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Upside Down & Backwards

Jim Kirwan


Has been in this position for over 100 years!


The only thing that’s certain now is that all this must change!


It’s no wonder so many people are confused. American’s have been living in a place that has been operating as if it actually is upside down and backwards; ever since we let this nation become owned

outright by private-foreign corporations back in 1913.

Add to that the fact that those initial owners were, and still are international bankers, and you’ll begin to get a much clearer picture of exactly what’s been going on here since before WWI. Everyone knows who these people are that are pulling our strings—all that must happen is that we need to cut those strings and end their power permanently! This is not about religion, race or nationality: It’s about an ideology that has been twisted since people first began to plot to steal the wealth of others.

What does that mean?

Simply put it means that everything we think do or say, is owned and always has been since before anyone that’s alive today was even born!

It means that none of what we think we have belongs to any of us: These foreign-corporations which were and still are part of the Old World Order, have taken over everything we thought we were building for ourselves—when in fact everything we created, back when we were prosperous, was already owned by the same global criminals that are smashing the world into the onrushing oblivion.

It also means that everyone wearing judges robes, a civil uniform or anyone who says they “represent the ‘government’ is a fraud and a traitor to the real America: Because all of them work for a privately owned corporation that serves the Global-Banking Cabal, in one degree or another. That includes USI, the Crown, the City of London and the Vatican, as well as all the private-corporate-states that are larger than most governments in the world today. And there are millions of Zionists imbedded in the mix from every country where they’ve hidden themselves for centuries.

All that talk about the constitution, all the various forms of actual legalities, including all members of the political parties and the entire selection process, has to cease, because all of that has only served the imposters. There is no one who represents the people of the Republic any longer.

It’s been this way since 1913 but we have refused to even notice what happened to us, since the illegal bill was signed that created the Federal Reserve Bank: That’s because it was sent to the president without a legal-quorum and an insufficient number of votes yet President Wilson signed it anyway. Making even the creation of the Federal Reserve a criminal act!

The media, since at least the end of the Vietnam War, has colluded with the foreign-owners of this country to keep everything secret from the people they were supposedly created to inform. Apparently the only people that have remained unaware of the hijacking of the nation have been those who are paying for all that criminality along with everything they think they still “own”.

All the people above ought to be physically-stripped of all their assets and confined to prison immediately, until we can get around to charging each and every one of them with their specific crimes against us all.

How can anyone explain to a place, or to those still living here, that have been so very stupid for so very, very long that it has come to this?

When you are stopped you need to demand, from whatever stops you: “Show me some ID!” If they claim to be ‘Citizens of the United States’ then you know you’re dealing with privately-owned-corporate security: Which means that they are the enemy of the people of this country and need to be disarmed and arrested, on the spot.

The same thing is true for every politician, every public-official, and every “authority-figure” who says that he or she speaks for the government: What makes this true is that none of them represent the people of this Republic. What they represent are the stealth-forces that have been stealing this country for the last one hundred plus years. That alone makes them are traitors now!

If we had the nerve to force this issue then their private-mercenary-corporate-armies would have to surrender to the American Republic, or face the consequences individually. For legitimacy; maybe a core of private grand-juries could be created to organize the charges and the shutdowns, until the public could clear the political-field of traitors so that a semblance of integrity could be restored to the entire process?

On the face of it this might seem impossible. Think this over carefully and you might begin to see how this could work, given the pressures mounting on all sides along with the physical-collapse that’s already begun internationally.

The U.S. has a Banker Occupied Government (BOG). BOG has put 8 million Americans on their Main Core list. These people are deemed to be the core of the resistance to Banker Occupied Tyranny. Wall Street mistakenly believes that if they can just get rid of these [10] million troublemakers, they can starve the other 300 million people living in country and a few billion overseas into submission.

If you are an American, do you think you are on the list? It does not matter if you are living overseas. Our Banker Occupied Government has declared the right to kidnap you from overseas and disappear you into secret prisons and torture you.

If you are not an American, don’t think that the Banker Occupied Government has forgotten you. They have already kidnapped foreign nationals and tortured them. Just think what they will do to you after they get Banker Occupied World Government.”

