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The United States Government Is The Aggressor

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

With the election of Petro Poroshenko as the new President of Ukraine on May 25, 2014, the world will be watching a different sort of political battle when the US and EU factions try to force NATO to the border of Russia. The Russia government and even large parts of Ukraine want peace and prosperity without this meddling from the outside. They do not want NATO in their nation, or need that military presence on their turf. They do not want to be the next low-wage labor pool for the EU.

They are sick and tired of being treated as pawns in the idiotic Grand Chessboard game the USA dreamed up and is failing on all fronts to carry it out.

Most Americans see the situation more clearly than foreign nations. Washington DC talks a lot, delivers little to nothing.

Part of what is not being reported in this fiasco is the door to opportunity has been open since the 1991 fall of the USSR for the US and EU to join hands with both Russia and Ukraine to build a great future in Ukraine. That has been denied by the West in many ways because of their insistence that Ukraine was a chessboard piece where NATO has to be.

It does not have to be except in the minds of Ivory Tower morons that need to be forcefully pushed out of the political process in DC, London and Brussels.

When a militaristic cabal is at work it pays to pay attention to minute details. Case in point being an advertisement for the Brzezinski drivel book ‘The Grand Chessboard’. It just happens to have as its background a map of Ukraine and its various states.

Of course, the entire world now knows that Crimea and those states of Donetsk and Lugansk in the far eastern part of the nation no longer desire to be part of Ukraine. More squares on their Grand Chessboard that have opted out [self-determination] and are now out of reach. The area of Kharkov is soon to have a succession vote and will probably vote to be independent of Kiev, too. That has already been in the news. About 35% of the people in these eastern states are Russians and hold Russian passports. Many of them do more to drive the economy in the right direction than Kiev has done to date.

What has not been reported on much is the other states where Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson are watching to see what happens after the May 25th elections. If they see more of the same from Kiev odds are very high they will vote to opt out of the US ­ EU ­ NATO game plan, too.

One thing I can say in favor of Mr. Poroshenko is he got the only new industrial plant done in the entire state of Odessa Oblast in the last 15 years. It is a hydrogenation plant in Ilyichevsk that makes the oils used in his Chocolate King business.

There is still a problem that needs a solution and it is not Kiev, it is not Moscow. The problem is the business plan and Neocon agenda of the United States of America.

When Georgia attacked the state of South Ossetia in August 2008, one of three states that voted to remain with Russia, Time Magazine ran a hurry-up piece as an interview of Old Zbig. As is his nature, he was using all sorts of high-minded words and circular logic in his attempt to give Bush and Rice more ammo to blame that USA Fascist Zionist Neocon fiasco as being Russian Aggression.

I was the American in Europe that wrote precisely what happened and that it was Georgia and US mercenaries, with US, Israel and EU blessings, that instigated that lunatic plan and then they all tried to blame it on Russia. Sound familiar to their strategy circa 2014? If not, it is identical regarding Ukraine and they are even trying to stir up the same nonsense regarding Venezuela.

That is one of the common traits of these mynah birds and parrots. They don’t know many words and keep repeating the same worn out, untrue phrases over and over again to the point of ad nausea.

Old Zbig has mouthed off the ‘geostrategic imperative’ slang so many times they should put it on his tombstone to commemorate that death is a geostrategic imperative and often a harbinger of good riddance.

It did not take me long while my office was in DC for 7 years to figure out that they have somewhat of a competition in the Lunaticville as to who can craft the best weasel-words and phrases to use as the camouflage for their really stupid agenda and policies. They hand out Presidential Medals and appointments to the Weasels that can come up with the best Weasel-Words or Weasel Phrases.

If you missed the article on Rense when I issued a rebuttal to Old Zbig, this is the link if you wish to read it. I just say it like it is; no weasel words needed to banter words with morons and idiot plans.

Old Zbig is of course another one of these Fascist Zionist Neocons that need to be forcefully pushed out of the US political and policy formation process. He was even stating in the August 2008 TIME article that Ukraine would be the next flashpoint. He is not clairvoyant; this is an agenda a long time in the making by these map challenged lunatics in Washington DC.

Old Zbig, the Far Right hardliner war hawks and the Zionist Israelis and other like-minded Zionist Jews around the world would love to have Ukraine in EU as the next low-wage labor pool victim and NATO pushed right to the underbelly of Russia. That is not what the Ukrainians want.

They have been after this hate-Russia and hem in Russia agenda since the USSR collapsed in September 1991.

When serving as National Security Advisor in the Carter Administration and the stand-off with the USSR was still in progress, Old Zbig and Jimmy Peanuts Carter concocted Al Qaeda as a cute way to play shits and giggles with the USSR. The objective was to try to alienate the Islamic regions away from the central USSR government in Moscow and into the US version of The Grand Chessboard.

