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Hypocrisy Incorporated

By Jim Kirwan


USI, otherwise known as the USSA, has just declared our true intentions, to the whole wide world, in the New York Times.


When did we ever allow the citizens of Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen or Pakistan to act on their own behalf when we attacked them? Have we allowed any of the 32 African nations that we're using drones against at the present time to resist us? What about Venezuela, or anywhere else that we have chosen to intervene against, in the name of defending the world from formerly sovereign nation states, that will not unconditionally-surrender outright to USI & Israel?

This is why the New York Times and the Washington Post ought to lose their right to publish - BECAUSE this proves that they’re nothing but false-leaders of

The Propaganda Ministry of the U.S.S.A.

NYT: “President Obama on Thursday authorized the Treasury Department to impose sanctions against “individuals and entities” who are responsible for Russia’s military takeover in Crimea or are responsible for “stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people.”

The financial measures, and a separate ban on U.S. visas, are part of the administration’s efforts to squeeze Russia into pulling back its troops in Crimea, the autonomous, pro-Russian region of Ukraine that does not recognize the country’s new, Western-backed leadership.”

K: In the four minute video in the article, the Emperor speaks often about our allies and friends. He needs to be clear. We no longer have any friends or allies in the world. All we have are accomplices in crime, thieves murderers and mercenaries. We no longer have an international reputation unless you consider being a rabid-raging dog in global-affairs “having a reputation”. Come to think of it Israel has exactly the same reputation. We cannot be depended upon to keep our word for more than the few minutes of the same day that it is announced, and as far as protecting the rights of any other nation goes: There are exactly zero-nations that have ever benefitted from having us “defend” them since we entered the New Millennium.

NYT: “Speaking from the White House on Thursday, President Obama called “unconstitutional” a planned referendum in the Crimea over whether people there want to remain part of Ukraine, and reiterated a series of steps Russian President Vladimir Putin could take to “de-escalate” the conflict in the region.

Standoff in Crimea: Russian troops and pro-Russian militants take up positions around the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine, surrounding government buildings and military installations.


The U.S actions came as European Union leaders gathered in Brussels to consider similar measures. “Our international unity is on display at this important moment,” Obama said in a statement at the White House.

But EU measures ultimately fell somewhat short of those imposed by the United States. In a communiqué, the Europeans said that they would “decide on additional measures, such as travel bans, asset freezes” and cancellation of an upcoming EU-Russia summit “in the absence” of Russian movement and results within the next few days.”

K: Apparently the global-criminal cabal has decided that it is free to punish Russia for defending Russians when they asked for assistance. What the Russians have done is nothing like what was done in Kiev against the entire country of Ukraine. No slaughters have taken place, and people are free to voice either their pleasure or their displeasure with the Russians—probably a first in quite awhile for any occupied country anywhere on earth.

NYT: “Obama also dismissed as “unconstitutional” a planned referendum in Crimea over whether people there want to remain part of Ukraine, saying that “any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine.”

K: Apparently Obama missed the fact that the “government of Ukraine” is not legitimate. The body in question arose because of the violent overthrow of the legally elected government that was deposed by a bloody coup.

NYT “In 2014,.” Obama said, “we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders.”

K: The bankers and the snipers that have taken over can in no way amount to a democratically elected government; ergo they are only leaders of an armed insurrection and nothing more.

NYT: “Secretary of State John F. Kerry met for the second time in two days with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. After the meeting, held in Rome, Lavrov said he considered the sanctions a “threat,” but that Kerry had assured him that lists of targets do not yet exist.

Senior administration officials acknowledged that they have not determined who would be subject to the asset freezes outlined in the order. Instead, an official said the prospect of sanctions “should be leading people in Russia and people in Crimea to be asking whether or not they’re going to see their names in the designation.””

K: Personalizing the illegal-application-of-penalties might stretch the credibility that doesn’t exist beyond the points, supposedly behind such actions. It’s apparent that this administration has forgotten that sanctions such as these are themselves an Act of War! But the world has had enough of war, especially those wars that we have been behind with the mercenary state of Israel.

NYT “The administration will impose costs for what the Russians “have already done in Crimea,” an official said, but the main purpose of the action appeared to be to pressure Russia to take actions it has thus far rejected--withdraw its troops back to designated bases in Crimea, allow international monitors into Crimea, and open talks with the new Ukrainian government.”

K: There’s more at the site, but it’s largely self-congratulatory and ignores everything about our own illegalities or how this situation came to become a global flash-point in the first place. It also includes military actions that are meant to scare the Russians into backing down… which from my viewpoint will just not happen. (1)

Here’s one of the points that of course neither Washington nor the EU will even discuss: “Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape” This will go viral, and both the EU & USI will eventually have a lot of explaining to do—which they will probably manage to confuse but they won’t be able to counter what the world is learning about this transparent-treachery, hour by hour…

1) Obama orders sanctions, says Crimean move to join Russia violates international law



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