You probably have seen the stories about automation taking away jobs. Tens of millions of driving, warehousing, manufacturing, restaurant and clerical positions will be gone in a generation. But that does not deter BOG from legalizing 30 million illegal aliens and inviting in another 30 to 50 million illegals. BOG wants to lower wages to nothing and force young Americans to choose between joining the military or starving.

I knew when I was in high school that we would see a Rise of the National Security State because Wall Street was stealing our pensions and savings through massive fraud. The Federal Reserve has bought trillions of dollars in worthless Mortgage Backed Securities and other assets through Quantitative Easing and the Discount Window.

BOG has been allowed to disappear 8.5 trillion dollars from the Pentagon budget since 1996.”

Americans can clearly see the dollar and the entire world economy is in trouble. The majority had hoped that BOG would leave them alone and allow them to keep their homes, their jobs and what few possessions they had if they would just keep silent about this obnoxious tyranny. But BOG is not satisfied. BOG is a Hungry Beast. Wall Street doesn’t just want more. They want it all. They will leave you nothing.

I have written about a Currency Reset which will cut the value of the dollar in half. For the benefit of those who went to American schools, that means BOG will soon cut your wages and pensions in half at a time when they will be legalizing 30 million illegal aliens to drive wages even lower than you can imagine possible.”

I should explain why the first two words in this essay are Screw Up. BOG has invested a lot of time and effort in telling us what they will do to us after the Dollar Collapses. I remember a clip from the TV series 24 in which a US security agent interrogated a prisoner who refused to talk. The ‘hero’ played by Kiefer Sutherland killed the man and cut off his head. This little clip tells you what Hollywood and BOG thinks of you and your Constitutional Rights. Anyone who talks about the Constitution on TV and in movies will turn out in the next scene to be the Bad Guy either to be killed or to be jailed for life.

The Screw Up is that BOG has gone too far. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, most East Germans thought the Stasi had a file on them. If you took a poll of Americans asking them if they think they are on that Main Core List of Americans To Be Disappeared the Day the Dollar Dies, you will get a lot more than 8 million to say: ‘Yes. I am on that list of people to be disappeared, tortured and killed.’ Americans who speak out have every reason to believe the government will come after them because BOG has said many times they would do that to us.

We have heard the following many times over the past few years: Returning veterans, Christians, people who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, anyone who participated in Occupy Wall Street and gun owners are on terrorist watch lists. BOG has taken action to unfairly single out veterans to take away their children. In a recent drill the children of a small town were taken from their schools. Parents were not allowed to get their children back until they turned in their guns.

BOG has organized campaigns to beat non-violent Occupy Wall Street protesters. They sent cops to Israel to learn how to treat Americans like Palestinians. In Oakland an Occupy protester was hit in the face Israeli style at close range with a supposedly non-lethal projectile. Israelis tell American cops to aim for the eyes and the head of peaceful protesters. BOG has unjustly thrown outspoken veterans and others into mental hospitals for their political views threatening chemical lobotomies for dissent. Criticism of BOG is not allowed.

Americans read these news articles and wonder. Bill Ayers is a friend of the President and ten other people in the president’s administration. Ayers said 25 million Americans need to go to prison camps. Maybe only 8 million will go in the First Round of Disappearances and 17 million more go in the Second and Third Rounds.

Here is the Stupid Part. BOG does not have enough people willing to round up 8 million Americans on Day One of the first round of Disappearances. Suppose they declared martial law and drew up secret orders the day after the Dollar crashes. They have all FBI agents, armed IRS agents, Federal Marshalls and a few thousand others from Homeland Security report to a hundred locations throughout America in the early morning hours of the first day after martial law is declared. That’s enough manpower to go out and get the 20,000 most dangerous men on the Main Core list of [10],000,000. For the benefit of those who graduated from the California public school system, I will subtract 20,000 from the Main Core list for you. That will leave 9,980,000 people to be picked up on Days 2 to 400.

