become bold enough to finally take on and take out Israel, from the Community of Nations which are long overdue!

Today’s the day of the vote in Crimea in Ukraine

But it’s also one of the very few opportunities for the world

To finally stand up to the USSA

And Israel

To end the imposed global-slavery in the lives of billions

World wide,

This needs to begin with the vote in Crimea

Coupled with the after-action

Around the whole-world today…



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