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The Useless Secret Service

By Jim Kirwan

A major ERROR in the SYSTEM

There’s been a massive Secret Service Failure to detect or protect the White House which is their primary job. In this painfully stupid interview by another timid congressional investigation—to even come close to saying anything at all about what has just happened.

Setting aside for the moment the fact that the White House is supposed to be protected around the clock, day or night, from attacks upon either the building or the occupants—everyone who has a home knows that to protect your home it is prudent to have motion censor lighting to insure that intruders in the dark can be illuminated immediately once shots are fired. This is not something that is not already known or readily available.

No one asks about this massive hole in what is laughingly called “national-security”. If anyone had been “caught” with a car filled with both heavy weapons and ammunition for a variety of weapons in their car at the time: That person would have been shot on the spot—no questions asked. Why did that not happen in this case?

How is it that this medically deficient “damaged” ex-military homeless man, with a record of being more than just interested in the White House - was allowed to fire so many shots into the White House and then he has still not even been arrested?

This intruder had multiple shotguns, an AR-14, a 357 pistol a telescopic equipped sniper rifle, and several other weapons with copious ammunition for them in his car. Yet he was released, with his weapons to go his own way?

Listen to this obviously overweight woman while she tries to defend the indefensible which has still not been fully disclosed to the public. Once the broken windows and spent bullets had finally been discovered, by a cleaning woman: There should have been immediate firings across the Secret Service, but to date nothing has been done!

Here we are many days after the event still trying to figure out why the Secret Service remained unaware of several shots having been fired (because this happened at night) when entire cities now have the capacity to triangulate any gunshot fired, instantly, in cities all over the USA?

At the very least when shots were fired at the White House the entire facade should have been instantly illuminated by flood lights from the entire exterior of the building to determine what exactly was happening while it was taking place? This is a total sham that shows massive incompetence that any real person would never have allowed to happen “on their watch” ­ but which the Secret Service has still not reacted to.

Apparently any real information will be “dealt with in an “executive session” which is another total failure of the public’s right to know what happened and who screwed up—before those responsible for this are summarily fired and then tried for their “failure to protect”.

Personally I want Obama arrested, tried and hung for his crimes: But in the meantime the public is paying a small fortune to keep him and his “family” alive. Listening to this clearly incompetent “servant” that I cannot see as a “Secret Service Agent of any kind much less as the director of said “agency” as she can barely move her arms and her brain seems clearly incapable of responding to the questions she is supposedly appearing before congress to answer forthrightly: This obviously unqualified creature is just another LBGT retard that needs to be publicly fired!

Where exactly is the outrage that is not present in “the director” of this failed agency—or from the failed puppet who claims to be the president? The uniformed mercenaries throughout this place have murdered hundreds of Americans for next to nothing and have been doing that for the last ten years. Over 500 Americans have been murdered with tasers and yet when an armed and damaged individual fires a half-dozen times into the White House and that does not merit even taking any action whatsoever; then why does anyone still believe we have a real country here.

On top of everything the Secret Service began this failed chapter of their history by denying that any shots were even fired. They took four days to finally tell the public, but they have still not taken any responsibility for their massive failures to do anything which this situation would seemingly demand to have consequences for…

Would anyone out there actually “trust” either this creature or her agency with their life?

She does not sound like a human being

She sounds like a robot.

The occupant of that “residence” is not the president of this place: But he’s living in the residence of “The People’s House” which can apparently be attacked at will by any nut job with a rifle and no one will do anything about any of this. Listen to this national embarrassment and decide for yourself what comes next!

This incident was clearly planned from the get-go. Everyone from the congress to the “president” was in on this disgusting sham. Where for instance was the outrage from all the gun-grab freaks that planned and executed Sandy-Hook? Why was this farce not given front page news on the NY Times or the Washington Post?

The answer is because we’re just supposed to buy whatever the Tarnished House decides to tell us about anything at all. This government is a massive fraud that cannot handle anything, not even apparently when whatever was planned for does not materialize. They made this stuff up as they went along because they are counting on the public not to react at all.

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