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Untold Damage From Tokyo's 'Rugby' Typhoon
Heralds Disaster For The Olympics

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Announcing itself with deep purple clouds prior to making landfall in the greater Tokyo area, Typhoon Hagibis stalled the Rugby World Cup matches in Tokyo, thereby serving as a warning against the coming summer's 2020 Olympic Games in disaster-prone radioactive Japan. Later, within hours of the typhoon's exit back into the Pacific, the Shinzo Abe government issued false reports of merely 2 dead even while vast swaths of the northern Japan were flooded and the human toll rose to 35 confirmed deaths and at least 17 reported missing. Despite the taboo against negative news stories in the run-up to the Olympics, the self-censored media were forced by the grim reality to do at least minimal reporting on how the floodwaters broke through the embankments of nine major rivers, trapping tens of thousands of residents in their second-floor rooms or rooftops. Yet to be discussed in the press editorials is the long-term threat from raw sewage, dead animals, agriculture chemical, gasoline and churned-up radioactive sediment, which will soon start flowing down toward the center of gravity, Tokyo Bay, the venue for most of the Olympic sports events.

Abe's corrupt cronies will never admit their role in abetting this typhoon disaster by diverting funding for long-overdue infrastructure to weapons development, revival of nuclear-power plants, foreign bribery and the accursed Olympics showcase. Yes, the 2020 Olympic Games are a curse upon the Japanese people, who have been suffering economic decay and nutritional deprivation due to a rising sales tax along with unthinkable levels of radioactivity in their water supply, food products and living environment. If any athletes or sports enthusiasts have an ounce of compassion or even just a normal desire for self-preservation, the right thing is to refuse participation and cooperation with the pro-nuclear Olympics fraud and voice support for the people of Japan, who have been hit by the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe, this after the two atomic bombings. The national birth rate has collapsed because young Japanese women are afraid of abortions of monstrous embryos. What does it profit an athlete who wins a gold medal but destroys his or her body with radioactive exposure?

The Great Wave

In a major blow to the coming Olympics, Hagibis pushed millions of tons of radioactive seawater up Tokyo Bay and into the river systems, creating great waves moving hundreds of kilometers upstream. The sheer force of this riverine back-up was unexpected due to the many water-barriers erected along canals and rivers following the destructive 1958 Typhoon Ida. That presumably invincible inland flood-prevention system failed miserably, yet another instance of Nature overwhelming man's little toys.

Now the bad news is: the reverse-flow upstream has unsettled all the radioactive mud from river bottoms accumulated since the intensely radioactive Fukushima fallout of 2011. What goes upstream must come down, to the gravitational center of Tokyo Bay, the center for most of the Olympic contests.

From now through the late-spring rainy season, the heavily contaminated Tamagawa and Arakakawa Rivers will be discharging vast amounts of radioactive particles into Tokyo Bay, dooming Olympic athletes and others foolish enough to suffer the fatal health consequences of visiting Japan's capital. In addition, the metropolis's primary source of water for drinking, cooking and bathing, the Oku-Tama Reservoir, is also dangerously radioactive, as visibly proven in my video on the nuclear threat to the 2020 Olympics. Life depends on water, but Tokyo's water supply is increasingly lethal.

Homecoming for Typhoons

Hagibis was not some act of God or freak of Nature but instead only one of the many typhoons since the 311 meltdowns that have veered toward Japan to "go home to Fukushima". The destroyed TEPCO nuclear plant is a magnet for typhoons, tornadoes and lightning strikes that have blasted the way through Japan since the year after 311. The radioactive particles released into the currents of the Pacific Ocean and onto the northern jet-stream have restructured oceanic and atmospheric weather systems into a Grand Cycle of Death for anything as vulnerable as life on Earth.

