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The Untold Stories

By Jim Kirwan


Stealing the Lands of this Country since 1913

Since the war that went largely unreported in Nevada, in 2014: There's been an open-ended war against America and Americans that's continued to spread it's corruptions from what happened on one ranch in Nevada to the entire State of Oregon that's now become the focal point for joint trials in both Nevada and Oregon. This official obscenity seeks to whitewash the communist-government and USI's Muslim dictator in the Oval Office, by using the totally corrupted U.S. Department of JUST-US, to put an end to any and all rights that were supposed to be reserved to the people of this country.

The so-called trial is going ahead as if the land at issue in both cases belongs to US Inc., when in fact the lands in both Nevada and Oregon belong not to the government but to the people of those counties, in both states where the government has spit upon the U.S. Constitution ­ which has been totally ignored. Here's a twenty minute video that clarifies everything about the major illegalities throughout this massive series of crimes!

The Truth about the Nevada Ranchers Standoff

The depths of these crimes have exceeded all bounds, and as the speaker above so clearly outlines: These crimes are the direct result of totally addictive behavior to the false-power of violent obsessive-theft and the torture that leads to wanton murder, created by this lawless state that's now completely out-of-control.

The American public needs to rise to this occasion and arrest the entire system that's calling itself the “JUST-US”system by imprisoning the judges, the state and feral officials all the way up to and including the Tarnished House, that's conspired to bring these totally false charges against those few that stood against this takeover. By holding fast to their determination to oppose this outrage, the few have put their lives at risk ­ that's why they must be joined in this battle against the state by some of the hundreds of thousands that will be definitely be “NEXT” if this farce is allowed to continue...

So many in this broken place now claim to 'worry' about the coming selections and the filth that passes for government in this lawless slum that used to be a nation.

Instead of 'politics-as-usual' Americans should be obsessed with the massive crimes of Hillary & Bill, Soros, Obama, Kissinger and both GWH as well as George Bush Jr. None of the real criminals ever get arrested, in America, they just go on to get re-elected and spawn the whole next generation of evil that will be needed to finish killing off the planet.

This national charade is just a worn out farce that died over forty years ago. There is no longer either a Democrat or a Republican “party”, or any other so-called “party' there are only empty shells that mean nothing: Because nothing that any political-party has ever proclaimed has ever been enacted, on behalf of the public that supposedly voted them into office. Anyone that believes otherwise, is just more road-kill that will be part of the first casualties, once the outlaws no longer need to pretend that this place even needs politicians.

That's right people: 'the fraudulent government' will ultimately be the ones that will finally do away with this fake-government ­ because they won't need to bother with it, once they come out into the open with the depth of their real obscenities:




Because if they get away with those criminal and public trials coming in September: That will mean that they will have finally accomplished the end of law in the United States and the formal death of the U.S. Constitution will have become the fact that they've been trying to make ,, for the last one hundred and three years.

So what's it going to be America?

Are we going to be the last 'humans' to live in this country, because we don't have the balls to stand up to the filth that's stolen everything, that we have said we once valued? If we don't stand up now, to these criminals in public-office, then their next stunt is the importation of millions-more-Muslims that will finish turning whatever is left of this place into a playground for the rapists the barbarians and the murderers' that have clearly declared war upon the entire World ­ for the Third Time, that Jihad's have been used to murder history, since records has been kept.

The male population in Europe has already reduced themselves to Eunuchs, in the face of the public rape and plunder of European life throughout the EU. Whereas the same has clearly been true of most Americans when it comes to defending themselves, their wives and children from the Zionist-BARBARIANS (above) that we have allowed to take down this nation one law and one principal at a time, in tandem with the obscenity of PC and the self-imposed silence of everyone that could have stood against anything being done to the Americans each and every minute of every day...

Everyone Lies, as the saying goes: But politicians, lawyers, bankers, cops and the common-thieves that are the “America Inc.” of today tend to lead the way, because none of them give a damn about any of the ongoing corruptions. All they care about now is: “WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME!”

It's way past time that the world should hear from the rest of us that want

to put an end to this global obscenity ­ permanently/


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