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The US & Israel Are Accountable, Too

By Karl W B Schwarz

As the Western media always attempts to do, Russia and China are always the Bad Guys when they block a US agenda, but that is not necessarily the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

The recent Russia and China veto at the UN Security Council of the UN draft resolution to refer Syria and its leadership to the ICC [International Criminal Court] was for cause.

We have yet again the real war criminals pointing the finger and casting the attention away from their own conduct.

Both Russia and China are fed up with this USA policy that the entire world is under the ICC, yet the USA has never submitted to that court nor has Israel.  It is merely convenient, not cute, to point the finger of blame at the rest of the world from DC yet refuse to be held accountable for its egregious conduct on matters that do rise to the level of why the ICC even exists.  

It has reached the point of absurd for the USA to preach on human rights, aggression, war crimes, etc. when the rest of the world knows they are the world’s worst offender of human rights.

Israel has failed to comply with numerous UN resolutions and that is by any definition ‘scofflaw’ from a nation that pretends to be all about the rule of law.  That the USA has both backed and turned a blind eye to such arrogance from Israel accurately defines the USA as a scofflaw, too.

To be exact, the UN has condemned the actions of Israel 77 times and not one of those resolutions has been obeyed.  The Palestinians have only had 1 UN resolution against them condemning their conduct.

Do the math and figure out who is really the aggressor.

That is even more apparent when it is added that the USA thinks it alone can fabricate Unjust Wars of imperialist aggression based on lies, falsified intelligence and media manipulation, inflict genocide on made up enemies, yet tries to maintain their position that they are also immune from the International Criminal Court.  

It is no secret outside of the media controlled USA that the Syria crisis has been manipulated from the outside by the US, Israel and even some of the EU and Middle East nations.  They want the Syria leadership out of the way so a pipeline from Iraq to EU could be installed to lessen EU dependence on Russian energy supplies.

The US and some other mynah birds started resisting even putting that pipeline through its intended route after Iraq and Iran signed an agreement that would have included Iranian oil coming across Iraq, Syria and into EU.  That was not ‘consistent’ with the desires policies towards Iran.  

Israel has also refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Chemical & Biological Weapons Convention.  On the other hand Iran, which according to other press releases is to receive 8 more nuclear reactors from Russia, is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the CBW Convention.

Iran complies with international law and treaties and Israel and USA do not.

Lest Americans are not paying attention, the only nations or military entities that have attacked any nation in the 21st Century are the USA, UK, Israel and NATO.  Even the alleged Bad Guys Russia, China and Iran have not attacked anyone.
Much of this world would love to see the USA and Israel handed over to the ICC to face the music for their misdeeds.  It is not productive for peace or prosperity when war criminals and scofflaws just keep on with the warmongering and other egregious actions.  

The USA passed the Magintsky Act in December 2013 and there are now efforts to install that law in the EU.  This was supposedly to punish Russia and its citizens regarding travel bans and other rights like putting children in private school, university, owning property, etc. in the EU or USA.  This is supposedly to punish violations of human rights.

For what has been done to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and most recently Ukraine, maybe the rest of the world should apply the Magintsky Act in reverse to USA, EU, Israel and their band of mynah bird war criminals and thugs who have no regard for democracy, the rule of law, or human rights.

In closing, there is a lot of media attention being given to how weak the US dollar is and its reign as the petrodollar and world’s reserve currency is coming to an end.

The recently announced $400 billion energy deal between Russia and China has a stipulation that China will pay in US dollars.  That is yet more evidence that China meant what it said earlier this year that it is not in its best interest to hold so much in USD or US Treasury bonds.  That is especially true when the fiscal and political irresponsibility of Washington DC continues to erode the real value of the USD.

The exit from the USD by China just accelerated with this recent $400 billion energy deal and the dollars will move out of China’s treasury into Russia’s and then be converted to other currencies like Euro or Swiss Francs before the dollar collapse is in full swing.  The US and Israel get absolutely spastic and apoplectic when so much money is not lining the right pockets in their nations.

The citizens of the USA need to start grasping economics and the fact that there are repercussions for wrong conduct by the USA.  The petrodollar collapse will cause serious harm to the United States, its economy and the quest to be a global Neocon Fascist Empire.  When that occurs, and it will, any pretense of Washington DC being in charge of anything but its own bankruptcy will be apparent for the entire world to see.

It will be a historical example of what not to do as a nation that pretends to be the definition of democracy, freedom and liberty.  

If you think the USA quality of life is leaving something to be desired right now, you may soon see that all implode into an economic nightmare that the USA will not recover from for generations… or never.

My sources say a complete currency collapse of the USD is possible as early as 2016.


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