Ever since my early warning in autumn 2011 based on coastal field research on the Pacific shores just south of Fukushima down to Chiba (the latter devastated by two typhoons in this season), I have traced the radioactivity-caused redesign of weather patterns throughout the Pacific as the driving force behind the weather anomalies that the pro-nuclear lobby unconvincingly attributes to "climate change". Brave colleagues, especially Dana Durnford in western Canada, have independently tracked the ecocide from oceanic radioactivity and atmospheric fallout spewing out of Fukushima. The scalawag "scientists" on the nuclear lobby's payroll tried and failed to dispute these real-world findings and have since gone silent, choking on their own lies while friends, relatives and children succumbed to an epidemic of cancer. Now it's the turn of sports officials, Olympics sponsors including nuclear-related corporations, and the coaches to man the next line of defense for the nuke industry at the finals of the radioactive Rugby World Cup and, in nine months, the idiotic Tokyo Olympics. Now that the issue of veracity and deception is clear, let's delve into the effects of Hagibis flooding on the coming 2020 Games.

From Toxic Rivers into the Pacific

Typhoon Hagibis saved its greatest downpour, more than a half-meter in depth, on its exit through Fukushima Prefecture. What goes around comes around. By now the recycled nuclear-contaminated water is surging below the wrecked TEPCO No.1 nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean en route to North America. There's not been the slightest effort to contain contaminated water due to the ocean-dumping policy imposed by Shinzo Abe in his opposition to a science-based strategy of building water-storage tunnels into the rock massif of the Abukuma Plateau, immediately inland from the Fukushima No.1 plant.

Given the rational alternative of efficient and safe waste-water storage, the Pacific dumping is calculated genocide, a vengeful act of war against the USA and Canada; there is no other conceivable motive for the unjustifiable sea-dumping, which is technically and financially avoidable. How patriotic is it, then, for Americans and Canadians to salute the raising of the Japanese flag at the Tokyo Olympics, which 75 years after the historic defeat marks the return of Japan as a militaristic imperialist power? Fukushima-sourced irradiation of North America is Abe's response to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki. Yet do two wrongs add up to what's right? What has anyone learned from these recurrent nuclear horrors? The Tokyo Olympics will be a gathering of die-hard revanchists, international stooges, traitors and fools.

Godzilla Arrives

Typhoon Hagibis stormed through Tokyo Bay much like Godzilla. It's arrival at the exact spot just prior the Tokyo Olympics was uncanny but, then again, strange things happen in a society as old as Japan's. To paraphrase Dr. Ogata, the lead character from the original 1954 Godzilla movie: "You have your fear, which might become reality; and you have Hagibis, which is reality."

What we are witnessing at this moment in those swirling floodwaters is the equivalent of Godzilla Returns, that is, a "second Fukushima crisis", now that huge stacks of storage bags for nuclear waste, beyond the expiry date of industrial poly fiber, are leaking at dozens of storage sites. There are also hundreds of illicit dump sites on abandoned farms and along the Abukuma River, which flows across the length of Fukushima Prefecture into the Pacific. That waterway has just spilled over onto several inhabited valleys due to the artificial shallowness of its riverbed. Immediately after the 311 events, dump trucks unloaded thousands of tons of nuclear waste from the TEPCO No.1 plant into the Abukuma waters instead of hauling their radioactive cargo to other prefectures as planned. The companies that were contracted to remove radioactive waste from the nuclear plant but instead left the toxic mess on public spaces and private land to save on fuel costs and rent for vacant landfill sites. (A note in passing: My paternal grandfather's hometown was located near the mouth of the Abukuma, but that village was annihilated by the 311 tsunami and nuclear fallout, so there is nothing of that heritage remaining to protect.)

Chain Reaction of (Un)Natural Catastrophes

Typhoon 19, or Hagibis, made landfall on the Izu Peninsula, a favorite destination for Tokyo vacationers going to onsen or hot-spring resorts. This volcanic hot zone, on the axis between the offshore Izu islands and Mount Fuji, is "fueled" by undersea friction between three major tectonic plates: The Pacific and Philippine blocks subducting under the Eurasian continental shelf. The massive downpour from Hagibis added a destabilizing factor at a moment when nearby Mount Fuji has been overdue for a major eruption, which as in the case of previous blasts can be expected to bury Tokyo under fiery cinders and clouds of toxic gas. Hagibis is not some fantasy; it has triggered the reality to fear.

