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Using Shadows To End The DEBT


By Jim Kirwan


And Free the World Beginning Soon?


Has had one foot on the Fake Chessboard and one in the real world since this all began, yet the public remains totally unaware of even the presence of these shadow-creatures.

It’s time we used the Shadow World to “out” the criminals and end their world entirely!

MAX Keiser: Buckminster Fuller Said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Kirwan: ‘Could QE for the People be such a model’, using all the Shadow governments and applications over all of us ­ worldwide’?

Keiser Report: “Money, Banks and Debt are finally to be included in the global models for finance, and the results are staggeringly not being discussed. The world has had QE for the Banksters and QE for governments essentially for quite awhile now ­ they’ve financing their debt, financing their debt and transferring their private debts off the banks to the public. The QE that we have that’s modeled here In the UK, that’s 75 billion pounds that’s printed in QE. This has resulted in the top five percent seeing an increase in their wealth of 128 thousand pounds. This has not resulted however in increased productivity, in increased investment or an increase in wages…”

K: Because all of that is being done by the Shadow Banking system.

Max: …If (QE for the people) were to take place, the problem is that the banks who took the money would have gone bankrupt. And so the banks argue to the government that ‘if we go bankrupt without this money’ so then we’re going to take the entire economy down with us: And they essentially threatened the government in a lot of ways ­ is that really true and…”

STEVE: ‘The banks do several things. It allows us to make transactions, keeping the (false) economy functioning ­ it also injects new (fake) money into the economy and what it should be doing is injecting that ‘new’ money into ways that finance innovation…

MAX: “…the banks don’t make loans and they don’t take deposits so what are these banks doing?”

Keiser Report: http://rt.com/shows/keiser-report/247345-episode-741-max-keiser/

K: This has increasingly become the state of affairs in Germany and elsewhere wherever the SHADOW GOVERNMENTS of the world have totally taken over from the public and the people. It sounds like it’s time for a massive run on the banks in the EU in order to vote by withdrawing you money from those banks. Since referendums have been outlawed by the one-world criminals in the Khazarian Supremacy the only avenue left open to ordinary people is to take back their money and smash those shadow-banks, which will force them into bankruptcy; but ironically that would also free the European world from the blatant slavery that they, and many other nations, have been living in since NATO was born, 66 years ago today!

They told us what to do about them ­ so let’s BANKRUPT THEM ALL and the sooner the better ­ before they finish murdering the rest of the planet!

BTW it’s not just the shadow banks that are the problem it’s the SHADOW EVERYTHING THAT’S BEEN RUNNING THIS SHADOW WORLD for what feels like forever. It’s the SHADOW-MILITARY, The SHADOW WARMACHINE, THE SHADOW SOCIETY, THE SHADOW-GOVERNMETS THE WORLD OVER and virtually everything else that’s been kidnapped and held hostage by the same creatures that did everything else to us since 1948, which brought so much hell down upon the global world.

Many of us have been talking about this subtlety since at least the 1970’s but too few took notice of any real changes, either then or now… This is part 3 “Shadows” http://www.kirwanesque.net/kirwan-art/dreams-pieces/

Everything they’ve stolen and perverted originally belonged to us, until we let them use the existing fake-institutions to steal our money, as well as our lives, but then to claim that all that impossible debt is now ours to pay back, which is just total insanity.

If we turn this around and feed them their DEBT while establishing new connections for the remaining world with the alternatives that have begun to take shape with China and Russia: Not only would be we taking advantage of alternative choices for the future, but at the same time we could blind the SHADOW WORLD with our own forms-of-change, and end this fake CROSSOVER they’ve been practicing since 1948. If the people of the world applied these changes correctly: We could both break this hammerlock and at the same time kick-start our own dying economies from everywhere that the Khazarian’s have had their stranglehold upon this planet so firmly in-place?

It’s time for the world to begin to take action on their own, because it’s clear that the SHADOW GOVERNMENTS’ around this planet will never do anything to change any of this nightmare for the better.

A Thought Form


Because it’s crystal clear now that billions of us

Have absolutely NOTHING Left to LOSE!



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