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Unmasking The Villains!

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

My essays are about future forecasts for Humanity.

That is what I think they are about. I began writing almost 40 years ago knowing absolutely nothing about these topics. At first I found it very hard to believe what I wrote had anything to do with our reality, but slowly I convinced myself it was some sort of Truth.

At first I had no idea where the information came from. Included were many prophecies most of which have been proven to be false.  I feel stupid about that, but I have plowed on thinking future prognostications will be perhaps more correct. I eventually learned that both sides, good and Evil send us information. Alas, we have to sort out the good from the bad!

I had no idea about the prophecies I have made early on. As you would be, I was skeptical. If I had any sense, I would packed up my pen and paper and gone to play golf. But, I wrote and wrote and wrote. Now I am determined to stick it out till 2025 to see if anything of a major Earth Changing event does occur.

From non-spiritual reports, it seems very dramatic and terminating things are affecting the planet, just as I had written in 1985. Birds, insects, animals, vegetation, etc., are all dying. I had been told all living things would leave the planet in preparation for its physical demise! I can certainly make a case that this is what is happening.

In the beginning of my writing career, from a prosaic perspective, I had become a skeptic, and it was going to take a lot of correct answers to change my views. I am sure I now have those answers.

In the meantime, let's hope its not the Fool's Game in the Leela of the Divine!

Before going further, I need to make certain remarks so that you may accommodate what follows more easily.

My essays and books are about pseudo-science and mysticism - about terminating this disastrous experiment called the Physical Dimension, and 'Humanity', and the other contents of the 'Physical Universe',  They are about exposing Evil and the charade it has played to fool us all with extortion, dishonesty and  hypocrisy.

My writings are about the Endtime, the separation of the Wheat from the Chaff, the final total destruction of that which is useless and evil, and the liberation of what I have called the Viable Spiritual Beings.

Realize that the History of Existence is far more complicated. We as Physical Humans have been on Earth less than a million years. Many of us who are "True Spirits" trapped in Human Bodies were in physical bodies of animals and birds, whales, dolphins, etc., long before Humanity was genetically constructed by superior Aliens. Most of us were also in other planets, Solar Systems and Galaxies.

I must tell you, as if you did not already know, my notion of existence is that we in the Physical are just flesh and blood robots with varying programs within us. A small percentage has divine energy arranged in Centres of Consciousness, as I explained previously. Humans have 7 of these Centres. They are the Divine Beings. The non-Divine Beings have 'MOCK" Centres of Consciousness. They truly are artificial robots that cannot live outside of the Physical and its sub-dimensions.

The Divine Ones have been trapped by the changing conditions of this dimension. A number of these 'genuine beings' were recruited to help the "Light' solve this Problem of Evil.

I have explained all this at length in my earlier books.

Energy and knowledge are supplied to some of us on this level via Holographic imprints projected into these bodies. The physical bodies are of absolutely no consequence or value.

After birth, the lower consciousness of the body needs to reconnect to whatever Holograms work with that body if, in fact, it does accommodate such Holograms.

Thus, the Superior Knowledge and the Forecasts some of us express are of the Higher Consciousnesses acting on the lower bodies as holographic imprints. Classic examples of such lower bodies on Earth are Jesus, Joan D'Arc. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and so on. The latter was shattered by the contradiction of the knowledge he gained in trance compared to the pseudo-Christian knowledge he had been indoctrinated with in his early life.

Note that any form of POLLUTION, of the mind and/or body, can interfere or even block the expression of the knowledge transmitted from Higher Consciousness to the physical individual via the Holographic projections.

In this life, as I awoke, I had a massive struggle to eliminate the utter BS I had been indoctrinated with by the Catholic Church and later by the Allopathic Medical Schools and their so-called Truths about Life, Mental diseases, Healing, etc., I had to eliminate the BS in order to accommodate the Truth sent to this body via the Superior Holographic Consciousnesses.