What do you think those 20,000,000 or more people who sincerely believe they are on the list to be Disappeared will do? Will they wait at home and watch martial law news on CNN waiting to be Disappeared, Tortured and Killed? Or will half a million men gather in groups of two or three or five to take out everyone on their own Enemies List. High on those lists will be the IRS. If there is no IRS, who will collect the taxes? Chris Dorner, the fugitive cop killer, was able to shut down Los Angeles all by himself.

What do you think 500,000 men like him could do nationwide? 800,000 men in America have Bump fire (slide fire) stocks that allow them to fire their AK-47s and AR-15s on full auto. 500,000 men have 50 caliber rifles that will permit them to take out people on their Enemies List at 400 yards (366 meters). More than 22 million can use hunting rifles to take out targets at 300 yards (275 meters). The Jews of America would likely side with BOG against the people. There might be 20 million plus Jews in America but there are very few Jews in the Marines and the Army. Fewer still in the police forces outside main Jewish centers.”

Incidentally: What those with real rifles will mean is that the traitor’s favorite tactic, at the moment, is a line of forward pointing robots headed for each door they want to smash. They could be cut down in their entirety in less than a second with a neck-high burst from heavy automatic weapons. A second burst focused on the vehicle they came from and within just a few seconds that first wave would no longer be a problem. That’s one of the real advantages of distant in this kind of potential war.

BOG will not have that many agents volunteer to come back for Day 2 of the Disappearances. Some will be dead or in hospital. Others will be taking their families into hiding. I can guarantee you that someone would have cut off the electricity into Washington D.C. and maybe even New York by dawn of Day 2 of the Disappearances. The international community will assess the situation and quit the dollar. That will start Nationwide Food Riots and send America into a multi-polar racial Civil War. Blacks and Hispanics against whites and Asians. Hispanics against blacks and blacks against Hispanics and Whites. Wall Street has been promoting racial strife for years to keep the cattle in line.

Everyone who lives in an American city would have to flee to a safe haven. Everyone who thinks they might be on one of those lists of Enemies of the 500,000 men with automatic weapons and 50 caliber rifles will of course try to flee the country. How will they do that under martial law with the airports closed?
America will not survive the Disappearance of even 20,000 citizens on Day One so let’s find another solution to our problems.

A Race War is what Wall Street wants. They would prefer to see American cities burn to the ground to having everyone unite to go after the men who stole tens of trillions of dollars from them.

Several times in recent years the U.S. military has had to go to the White House to tell the politicians there would be no war. The Pentagon has played War Games over the scenario of a Dollar Crash. The results of cutting your wages and pensions in half are not pretty and the military already knows that.

We are not allowed to have free and honest elections in America. There are no political solutions available in a land with a Banker Occupied Government that controls both political parties. And the Banker Occupied Media will not permit a Third Party to run and win. And then there is the proven fact that BOG has killed several of our leaders.

The only solution remaining is for the U.S military to stage a coup arresting the bankers and seizing their assets. Those assets should be used to fund our pensions and to finance Worldwide Debt Cancellation so we can end this Depression before 10 million Americans and half a billion people overseas starve to death.”(1)

The traitors have assumed that we will crumble the minute this starts, but that’s not nearly as possible in the flesh & blood world as these creatures have assumed.

Once some of their installations begin to ‘have problems’ the fake-government will assume that someone on the inside is helping us—because they can’t trust anyone. To the degree that breakdowns and black-outs begin to occur within the supposedly impregnable foreign troops and their installations ­ everything could become much less of a threat while at the same time limiting their mobility and their effectiveness ­ if these barbarians are determined to begin this unthinkable act.

Of course none of this would be happening in a vacuum. The gangs that are now everywhere in the US will definitely play their part as well, in how every faction stays alive or not…

A reader said: “At present these gangs are typically competing and battling with each other for turf and making a living selling drugs and running prostitutes, some captive sex-slaves. At some point if the economy worsens and the SHTF, they could easily start looting and attacking anyone and everyone.”

And the traitors have not planned on how they will deal with them either! (2)

1) Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared

2) Urban War Zones in America



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