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Us Or Them?


By Jim Kiwan


The Forced Partnership

A continuation from


HAARP Chemtrails ­ How They Are Changing You ­ Bioengineering 1 Hour 8min 46 sec

The opening forty-four minutes of this video clearly explains what Chemtrails are and how they are being applied to ‘us’ along with why they’ve been doing this to the planet for as long as this has been going on. The real reasons might surprise you: Because it’s all been part of active plans to clear the way for A.I. to alter the human race, in order to not just make us more susceptible to these newly developed changes, but to literally take-over from humanity in order to pave the path for global Artificial Intelligence. That’s explained beginning at forty-four minutes into the HAARP video above.

The Singularity” (beginning @ 44minutes 04seconds)

From DON

February 21st Time magazine had a story on the Singularity, the term signifying the merging of man with machine. The story was released on Valentine’s Day, February 14th to underscore a love affair: The management of humanity and technology. The article tells us that a transformation is coming and our species, Homo Sapien ­ will no longer be recognizable as itself.

We will be something new, something better. The time predicted for this transformation is 2045. The man who is making this prediction is Ray Kurzweil, a futurist known for his uncanny accuracy in just this area; the pace at which technology grows and improves, such as that it will one day be smarter and better than us. That’s the Singularity.

There’s a ‘Singularity University’ hosted by NASA (k - another enemy of all mankind) Sponsored by Google to teach people about the intelligence explosion.”

(k: Google never did explain their own offshore barges to which the public is not admitted ­ is that SECRET a part of this ‘love-affair?)

Ray Kurzweil has made fortunes over and over as an engineer and inventor. A documentary about him is called “The Transcendent Man”. He wrote the best-selling book, that you see here, “The Singularity is Here” which came out in 2005. Singularity is a word from astrophysics, referring to a point in space-time where the rules of ordinary physics no longer apply. Kurzweil has correctly predicted the growth of information-technology. He has made it clear to the world that technological progress is exponential, not linear, which means that ‘advancement’ begins to advance itself in a manner of speaking. Exponential curves starts slowly and then explode.

A quote from the Time Magazine article in Kurzweils’ future, biotechnology and nanotechnology give us the power to manipulate our bodies and the world around us ­ at will ­ at the molecular level. We ditch Darwin (k: who was always wrong) and take charge of our own evolution.

The question is ‘who is ‘we’ and what is ‘at will’’?

Whose will? Kurzweil predicts that by 2020 we will have successfully reverse-engineered the human brain.”

K: Given some of what is clearly explained, regarding Morgellons and other invasive changes, in the opening 44minuetes of the video) we might not all agree with the changes being advanced by Ray Kurzweil

And when artificial intelligent and hyper intelligence arrives, all we have to do is hand ourselves off to it. Armed with advance nanotechnology A.I. will solve the problems of the world. ‘Strong A.I.’ they use this term, is the super-powerful broad spectrum intelligence that operates as easily and comfortably as a human being. It isn’t just a chess-playing computer. It’s a machine intelligence that can pass for human in a blind test: Which is as close as you can get to consciousness or sentience.

Now once this kind of intelligence is here what will it do as a newly created inhabitant of the earth? Would it compete with us for resources? More intelligent than we are would it treat us as ‘lesser-beings’? Would it realize that ‘we made it’? Or would it overrun us? Kurzweil is one of the world’s leading transhumanists; number thirty on Time’s most influential list. Transhumanists’ believe that we ourselves should merge with machines.

Imagine a time when we can download our brains into a computer and upload a computer into our brains.”

Kurzweil: “The three great overlapping evolutions which sometimes go by the letters GNR: And ‘G’ that goes for Genetics, another word for it is Biotechnology is mastering the information processes in our biology. And we will actually be able to reprogram biology away from disease and from aging. ‘N’ stands for nanotechnology. For the next twenty-five years we will have blood-cell type devices to go inside your body and keep you healthy from inside, They will go in your brain and interact with your biological neurons and allow us to merge with non-violent intelligence. The third one goes by the letter ‘R’ which stands for Robotics ­ Robots.

Really though it stands for Artificial Intelligence and that’s the most significant revolution of all.

In about twenty years, I’ve set the date about 2029, a machine, an A.I. will be able to match human intelligence and go beyond it: Artificial Intelligence which will give not just more human intelligence but which will actually give us ‘superhuman intelligence’ that will allow us to solve problems which we’re not able to solve today…”

… “Biology is very impressive, intricate, clever, but also very self-optimal compared to what we will ultimately be able to engineer from the earth, for better technology.”

K: Bear in mind that’s the damaged and artificial earth that we’re creating now along with the skies and the water of the planet.

We are building devices now that are at the nanoscale. This is a design for a robotic red-blood cell (being shown in the video at this 50 minute mark). Conservative analysis of these resper sites; for those of you who would replace a portion of the red blood cells with robotic versions: You could do an Olympic sprint in fifteen minutes without talking a breath or sit at the bottom of your pool for four hours. You will be able to download software against specific pathogens, particularly ones that we’ve never seen before that would not be subject to autoimmune disorders. And if you look at what will in principle be feasible with nanotechnology ­ you can go far beyond the limitations from our version-one bodies.” (End of insert)

The robotic blood cells will supposedly improve us and keep us healthy, as he says. But if what if that’s just the gloss, to sell on such bodily intrusions? Just as we’re being sold on the idea of a smart environment, a technomatrix that will vibrate with not just intelligence but ‘connection’?

What indeed is the worldwide web? We may think it’s the internet: But it will be the humming network of everything connected to a ubiquitous intelligence, an intelligence that is everywhere. Artificial Intelligence will connect the world. Homo Sapien will be transformed to Homo Evolutus. Biological process will be run by technology. Living things will not be productive”

(k ­ much as the man-made forests that do not produce now described at the beginning)

The earth will be populated with engineered species and all processes will be patented, licensed and controlled.

You could consider nanotechnology the installation of Artificial Intelligence in living and non-living things. Smart dust and smart modes for instance are tiny nanocensors that can float and land anywhere. As Kurzweil declares: Self-replicating nanotechnology

Will infuse everything around us with itself” …

We are becoming walking talking laboratories for serious profits, in an artificial society of incessant control. We are about to become part of a Forced-Partnership that is making its bid to formally control everything in the hypothetical future that need-not-happen, if we take back control over what has been called humanity. If we fail to kill this artificial-disease before it completes its’ mission, then we run the further risk of becoming part of the real life ‘Invasion of the Body-Snatchers’ as they butt up against the concept in “Sleeping with the Enemy”

The choices herein are still up to us to deal with and preferably to kill before this birth of a global-Evil Seed is allowed to come into this world that must be preserved, without this series of technological changes that will clearly end the human race… .




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