Any beings that do such work, be they on Earth or any other planet or system must accommodate these Holographic Energies for superior knowledge.

These few words may give you some idea of how it is I know this information. They may help you understand the meaning of the words I and "I" when I use them in my writings. The I without quotation marks is me - the physical human being - accommodating the "I", which is the Holographic knowledge from higher spiritual levels. That is the case for all workers of Light.

Physical Beings that accommodate Energies from Evil Entities are similar but opposite in essence, obviously. Thus, the Workers of Darkness are of their Father, Jehovah, also known as Yahweh, the Evil Principle. Jehovah sends evil programming to the recipients to carry on their nefarious works. BTW, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc., preceded the History of race, genetics, and geography of earthly inhabitants.  These evil essences were constructed long before Earth was even created!

This programming with evil essence may also allow you to understand why the evil' bastards' can so easily destroy people who have a closer semblance of truth (people such as Jesus, Manichaeus, Zoroaster, etc., etc., (It was the same Class 4 Consciousness in different eras in the case of these 3 prophets). 

Beings of a Divine Origin are simple Humans on this level, and their Centres of Consciousness are part of the Pleroma which has 13 levels. As Humans we are in the 4 th level.  Very High Levels make themselves known to us variously using the Holograms. That way they cannot be trapped by the Evil Dimension.

((Pleroma - (in Gnosticism) the spiritual universe as the abode of 'God' and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations.))

I hope this explains a little when I seem to make outrageous claims about people and the coming END. Read on. Things will become clearer if you have a true soul. The Artificial Morons are doomed by their immutably evil ignorance and stupidity!!

I cannot prove any of this on this level.  In time, you will prove it for yourselves as you connect to the Higher DIVINE LEVELS as predicted by Light Workers in the past.

Forget about the noxious stupidity (and false data) of the Pleiadians, the Nordics, the Acturians, the New Agers, etc., etc., as portrayed on YouTube and other publications. They are nonsense. What they produce is all hogwash! They are comedy frauds to fool the ones who are already spiritually dead. As for those claiming any and every human is the 'Creator', they should be told they are part of Hell!


On with the Show! As we focus our attention on what is going on around us, and around the World, we note that Masks are falling off various ones who now show us, not what they claim to be, but what they truly are!

This UNMASKING is very much on purpose! I told you long ago that in the Endtime we would all know who is who!

Those of Evil can no longer hide themselves.

Those who are denying the existence of Evil are idiots that will soon be dissolved in the excrement of this evil-created Cesspool.

This unmasking of Evil is occurring throughout the Physical Universe. In fact, the process has been completed in 97% of this Universe. Thus, do not think of Earth alone as being cleared and destroyed. You may have seen reports that  our own Galaxy, the Milky Way,  is disappearing as is Andromeda!

There are so many facets to the knowledge I want to impart that these Posts will be like potpourri to those who do not fully comprehend the enormity of the subjects.

As we awaken in the Endtime, we can examine more clearly and meticulously the actions of the Evil Demons and Morons. That allows us to conclude that this lunacy MUST STOP.

Here is an example of lunacy in recent news: v=YC72kqIwqPQ&

And so, it comes to the very point I made public in 1985: The Time of the End of this miserable, exploitative planet has arrived.

Judgement of ALL Units of Consciousness has been completed and True Karma will now apply.

Previously the Process of Karma, while Evil ruled, was a mockery of Justice.

No more shall that be the case, as you will see soon enough!

In 1985 I wrote that this Earth and all its contents would be physically destroyed totally by 2035, the latest, .... and sooner if possible.

I won't keep you in suspense: My 'Lower Being' has been told (by Higher Levels of Consciousness - The Holographic Input) that the date now for Earthly termination is as low as 2025 and this has been confirmed to me on numerous occasions in the last 6 months.

Of course with Prophecy, we all have to be mindful of the tricks of Warfare. Who can forget the fiasco of Planet X?

False propaganda and prophecy are tools of Warfare.

