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The Useless UN & Toothless NATO


By Jim Kirwan


Russia countering the Trojan Horse that's existed since the UN's creation

Supposedly, the UN & NATO were created to step in and control Acts of War wherever they occur on the planet. What Turkey just did was to flaunt their aggressive actions to protect their own Black Markets, their illegal conquests of arms, oil, and the rights of all people in the region to live in a world where outlaws must face sanctions and prosecution for every Act of War that has now become epidemic: Because the world is now a law-less place where the only thing that matters anymore is illegal military action that must not be challenged for whatever any rogue state chooses to do.

The UN & NATO should be dissolved, given the fact that since the shootdown of the Russian Bomber, there has only been a huge and deathly silence, coming from both NATO and the UN. This has been the case, throughout the existence of the faux UN and the toothless global-bully that NATO has continued to be 'represented' as.

This problem is global and immediate because of the total failures of these supposedly global institutions have only advanced the agenda's of the rogue states operating in the currently global situation. If the world continues to fail to demand action from these 'faux institutions” then the world should at least be honest enough to admit the obvious and dissolve these pretender-organizations. Let the people of the world deal with these outlaw leaders, with direct confrontations, as they should have done in each and every situation that they were created to prevent in the first place.

The planet has enough problems with 'pretending to deal with everything' they continue to ignore—worldwide: Without adding to the global nightmare of an army of lawless states and rogue mercenaries that has taken over the real control of the planet. from the people of the world: Which NATO & the UN were supposedly created to protect against.

This is not easy: But this must be done

Now more than ever-before:

Because the only alternative remaining, given the current surrenders,

is the impending World War that cannot profit anyone

in the coming end of time itself.

At the end of World War II the world tried to create a series of international laws, to prevent everything that's happened since 1945. Simultaneously the so-called powers that are in reality self-appointed, have considered themselves to be above all the laws, both national and international. The proof of this is being acted out in the skies over Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and many other nations that have each been targeted by the delusional-West, as the self-anointed desperately try to end any and all human rights on the planet, so that those inalienable rights can be taken over by their own forms of Artificial Intelligence, that have already replaced their workers and their jobs throughout Japan...

Japan is today a nuclear contaminated state that's living in total denial

of their inability to survive in what was and is being done to Japan now

by Fukushima in all its' unnatural aftermath.

The chaos that's being prepared, to end viable life in Europe, is well on the way to becoming an irreversible series of changes in the way people treat each other now; that so many nations have been challenged to surrender themselves and their nation-states to the faceless invasions as shown above by Hieronymus Bosh, back in the fifteenth century.

Unless the world chooses freedom and integrity, backed up by nation-states that will fight to protect their people their nations and their way of life, for the future generations that their states were supposedly created to become the places that could be inherited by the children of us all, in the world of today.

If the Islamic-radicals succeed in taking over Europe, and the USA, that will make the nightmare above appear as almost 'healthy': If and when this world is returned to the sixth century obscenities: Obscenities that must be confronted and exterminated, if there is to be a world that anyone can actually live in today.

In the hourglass above there's an Astrolabe, in the bottom of that hourglass. That is and was a pocket size map of the stars, by which the peoples of the ancient world were able to navigate the uncharted world in which they lived. Science has still not been able to answer where those star-maps actually came from, that enabled ancient people to explore this planet and to chart new worlds for what could have been seen as a primitive but vitally interested civilization.

The Sixth-Century did not bring anything but more brutality

into their ancient time: Which is why it died a well earned death.

Clearly there is no place now for any kind of return to that failed society.

Clearly that kind of an innovation from the sixth century did not survive in a world where people were routinely slaughtered for a savage religion, in a world so primitive that it could not tolerate anything that did not worship with primitive savagery, as dictated by the radical-extremist views of today by those who want to take the planet of 2015 back to the time before recorded history: By putting an end to history and knowledge through blood-cults, the slavery of all women and the banishment of any other form of worship or anything that might deny their twisted points-of-view.

This world can only be 'our world'

If we each take responsibility for our part in rebuilding it and protecting it

from the global-mercenaries

that we've allowed to steal the life from us all.

Have a great weekend

Whether you think about this as the 'Ritual Thanksgiving' that replaced

the slaughter of the native people we took this country from,

or with a celebration of the bounty of the earth:

Either way, this might be the last time many of us will be able to celebrate

anything like 'prosperity' in this place that begins to look more and more

like the world of Hieronymus Bosh every hour of every day.


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