The Izu peninsular slopes are steep and prone to landslides, which can soon be expected in days and weeks to come as water drains off, leaving porous soils in a precarious condition prior to landslides. A more serious threat than post-typhoon land slippage is water seepage into volcanic vents and seismic fault-lines. Water surging underground will eventually reach super-heated magma, resulting in a powerful build-up of steam pressure, which will be released in volcanic eruptions from the many fumaroles of Mount Fuji. If an eruption of hot ash and lava occurs during the Tokyo Olympics, all transport systems will be shut down, utilities cut off, and road traffic including food delivery vans will cease. Hagibis provided a foretaste of a shut-down capital as expressed in dismayed foreigners' complaints about barren shelves at convenience stores, closed restaurants and zero services available, even at many top hotels.

In event of a volcanic eruption during the Tokyo Olympics, my best advice to ticket-holders is to firmly thrust a chopstick up a nostril or under an eyeball into the brain for a quick suicide in your dark hotel room rather than attempt a futile marathon northward against millions of desperate runners toward Fukushima, where a fate worse than hell awaits you when the "courteous" Japanese let slip the mask of politeness in the free-for-all battle to be a lone survivor. Brutalized in furious bloodshed, you will understand why these downtrodden people are willing to suffer abuse in exchange for peace and order. Gaijin beware!

Ground Water Triggers Quakes

The other nasty threat from waterlogged fault-lines is earthquake activity triggered by subsurface electric currents. (Nature generates thousands of times more electrical energy than power plants.) For this very reason of discharge, a Richter 5.6 quake occurred off the coast of Chiba (on the opposite shore of Tokyo Bay). Likewise, the giant tornado spawned by Hagibis, which swept over a Chiba region badly damaged in the previous Typhoon Faxia. That black tornado did not emit lightning bolts, the only plausible explanation being that there existed a direct connection enabling electric energy to flow into an underground fault-line, as efficiently as how electricity from a wall plug charges your smartphone. This radical increase of ground current under the greater Tokyo region can only be released in a major earthquake, much like the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, which killed 6,000 residents and triggered fires that leveled most of the capital. Tokyo is a paradise for fools, precisely because it is a war-zone of disasters.

As bad as the impact of Hagibis may turn out to be, on the much larger scale of the entire Pacific Basin, its violent energy derives from the cyclical oceanic movement of radioactive surface water from Fukushima. Out at sea, this process involves a complex mix of floating hot particles, radioactive ions, cosmic rays and released heat energy over a substrate of saltwater, which itself is chemically reactive. To describe electrical potential of this lethal mix, consider the battery in your car as a flow of charged ions that produce electricity. Fukushima has radically electrified the Pacific Ocean, a situation (in addition to opening a vast ozone hole over the Arctic region) that better explains the environmental cataclysm around the Northern Hemisphere more accurately than the bogus "climate change" nonsense of blaming carbon dioxide emissions by phony self-proclaimed environmentalists on the nuclear lobby's secret payroll.

Fukushima's Magnetic Charm

Hagibis in Tagalog translates as "high velocity", and it did live up to its name by moving quickly from its birthplace in the northern Marianas along a northwesterly curve on course to Fukushima, the magnet for major typhoons since the 2011 nuclear disaster. By seeming coincidence, nearly all the north-moving tropical storms since those reactor meltdowns have swerved over Fukushima, as if by magical auto-pilot. In those early years after 311, I naively assumed the cause as being the massive heat column rising from the burnt-out atomic-energy plant rising to the stratosphere. Even after ground surface cooling in recent times, however, the directional course of major storms continued toward Fukushima, which indicates an electromagnetic relationship that is far more ominous than a mere heat phenomenon.

An attached graphic from the Weather Channel (owned by Microsoft, whose founder Bill Gates is pro-nuclear) reveals that radioactive water dumped out of the Fukushima n-plant has circulated on the mega-currents of the Pacific Ocean, riding the North Pacific current toward the Canada-USA maritime border and then splitting to the south in a clockwise movement past the American West Coast (where radioactivity-triggered wildfires have erupted) and Central America and then moving back toward Asia on the trade-winds current.

