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Feeding On The Dead & Dying

By Jim Kirwan

As the world moves closer to open war over the Oligarch’s theft of Ukraine, this entire deal with the Devil (above) is inching closer and closer to catastrophic collapse.

In the war news today USI has announced more sanctions against the leaders of the rebellion inside Ukraine.

Meanwhile Russia is offering food, shelter and relief, from the combat, to the tens of thousands of war refugees from Ukraine, that were targeted inside that country. The treatment of the war and its casualties could not be more different, than today’s results so clearly show. Russia’s trying to help the victims, while calling for an immediate cessation of all hostilities: While Kiev, claiming to have declared a cease-fire still wants to murder anyone who does not surrender to the Oligarchs. Overnight some Russian border crossing were shelled, in direct violation of international law, by officially ‘unknown’ military forces.

Despite all of this USI, NATO, Israel & the UN are still blaming Russia for the fighting inside Ukraine. The current state of Ukraine is only a few months old and it came to be in its present situation by having violently overthrown the democratically elected government. And in addition after another fake election, that put the current Oligarch into a position of leadership: Porky seems to think that he has now become a god, especially as he is behaving in his dealings with Russia.

But the Oligarch seems to fail to notice that his adopted country cannot even pay its gas bills, yet he insists that Ukraine is a nation state that can deal with Russia as an equal ­ really? Ukraine does not qualify to be part of the EU, yet the Oligarch’s accepted the criminal imposition of austerity measures and severe cost increases, at a time when Ukraine cannot even pay its most basic services bills.

For its part in this globally constructed “war” USI has been pushing a number of its surrogates in the region into “playing at waging war”. That concept was given a shape by activating a half dozen countries bordering on Russia, to participate in hostile war games, during this fraught confrontation between Ukraine & Russia. NATO & the UN as well as USI are trying to show their anemic muscle which compared to Russia’s unequivocal military might, are at this moment nearly totally ridiculous.

To underline just how inane the current collection of so-called forces are, since among other things, they have not fought battles together and some of these so-called states haven’t fought with anyone since the end of WWII. Yet with their fascist big-brother calling the shots they are supposedly going to scare Russia into backing down or surrendering just because of their international-pedigree which has more holes in it now, than a ten mile block of Swiss cheese.

Meanwhile Russia just raised the anti in this war-game charade. Russia’s gone to phase two which will see the movement of all targets inside Russia, for their weapons, bases and troops which the West’s hostile war games began with: At least knowing, at the start, where Russia’s forces were stationed. That’s all changed now, and will probably continue to change as tensions mount. And those rumored Russian Tanks are finally on the move, light tanks, heavy tanks, and medium tanks along with tens of thousands of troops and armor, mortars and heavy firepower, visible for all the world to see.

This video shows the world what is meant by Russian tanks and Russian determination, as this operation is being overseen by Putin and his commanding general. While in Kiev it is doubtful that the Oligarchs even know which end of a weapon is used if it needs to be fired…

But the real gamble comes in what USI is betting on to solve their massive political and financial destabilization which is what this re-run of the War on Kosovo now represents. Apparently USI is willing to bet against Russia monetarily. Hoping against hope that the dead-broke USI can somehow reverse the poles of this ill-advised war that is not a war and in the end come out by smashing Russia’s current lead in all the areas of national and international success that matter. It’s a long read but well worth it:


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