The most classic examples of recent times of this point of villainy that I can give you are the Bombing of Pearl Harbour, the destruction of Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and the 9/11 murders. The eventuating wars were based on false accusations and false data and the cases were of unquestionable criminality.  9/11 was the willful murder of Americans by their so-called elected leaders and their evil co-conspirators.

There were many other cases of wanton, murderous destruction, but I digress. I will examine such actions in detail in the near future. And just in case you think these are events of the past, and are to be forgotten, bear this in mind: "I" (the Higher Consciousness that presents on this level as a Hologram) does NOT forget. "It" will justly punish most severely the demons responsible in due course.

"Nothing can be erased from the Book of Life"!

So, we must ask: Why are MASKS FALLING?

Why are some of us now seeing the Evil Ones and their Evil Deeds so clearly? I say 'some of us' for as you have probably noted, the 'spiritual rednecks' are automatons that are blind to everything except the programming that has been fed to them by their creators, the Evil Archons.


They are illicit issues from a massive experimental ERROR.

In simple terms they are to be eliminated for they have refused to reject the evil programming imbued into them and thus then turn to the Light.

Alas, if the truth be told, most of these miscreants do not have the capacity to embrace the Light, for they are programmed in one way only - Evil. Thus, they are already detritus on Hell's floor.

It is the time of the END and all must know why the steps that the Light is about to take are being taken.

I repeat: The Evil Ones are MACHINES! Ontologically they had been created by an earlier miscreant - a Super-machine called 'Jehovah' (nicknamed Saklas, the Fool, by the Real Divine Hierarchy).

This 'Jehovah' is the fool that is supposedly boiling Jesus with faeces in Hell !! v=kgtCDVwwMx8

(I will eventually get to the question of Jews and Zionists.

Jews are not necessarily Zionists nor are Zionists necessarily Jews.

I had incarnated a number of times as a Jew. I have many good friends even in this life who are Jews and are of a Divine Nature. I will write more on this topic another time).

We need to delve into a little Esoterica to make things simpler: The Super-computer called 'Jehovah' that was given the ability to create Automatons and by accident impregnated evil programming in them, for Evil's benefit, soon lost control and created many such AI machines that took control in many areas, with no supervision. They were flooded with programming to steal energy from Ontological True Beings created by Light energy. Some of these True Beings became trapped in this illicit and temporary dimension called the Physical Universe.

(I guess this sounds much like the Transformer and the Avengers movies, noisily brought to my attention by the grandchildren. Blessings to them, for without their noise and inquisitive explorations, geriatrics like myself would still be watching the Three Stooges in black and white I guess.  But, in reality, those comic book shows are a version of Reality most don't recall. The same goes for the Star Wars Series which some recall as being similar to long-lost past memories.  The creator, George Lucas is, in fact, one of the Light Family (Rescuers). 

I realize such notions may be beyond the comprehension of most Humans, but bear with me.

The Endpoint of this enormous ERROR is the total destruction of the malignant Aberration and all the illicit robots in it that refused and still refuse to obey the rules of Divine Justice.  The story is very complicated as you can well imagine. Just bear with me a little longer.

I need to repeat that if this is a little too abstract and esoteric for you, don't worry about it. The penny will drop for you sooner or later, especially as we all start seeing 'Who is who'.

Shortly, we will all gain the gift of True Vision and of being able to see who are of Light and who are of Darkness.

The scales will drop from our eyes and the Masks will drop from those wearing them so that we could not tell who was who in the past. With that little ploy they have been able to cheat and deceive at will those of us that wanted Godly Justice.

Luke 11:52 is worth reviewing regarding this point of being led astray and kept ignorant!

"Woe to you Scribes, because you have taken away the keys of knowledge! You have not entered and those who are entering you have hindered."

This has applied to Humanity, and to other beings created before Humanity was created physically by the Evil Ones, in this neck of the woods.