The other circuit, going counter-clockwise passes the Canadian coastline and curves back on the Alaska Current toward the sub-Arctic region south of the Bering Strait. From that point what's left of the radioactive Alaska Current connects with the Oyashio or Kurile Current atop the Japan Trench off northern Japan, where it again picks up radioactive waste-water flowing from the wrecked TEPCO No.1 nuclear plant, beginning another cycle like a carousel. The meeting of the tail and the head of this marine serpent, or "naga" of Asian folklore, is clearly visible in the Weather Channel map. The incidental releases of radioactive water from Fukushima has by now developed into a destructive system spanning 179 million sq. Km of ocean area, 4 times the size of Asia.

Now after eight years of radioactive contamination, it is fair to call Fukushima "the granddaddy of global catastrophes". Take, for instance, the "coincidence" of Southern California wildfires erupting, exactly when Hagibis reached the coast of Japan. Despite its silence over radioactivity as the prime causality of the 2018 forest fires, PG&E ordered a preemptive power blackout over one-third of Northern California, indicating that the Department of Energy has a hidden hand in counter-radioactivity operations. Likewise electrical power was cut off over the state's Southland, leaving hundreds of thousands of residents in the dark.

Despite all the climate-change hoopla about renewable energy, the state's solar-power farms were shut down since their power is fed into the grid. In reality, the fear is for the vulnerability of their lithium batteries to lightning strikes, much like the exploding transformers of 2018. Owners of electric cars were advised to recharge in advance of the high winds, here again requiring the off-switch to prevent those batteries from torching garages during the passing wave of free-radical protons from Fukushima waste-water bombarding California. Climate change propaganda has led to the nuclear-fueled e-things boondoggle, which in reality is life-threatening and property-destructive.

The strange new world of nuclear-driven weather modification by now encompasses the entire Pacific Basin, an electromagnetic network like a gigantic volleyball net stretched from Fukushima to Fresno. Any twitch on one side of this tensile wave-structure will reverberate across the span of the Pacific, not only over the sea, in the air and on land, but also at a quantum level. Chaos theory, about butterfly effects, was a playful theory, but now the Fukushima factor of free-ranging subatomic particles has conjured quark interaction as a knife edge at everyone's throat. The doubles blasts at Fukushima's MOX-fuel reactor knocked the Earth off its axis, but the subatomic spasms rippling through the fog could prove to be a more serious threat, as shown by the parallel movement of Hagibis and fiery outbreaks in Southern California. Given the increasing tempo of the global nuclear-modified syndrome, let's hope that black hole theory is erroneous, just a dark fantasy, since that's precisely the answer to the question "what else can go wrong?"

Look Homeward, Angel

The enormous eastward outflow of charged ions from the ruined TEPCO n-plant into the Pacific leaves behind an electromagnetic"vacuum" that sucks in positive-charged protons from other direction. "Nature abhors a vacuum" and so cyclones as electromagnetic events are attracted by the pull-traction from Fukushima. This threat is modified, and perhaps amplified by subatomic particles flowing down from the new Arctic ozone hole created by the Fukushima fallout. Cosmic particle bombardment through the ozone hole interacting with positive-charged protons spun out of the Hagidas cyclone is a possible explanation for the bizarre UV-tinged "purple rain" clouds over Tokyo in the hours prior to Hagibis landfall. That was a bad omen, indeed, indicating that Japan, especially a Tokyo directly along the storm path is being repeatedly electrocuted, besides suffering nuclear-poisoning of its water supply. It's the brute reality to fear, and not some imagined threat from carbon dioxide.

With that exquisite sky image stamped on the brain, let me call up something lyrical from Prince for the Olympics groupies: "I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted one time to see you laughing, I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain."

In less than a week after Typhoon Hagibis passed over Japan, the incomplete toll has jumped to 60 deaths and rising.)