The US government is hoping the US citizens do not make the mental connection yet that it lost two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a proxy war in Georgia in 2008, and have racked up over $12 trillion in new debt chasing their Fascist Neocon Empire dreams of global domination.

Frankly, they are hoping America re-elects the House and the Senate in 2014 so they can keep the lid on until we are through the 2016 President election and dump it all on the new President Puppet’s desk. They have rocked the boat in DC and made sure there are so many gaping torpedo holes in it, they are probably afraid that even the slightest rocking of the boat from another direction would cause it to sink.

Be watching for two things in this post-election period in Ukraine. The Soros / US / EU factions still want to lessen dependence on Russia energy supplies. The Soros sponsored White Stream 1 pipeline from Georgia to EU through Ukraine will probably be back in the news. If they try to privatize the Russia owned pipelines across Ukraine as part of their IMF debt repayment scheme there will be major repercussions.

Secondly, the West factions behind this will still push on getting NATO parked all the way to the border of Russia. They will quickly find out that the more they push that agenda the more Ukraine will pull apart and stay aligned with Russia.

Caspian Basin Chess Game is Over, US lost

Much of the oil and natural gas they were after in the Caspian Basin (also defined as an objective in ‘The Grand Chessboard’) has been signed under binding contracts with Russia, China, India and many other nations. That same trend has happened in Iraq when nations like China, Russia, South Korea and others have been allowed in and the number of US and UK energy giants not getting near what they thought they deserved under the bogus Global War on Terror.

Ink is what makes for business contracts, not blood and aggression.

Amazes me at times why the US and UK just cannot quite grasp why the Afghans and Iraqis still do not like them. Murderers, liars and robbers deserve no admiration.

Iran-Iraq-Syria-EU Pipeline

They would love to run a pipeline from Iraq to EU through Syria, but they deemed it had to first be beaten and bombed into democracy to suit these Fascist Zionist Neocons. Again they have learned the hard way that regime change based solely on lies and a desired agenda is not an easy sell anywhere except in the USA.

The Russian oil company LUKOil was awarded contracts in Iraq that some western oil companies wanted.

They could not let Iran into the deal since the US and Israel still have not gotten their way regarding all the oil and natural gas that nation has.

Venezuela ­ Russia Teamed Up

The US is now threatening sanctions against Venezuela. That is because the Russian oil company LUKOil was there involved in the Orinoco Basin. They wanted to sell their joint venture stake and of course many major oil companies went rushing after that.

Just as things were getting dicey in Ukraine, an announcement came out that the Russia based LUKOil stake in Venezuela will be acquired by the Russian state-owned Rosneft. Rosneft already had a large stake in the Venezuela consortium and now even larger. Apparently that angered these Fascist Zionist Neocons that now the Russian government owned oil giant is parked in Venezuela with a bigger stake and probably permanently.

Probably permanently… since Syria and Venezuela have both opened their ports to the Russian navy and are apparently welcome there. It is not that Syria and Venezuela are overtly anti-American. What they are against are these hardline racist, fascist policies these Fascist Zionist Neocon nitwits think is leadership. Most people see brazen greed and brazen aggression for exactly what they are.

Did not take long for the CIA and these Fascist Zionist Neocons to stir up trouble in Venezuela and now Kerry and Obama are threatening sanctions on them, too.

Africa is Next

There are tons of facts in the book I wrote titled “One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas”. Also included was an advance intel section warning Americans that Slick Dick Cheney was already setting his sights on Africa. That was the same time the Bush Administration was stuck in the predicaments they created by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq based on lies and then figuring out the hard way that the Afghans and Iraqis do know how to deal with trespassers, burglars and natural resource robbers.

My book came out in 2004 so that intel is over 10 years old now and still these imbeciles are proving Einstein right as to how to define insanity. That operative definition is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

They are not hyperventilating as loudly about Africa yet, but they are already making plans to play out The Grand Chessboard strategy in Africa, too. None of us need hold our breath in anticipation that they will be any more successful in Africa than their failures have been in Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia, and now Ukraine.

There is no real victory yet in Libya other than AFRICOM command of the US military for Africa has put a footprint down there as their base of operations for Africa. Of course, this is not on the North Atlantic; it is on the Mediterranean but seems NATO no longer knows where the Atlantic is. They have a presence in Libya, too and probably busily packing to move into Ukraine and the Black Sea area, too.

They sort of tipped their hand on that one since the newest US military base was recently announced. It is in Romania.

Since Libya and regime change per US / NATO / EU desires, there has been a marked increase in chaos and instability in the northern part of Africa. The MSM reports blame it on Islamic fundamentalism and extremists but that is only in part true. CIA has been operating as an Islamic fundamentalist black op for years, all the way back to 1980-1988 in the Afghan Russian war and that pipeline no one in Washington DC wants to admit was the only reason for attacking that nation in 2001.

Also agitating this is spying and interference from the NSA, CIA, US military, US mercenaries, and even US multinational corporations that seem to think they have the right to wage private wars in violation of international law and mountains of treaties.