Here is a little window into esoteric History:

https://www.theancientaliens. com/creation-of-humans

While you are searching, check out the vileness of Jehovah, the 'God of Zion"

It is EVIL IDIOCY all the way.

This is the 'god' JC attacked in John 8:44.

http://skepticsannotatedbible. com/cruelty/long.html


If you re-read the short essay I wrote about Trump which is posted on Jeff Rense's site, you will note I said Trump was one of these AI Robots instilled with the programming of Evil. donald-trump-delivering- americas-cursed-karmic- consequences.php

The basis of Evil, apart from gross dishonesty, is the hunger for sex, power and wealth. From what has been exposed about D. Trump, you know he fits the bill very well.

I also said he would be destructive, offending all and sundry, disrupting the Nation and its relations with other Nations, and that he would eventually start a Nuclear War.  He is well  on the way to that!!

Top psychiatrist: Trump's 'mental impairment' poses danger to world:

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Hitler laid the foundation of what is to come. It was all about the destruction of Evil.  So, you see, it was not Hitler who was the Evil One like the false history tells us. I will expand on that in due course.

We are almost there with Trump's war prompting.

Once he has done that, he will be liquidated by the very ones that set him up as the stooge for the Age. Trump was installed as the POTUS to do Evil's bidding.

What the idiotic Vulturites (who now control the USA) did not know was that the Light had laid this trap for them back in the 1940s to lead to the eventual destruction of Earth and all the failed 'bastards' of Physicality, including the aspects of the disposable Humanity!

Hitler was, and is, the main player for the Finale. He IS the Leader of the Light Brigade!

I will explain in due course.

Why do you think I am going to the trouble of telling you 'Who is Who'?

Why do you think I revealed the exact mechanisms of the End of Physicality with War, disasters, disease and Fatal Global Warming?

Why do you think I told you about being able to see who is who?

Why do you think I was able to describe the response of Viables (those to be salvage from this Evil Cesspool) once they come in contact with the Energy of Excalibur that was released not so long ago?

BTW, The Legend of King Arthur is not a Myth, although the story of pulling the valuable Sword from the Stone was. Can you not understand what it means? Arthur (with his Divine Energy) was the one and only to be able to separate the 'good metal, the precious component' from the useless 'dirt - crust' in order to salvage the Divine Particles. Now do you get it? Morons will never get it?

And who was/is Arthur?

Go back and read who I said the Druids of that era said he was.

The Story of Rescue of the Viables has been fragmented so much by imbecilic Religious Nonsense that all true meaning has been lost.

But, the Masks are falling off.

The Pigs are flying to their Doom.

The dots are being connected.

The Endtime is here.

We will all see who is who and those to be salvaged will feel the glory of the Energy that will take them 'Home'.

You would have to be really, really moronic wraiths not to realize why this information can be put together for you.

Don't fret. If you are of Light, you will awaken soon enough and will be rescued.  Do you recall my poem 'Home to take thee'? Do not think that was a joke.

If course, if you have not rejected the evil programming or are an immutable, evil 'bastard', you are just a dust particle blowing in the wind of the Finite Time of this Illusion.

But, I will remind you again now, and again later, that KARMA DOES APPLY!


Let's go back to Potty Mouth Trump to learn more about this Endtime.

He has not only revealed the explicit Nature of Human Evil as  many demons have, he has also given us the opportunity to expose all others implicated in his nefarious dealings.

Have you noted how many crimes he has reportedly committed?

Have you noted how many so-called upstanding citizens of the 'ruling and political classes' have been partners in his mendaciousness?

Noting these things, is that not a case of 'Masks Falling Off Evil Countenances'?

That gives us the opportunity to review the Evilness that might have existed in previous Presidents and Rulers! Evil has ruled for a long, long time. It is just that we have been blinded to the truth!

I had previously written that the USA had been specifically dedicated to Jehovah in 1776. History is most explicit and confirmatory of that. The 'Good' trapped therein were and are victims of Evil. I am going to give this detail for you must know why such cruel Karma is about to descend on this doomed land.

