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Unseen Forces
Infiltrate The Chessboard

By Jim Kirwan


Shadows, Part 3 of 12 (1)

Pieces of Dreams ­ kirwan © 1984

Asymmetrical Warfare has always had its accomplices. In this case the real Shadow-Forces belong to the people and not to the government. This war was declared by the fake-government and their owners. Now it’s time for the Shadow Government to feel the nearly invisible forces that have already surrounded them as we all move into the real End-Game.

The Police-State is a failed-enterprise because it’s already played all their pathetic cards and there’s no-where left for them to go. They began by converting the civil-police forces from keeping-the-peace and protecting people to making war on the public. By torturing, intimidating, tasering, raping and murdering the public through the 50,000 SWAT-raids conducted nationwide by mercenary thugs ­ and that was just for openers: It took them twelve years to do that.

And that’s only the number of SWAT-raids. Throw in all the other alphabet security forces, plus the half-assed military-units and America has clearly been turned into a 24-7 Free-Fire-Zone that was intended to capture the public and then to turn us all into slaves.

This is the quiet form, in America, of what’s been going on throughout the Middle-East for the last 65 years. This is their war for total control of the whole world. Look carefully at Palestine and know that you are looking directly at what this government has planned for everyone. What happed to Libya is what they want to do to the United States in perpetuity—which will be to totally gut this place and leave nothing worth having ­ alive!

But they’ve played all their cards. Yet they have still not directly attacked the public here, because they are terrified both of what they’ve become and of what is waiting for them if they dare to take that next step.

Analytically, take a careful look at “the forces” they’ve been relying on to terrify the public. They began by criminalizing the police and then militarizing the criminals they’ve become. They’ve gone from hypothetical-authority-figures that were supposed to be protecting society, to being Public-Enemy Number One in U.S. Uniforms. This is the ultimate ‘Contradiction-in-Terms’ which the public is just now beginning to understand. This is a new and permanent-change in direction: Technically this amounts to a Parallax View that was meant to trap the public. But this will in the end ensnare those who set this trap for the whole world to buy-into in the first place. Once the terms of this contradiction-in-terms is finally understood: These savages can never again regain the public’s trust. This traitorous force on American soil must be replaced by free people in a free society and none of that will be easy!

Now let’s take an even closer look at the individuals that have been trying to terrorize us.

They began by using criminalized-military-forces carried far beyond the limits of any viable-society. That alone is Treason and they not only know this ­ they have counted on it to crush us without having to engage the more than 300 million guns which they know are waiting to be used against them.

But look deeper: Look at the creatures themselves that they are counting on to do what no other nation has ever dared to attempt to do. They’re actually trying to use stealth to accomplish what they haven’t the guts or the tactics to pull-off. Examine the individual entities they’re using. You can see they’ve overlooked the fact that they needed to have people on their side to start with and that was never the case. All they have are social-rejects and droid-addicted sub-humans and that’s just not enough to accomplish what they seek.

Go further! Look at their commanders—a mindless group who rely upon raw fascism instead of legitimate power to “get the job done”. Look at their physical condition, and know that most of them could not run three blocks if their lives depended on it.

What do they rely upon? Their manufactured-weapons are first and foremost. But weapons in the hands of creatures without a conscience, without thought or actual human-purpose, are nothing much at all. And when you think about it: All that weaponry only confirms that these creatures are terrified of us. They know what will come to them for what they’re being ordered to do to men women and children without thinking.

Individually these thugs have added ski-masks to hide their faces. If they had any confidence they would not need to hide their identities—so what does that tell these creatures, as well as the rest of the world?

First: The badge-owners have to know that they are cowards who have depended on the numbers in their squads to protect them against unarmed people. What happens to those creatures in their ordinary lives; afterall these fake-cops have lives to live? They live somewhere. Some of them have families. And all of them have cars and need to buy gas, food, drinks and other necessities. So in reality there are many people in their lives who know that they’re “cops”. This means that they really can’t hide from “us”. But they have chosen not to dwell on that.

The public knows where the cop-bars are and who goes there. Just as the public has known for years where the donut shops are that cater to these killers in government-uniforms. What’s been missing is the fact that it will be the mercenary-cops that will now begin to look over their shoulders, each and every day now—because of the latest war which they have just initiated.