One has to consider the ironic absurdity of this: bribing foreign nations is illegal under US law, but apparently DC turns a blind eye if the US based multinational has the balls to wage its own covert war in violation of international law. Since the USA is a total scofflaw towards the ICC at The Hague on being held accountable regardless of how egregious the conduct, makes sense to me.

The map below shows where China has or has offered to make huge investments in return for natural resources. Russia does the same thing, cash and incentives rather than smart bombs, tanks and bullets whizzing all over the place.

Russia and China have not been doing the Death Spiral financing grave dance the USA attempts anytime they can find a sucker to sign the bottom line and then they start manipulating markets to take over the assets through deceit and coming in the back door like burglars.

If you have never read my book or the one by John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” you would be a wiser American to take off the blinders and rose colored glasses and see what DC really is. Bandits is a kind word and civility in public does not permit me to say what they really are.

Save Image for Full Size

It is a long way from Beijing to Africa but as the map shows China is firmly planted in that continent. Compare that map and what China has accomplished in 4 years to the endless failures of DC over the past 14 years.

Unlike the White Cracker colonization that Europe did to Africa for centuries, and then the White Cracker arrogance of DC and greed of the US multinationals, China does it the old fashioned way of invest, build it, profit from it. They build equity the old fashioned way… they earn it.

Both China and Russia have done such a masterful job of kicking these Fascist Zionist Neocon’s asses with pens and contracts, not even one bomb or bullet needed, that conservative Think Tanks in DC are breaking out in handwringing cold sweats and urging DC that they have to get competitive to compete with China.

Wow, and to think they pay these people hundreds of thousands per year to wring their hands and come up with such conclusions that a 6th grader could probably draft a better plan of action.

If you have the time, this interactive map shows that China has been on a roll thanks to their trade surpluses and making intelligent strategic investments that are not abusive of the host nations.

I do recommend you look at the interactive China global investment map so you will better appreciate this comment. Those red circles that reveal what China has done in those nations is the equivalent of massive holes blown through The Grand Chessboard these idiots in DC thought they would have no competition on being, as they say in punch-drunk delusion ‘the world’s only Superpower’. Right now these idiot War Planner Fascist Zionist Neocons are groping around trying to find the chess pieces because China and Russia have blown them off the board after the game was at CHECKMATE!

Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon

Most people have heard about the Boko Haram matter in Nigeria and supposedly over 200 school girls being kidnapped. The girls are supposedly in Chad and the US has sent US troops there to find and rescue the girls.

What the US is not admitting to is how concerned they are that Chad is heavily involved with China or that Cameroon is becoming a hotly contested battle over oil, too. Most of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline is on Cameroon territory.

Nigeria, where all the school girls are from is also having major internal problems due to chaos being stirred up from the outside by Western factions.

So we have Western factions stirring up trouble in Nigeria, now US troops in Chad where China has made some major investments that blocked out Western oil giants, and Cameroon is literally being assaulted by NSA, CIA and others interfering in their nation.

So that you know the facts, Chad rejected the World Bank financing plan as being overly aggressive towards both Chad and Cameroon and their assets. They saw the ‘economic hit men’ for what they were just in the terms they offered that were a direct attempt to steal from them. China stepped in and pushed the pipeline and a refinery through.

At about the same time World Bank terms were rejected this entire area is subjected to abuse from Western governments, intelligence agencies and multinational corporations as Islamic fundamentalism. Maybe America will wake up one day and understand the difference between Islamic fundamentalism and punishment for not obeying Washington DC.

Another factor is in how the World Bank and other US and UK financing sources pegged the loan collateralization and amortization values to the price of oil.

Guess what? Out of Libya now (yet another nation that has had its natural resources expropriated and taken over through brazen military action), they are manipulating the price downwards and that is threatening to cause debt service default and takeover of these energy assets that way in Nigeria. Their actions towards Chad and Cameroon can best be described as a temper tantrum. What we are witnessing in Venezuela is also a temper tantrum because the US thought after Chavez died they had control of that mother lode of oil. Well, until it was announced that LUKOil and Rosneft were invited in, too.

This is the sort of legacy that these desperate Fascist Zionist Neocons are creating for America. The US has a major foreign relations and public relations problem and we can all point the finger at exactly who to blame.

This fiasco is a perfect example of a bankrupt military aggressor bully that keeps losing versus Russia and China with pens, contracts and money getting the deals done. What is absurd is these idiots in DC act like they cannot figure out why people do not appreciate threats, bullying or outright military or covert attacks on their soil.

If you do not care about such things well… America has the leadership it deserves and deserves to crash and burn along with DC. If the US polls are correct that a vast majority of Americans are fed up with these interventionist policies, maybe they will get out and vote in 2014 to start casting out the House, 33% of the Senate and keep right on cleaning house in 2016.

It is way past time to flush the toilet in Washington DC


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