Americans have not lived in a Great Democracy!

They have been trapped in a most evil DICTATORSHIP!

Each President has been selected (SOMETIMES MANY, MANY YEARS BEFORE TAKING OFFICE), regardless for whom the populace voted, and then installed with Demons (internal and external) driving/directing him. JFK was the one exception since the middle of last century.

The Illusion of Democracy is just that: Illusion.

George Carlin, another worker of Light, saw it.

"America is one big lie and you are a fool for believing in it." v=YqdsNxS_fk8&

In for a penny..... v=wKav0SxjTU0

Alas, the above skit is partly correct. Remember, the USA was founded on the murder of its Indigenes!! As was Australia btw. So we Aussies have nothing to brag about either!

The entire USA, as most of you who are awake know, is based on the less than wholesome dictates of Hollywood and Disneyland. Many have claimed these 2 enterprises are demonic compounds. They are!

The malevolent force controlling everything from its not-so-well-hidden location is, of course, the genetic power of Jehovah and its progeny of Zionism. (Remember what I said about Zionism and Jews.)

I need again remind you all: Amos 6:1 "Woe to those at ease in Zion......."

Below are brief examples of the nefariousness of which I write, using the examples of the most recent people  in power. Remember that Conmen and women have to be extra nice to their targets in order to fool them easily.

  • Obama: What is Obama? Ontologically he is another evil Reptile. Is it dishonesty to say his wife is a female when in fact 's/he' is another male demon? Are you able to prove that this assertion is inaccurate? How simple is it really?  "Very simple!" is the answer. If you can be fooled so easily, in how many other ways have you been fooled?

You will know by the punishment to come whether what I say is correct or not.  The Light does not make mistakes of recognizing who is of Light and who is not.

  • The Clinton's? Their murdered victims are said to fill a small phone book. Were they not running drugs into the country through the Mena Airport? v=18dASgnysXE 2016/11/04/air-cocaine-the- wild-true-story-of-drug- running-arms-smuggling-and- contras-at-a-small-airstrip- in-clintons-arkansas/ 2016/03/11/clintons-contras- and-cocaine/

  • Will the Light forgive Hillary's murders in Libya?

https://www. 10/24/hillarys-war-crime/ Impeachment-Barack-Obama- Hillary-Clinton/dp/0974925314

  • The Bush Family Crimes are no secret.

I am not making this up to fill my morning with words! 2018/12/03/crimes-of-the-bush- dynasty v=0hWgWOJSorY

  • Kissinger (the real President during the Nixon era):

I could go on and on and on, right back to 1776.

But you can research History for yourselves if you must.

JFK was assassinated for not obeying the orders given to him by the "Sons of Zion' who, in fact, control who becomes president and who, as a puppet, pretends to rule the country and most of the World.  JFK attempted to wrestle the monetary control from the Federal Reserve as many others had thought of doing, and know the result: assassination!

The ruling evil despots do things in plain sight for there is no one to stop them on this level.  Again think of all the wars they started for material gain and all the murders they committed because they could. The crimes of 9/11 are as clear as crystal to those who can see.

The reason Hitler had to be stopped (by the Demons) was that he showed life outside of the Zionist fiscal control was possible. Winston Churchill articulated this clearly when he stated Hitler had to be stopped in order for Churchill and his other demonic leaders of the age (including Stalin, Roosevelt and others) to profiteer as usual by exploiting the masses maximally. I will perhaps delve into this point when I discuss Hitler at length in a coming Post.  Recall I said money was one of the chief preoccupations of the Demons, Sex and Power being the other 2.

That battle between the Demonic Leaders and Hitler, in whom many involved in the War affirmed that they correctly perceived the Christ Light, was of more significance than most think. It allowed final plans to be formulated by Hitler, and the Family of Light supporting him on Higher Levels, for destruction of this planet by entrapping the Demons. It necessitated giving them Nuclear Weapons just as Hitler did. It was and is like giving a 3 year old a loaded gun!