I’ve lived a long time and much of that time was marked by others that did not wish to see me survive: So I’ve learned a bit about what it’s like to have to “Watch Your Back”.

Today’s “mercenary-forces” have prided themselves on ‘hunting-down’ their victims. They’ve forgotten that their illegal-crusades to prosecute their enemies can be seen as a double-headed axe. Their own axe can easily be used against them: Perhaps even more easily than the weapons they have prided themselves on using, against the rest of us. The traitors are about to discover what they’ve really been playing with all this time. Many of them will not survive to see the conclusion of their efforts.

Until now the thugs have had things pretty much all their own way. Those days are over. The real Shadow forces will not “be-organized”. Each shadow will simply begin to do what they can see needs doing. The range of their targets is limitless—despite all the spying and the firepower at the supposed command of these Rambo-types who believe they are nothing short of Supermen & women. The mercenaries think they cannot be stopped, on the surface of what they’re using for a brain. They see us as total failures when confronted by their massive force and enough firepower to wipe-out anyone that dare oppose them. But what they fail to note is that they are the ones who actually NEED all that artificial firepower just to pump-up the power they feel they lack. Deep down they know they’re nothing without their toys and all their equally flawed buddies that need each other just to stay alive.

The victims here are victims of this outlaw state as well!

What happens when one by one these pretend “supermen or women” begin to doubt themselves? How will they react when problems develop with their family, their cars or with the schools where their kids are known for being related to thugs in uniforms who used to be cops? Will they still get special-deals in what they buy or sell? Maybe! But the longer this continues the more they’ll need to check and double-check everything they do, wherever they go and whoever they chose to meet or spend any time with. All of that will now involve looking over their shoulders.

When all is said and done who exactly will these thugs be able to trust? No one will care in their world, because they eat their young and devour anyone that shows any feeling for what they routinely do to the public… So how will the uniforms without faces begin to see themselves now that they know they will not be the only fighters in the coming war?

As the government hit-lists’ grow - so will criminal-reputations, especially if you wear a uniform. Maybe that’s desirable on some fronts? But now the shadow audience watches every move they make. They will never know exactly who those people are who will have acquired a whole new interest in these traitor-cops as individuals. Maybe that might be because you killed one of their loved-ones or had beaten someone else to within inches of their life, just because you could?

Maybe its time that the thugs go back and review the video-tapes of what they’ve done to those they’ve already beaten, tasered, tortured raped or murdered: But this time try looking at those damning-tapes through the eyes of those who were directly affected by what YOU did. Have you ever thought about how many lives you have already affected permanently?

What these “artificial-forces” are trying to do to the planet and to the US is behavior that belongs to the stone-age. This outlaw-conduct cannot withstand the full light of day, wherever it is being used today. There is no longer any “TRUST” anywhere, (see above) because BETRAYAL has replaced that now outmoded term for way too many people, thanks to the totally criminal-government of USI.

Given these radical changes this means that no one can be trusted with anything, in any official-capacity: Because everything “official” simply means ‘Everything is now absolutely criminal’. Beyond that all the minutia of functionality is literally ‘up-for-grabs’. Whether any system, any mechanical parts or functions, as well as whether or not any technological devices even work, can no longer be taken for granted.

So even if the Pirates win they lose—because this will always be nothing but a game of total-theft and murder. That’s why society invented LAWS, to keep the world from spinning totally out of control—which is exactly what this system is trying to create—because chaos is their goal. And yet those who are pushing this the hardest simply cannot see that it is a game that can never be “won” because no one will ever accept anything unless the goal is to take EVERYTHING in the entire world.

Here’s what has already happened to us with regard to food, health and eugenics which began their attack on the world a very long time ago. It’s the whole history of Eugenics and the sabotage of the global-food-supply in this one hour plus video. (2)

The world needs to end their Shadow-Government and who better to begin that ending that the Shadow-Forces composed of individuals acting independently on every aspect of this nightmare!

Lots of people ask me ‘what can they do’? What we can do is to get creative and decide for ourselves what we can individually do to screw up the machine: Then do it. It’s already begun, so let’s get on with it!

1) Pieces of Dreams ­ kirwan © 1984



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