I will explain in more detail in due course in other Posts if there is time. In the meantime, I urge you to watch the DVDs of 'The Greatest Story NEVER told!' in order to gain a more truthful version of Reality.  Many may be upset with what I have just written, but that is due to the malicious and very evil programming placed into the minds of the trapped beings on Earth. The illegitimate Morons will never appreciate the Truth.

The fact of the matter is that the steps to be taken in the next few years are a follow up on what I am going to reveal. Without that Truth, nothing would be achieved that would benefit Honesty. So don't feel hurt by the Truth. If anything, be annoyed that you have been severely fooled by the evil bastards who have run this planet.

Not one of the evil scoundrels will escape their Karma!!

Elections are a sham as is the title of 'Democracy'! And yet, look at the extensive hours spent day after day to discuss these topics. What the Media is really doing is following orders and distracting the Morons from the Greater Reality.

If you do not know these points of History, I suggest you watch this next video and also the videos about HITLER. v=Yw0-ASR4sr8

The Greatest Story NEVER told: v=1QqdiIHMn0k

It appears that the Evil 'Bastards' have removed this epic work from the Internet so people would not know the truth.

Many of the DVDs are courageously displayed on JEFF RENSE'S SITE. I urge you to watch them.

Dennis Wise Astonishing Documentaries


The other links seem to be broken. I advise you to buy the DVDs from the UK. The DVDs can also be bought via the Internet.

I will definitely be continuing this Post in the near future for there is much more to reveal to you in this Endtime. tt3526810/

In this Post, I have chosen to discuss America and its control and abuse by Evil Reptilian Overlords mainly because my readers are basically Americans and Australians. But there have been many other 'bastards' in all lands and in all Epochs that will not escape their punishment.

Just to make this reality even more real to you, let me answer why Saddam of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya were targeted:

Energetically speaking, they are spiritual Brothers in the Third Line of the Hierarchy that descended to be in this Endtime War.

They were hated with a vengeance by the evil lunatics, as history shows. JFK was of the same genre.

Guess who the ultimate losers are going to be?


It's the End. Do not take my words emotionally, or with some sort of Nationalistic rejection.

You may be American in this lifetime, but what were you in other lifetimes?  How do you know you were not a Zulu in Africa or a peasant in Mongolia?

It is ridiculous to judge in ignorance.

One needs to awaken to its true ontological identity: You are either a Spark of Light that is Viable and will continue your Journey to the True World, or you are an evil  'bastard', a particle of detritus to soon be no more. There are no other choices. You will know soon enough what you are when you contact the energy of Excalibur (as you are doing now as you read my words)!

What does all this mean?

It means Payback time for those of iniquities. They knew what was in store for them if they continued to interfere the way they did with Divine Particles. By various means they stole the energy of the 'real' beings until many expired.

They paid no heed to the warnings given by representatives of the Light who descended into the flesh.

Thus, in this illicit Dimension, a War of Essences ensured which is now being resolved.

The unrepentant Evil Ones are now scheduled for Spiritual Extermination as well as Physical Extermination, of course.

Some of the not-so-virulent Artificial Robots paid heed to quit the wrong-doing and they shall be rewarded as I revealed in previous writings.

The pilfering of energy from those of the Light by the evil sycophants - because they have none of their own - after all, they are illicit creations - is the reason for their extermination.

One may well ask "Why are the Evil Rulers not worried about their Evilness and eventual Fate?"

Look at their arrogance, and surety about being Masters of all they survey!

Remember, they are Moronic Machines.

They work via programming that has been imposed upon their unnatural minds. They are unable to think of Crime and Punishment.

Hence, they seem to fear nothing and no one.

They are ROBOTS. Look carefully at Trump. A few times the robotic circuitry failed, like it did in Hillary Clinton. Remember the 'oranges' episode? The same thing happened to the Hillary Robots during rallies, climbing into the van, etc.!

Actually if you look closely, you will be able to see different robots being 'him' or 'her' on different locations.  The colour of Trump's neckties tells the crew which robot is on stage for that episode!!

The karma for the Bastards is not going to be simply a case of dismantling robots into their constituent parts.

There is punishment ahead for them. They cannot escape their Karma or their Fate.

They will suffer the amount they made all others suffer, and then some, in what has been termed the "Eternal Moment of Suffering!"

To them it will appear it will last forever.

Divine Justice WILL prevail.

Until that time comes, the Demons are unable to think of failure or of a Superior Being or Eternal Justice for their evil programming will not allow it. That is why they murder millions with no second thoughts. They have no empathy whatsoever.


Some snippets for you:

I work with a Twin called Haidakhan Babaji.

I will write more soon.

Do not believe what is written on the Internet about Him or me.

We have both been working undercover (until now).

I travelled to see him in the Himalayas in October 1983 as I awakened spiritually.

I had last seen him in a similar location in the 1930s. Of course, I was in a different physical body then, and so was Babaji!!

Awakening is a process we all have to undergo once we enter into these Physical Bodies. These physical bodies have been created by Evil!!

What separates True Beings (Viables) from Robots, who may be Viable or non-Viable, is the Divine Energy content of the genuine Centres of Consciousness!

Those of us with true spiritual vision can see who is who. Near the End we will all see who is who.

This information I am writing now will be especially explosive for the Morons. It may even shock the unawakened Viables.

I delayed publishing these words as much as possible, but time is running out.

Your role, if you are a genuine seeker of Truth, is to bypass the emotions. They are part of the evil mechanism to program us deleteriously. You will realize this is so when you go beyond emotional reactions.

In time, Viables will go to a level of Consciousness called the Higher Self.

After contacting the Higher Consciousness, the Heart Centre will contact the True you.

You will have by then become truly realized, unlike the false claims of charlatans.

When that point is reached you will become truly ecstatic with your Inner Self and your Fate.

If you are a failure, no reaction could be more destressing. You have no one else to blame.  Here come the wailing and gnashing of teeth that were predicted long ago .......

How often have we been warned?

I will write in more specific terms soon.

Don't let the emotions frighten you. If you are truly a being of undiluted love (not lust) you will shine through. No one can pretend to be what he or she is not.

The thought of death may hound you. But why should it? We have all known since the age of 8 that someday we would die. It is these putrid, evil-created and punitive bodies that will die, not us.

Remember, we have all died many times after coming into the Physical.

I advise you to keep away from Charlatans, Pied Pipers, shills, Conmen and evil bastards, especially, religious ones.  The richer they are, because of their cunning, conniving ways, the more demonic they will be.

Personally I have noted that the more one truly awakens spiritually, the more s/he wants to distance him or herself from the throng!

There is nothing I want from anyone. But, what is of true value we will share for eternity if you are a Viable.

And yes, as promised, the Faithful Ones will be given EVERYTHING they need!

Having spent 2 and ½ years with Babaji in Far North Queensland in the early 1990s, I have him to vouch for the veracity of my words.

As planned, Babaji left the Physical Realm shortly after I saw him in the Himalayas in 1983 but returned as a walk-in to be with me. We then leisurely mapped out the final plans for the EVACUATION OF VIABLES AND THE END OF THIS PLANET.


I have repeated many times that I will be here physically for the last day, whether it be in 2025 or up to 2035.

Strange as it may seem, 2024 is attempting to push 2025 off the screen that I am viewing even as I write these words. Yippee!!

Why am I to be physically here on Earth for its last day? The answer can wait......

I will discuss those topics in subsequent Posts.

Until next time ......

WARNING:  Do NOT buy any books under my name sold at Amazon.

They are NOT genuine.


Copyright: Dr. J.S. Chiappalone

June 14, 2019