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Unmasking The Reality

By Jim Kirwan



At the crossroads you can see the UN, at the far right, just outside the artificial shield that is being pulled down over the rest of civilization. The is the story of the UN-doing of civilization. This is the UN-doing of everything in the UN-worldly construct that we’ve been living under since it was UN-naturally created by Dirty-Harry Truman for the UN-state of Israel in 1948. And this has been out there all this time, just waiting for the world to wake up and crush it all.

To grasp what’s at issue and what has always been “at issue” you only need to see the world thru the UN-reality of the words “United Nations”. To do this properly you just need to remember to preface everything in the world today with the prefix “UN”.

UN-real, UN-ethical, UN-common, UN-imaginative, UN-clean, UN-human, UN-acceptable, UN-wise, UN-fair, UN-realistic, UN-legitimate, and on and on and on. Preface every term, every institution, and every government action with the magic two letter designation “UN” and watch their true masques fall away!

Let’s get literal! The United Nations began its global-life by starting a war which they called a “Police Action” in Korea, in 1950. In 1953, the “Police-Action” was artificially halted at the 38th Parallel in Korea, with a TRUCE that is still in place today—because that “UN-official War never ceased. Technically this “war” is probably the longest running UN-action on record!

How did the world go from this UN-auspicious UN-war to global UN-recognition of that UN-organization? In the 1950’s the old USA began refusing to pay dues to the UN, because we considered it to be a fake and futile organization which represented nothing and no-one at all in the real world. Americans at that time clearly understood that the UN has no people, no country, no beliefs of their own, to back anything they said. It’s only gotten worse today. That was true and still is because there are no people who call themselves the UN-people. There is no country called the UN-country. There are only the UN-institutions that are dictating to what remains of the UN-states in the world of 2014.

In brief because there are no people that actually live in the-UN there can be no belief-systems in anything that emanates from the UN. They have no monetary system of their own. The “UN” has no blood, sweat and tears of their own to shed in any effort, anywhere in the world today! They are officially the UN-dead that are seeking total control over all the rest of the global-population

They have no official government of their own and yet they are trying to proscribe everything that anyone needs from taxes to guns and all ammunition, from birth-control and genetics to global-health and safety regulations, along with full control over global-weather, food, water and air. The “UN” is trying to regulate all the land in the old USA, compounded by militarized-global-police-control over the entire United States of America while instigating UN-control over global-conflicts worldwide.

All of this the-UN is doing without their own people, their own armies or their own money. They have no population, no established institutions who are charged with reporting to the UN-population that has never existed, as such. This UN-real construct was artificially created by the UN-dead who shaped the three imperial cities that consist of the Vatican, the City of London and the City of Columbia in the District of Criminals.

Because the UN has no people of its own and just rents the ones they use each and every day, to commit the massive crimes they do for others: They’re “forces” have no one to inherit any real legacy from? Those who die in a UN-uniform die alone and cannot pass anything on to any of their own children—it’s as if the UN Dead never existed in the first place.

Consequently it is the job of every human being on earth today to UN-do this criminal-association in every country which this UN-organization has already contaminated.

There is also a co-evil force which is used globally to “support” the UN. That force is also UN-controlled by anything real and it calls itself NATO; The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO also has no country of origin, no people of its own and no money of its own—all of that is taken from others in the same way the UN has attached itself to the global-population as the UN-official global-parasite of-UN.

How did we get here? Who created “the-UN” and NATO? Who was responsible for breaking the physical connections which once connected the SANCTUARIES of real life with the commercial centers that became our CROSSROADS in the world?

This all came from an ancient and essentially evil construct which was artificially called “THE LAW”. This global UN-reality has protected itself down through the centuries by using their own private UN-language which tends to stand all reality upon its head.

Please note the disconnects of the pathways between the two worlds shown here.

The profession we call “the Law” has been obscene at least since the time of Shakespeare.

What must be done is that the world needs to return to common-law and to the simplicity which made the organic legal-system viable. The difference between the realities in the image shown from the artificial-construct being manipulated by the UN-known currently being instituted will be vast: If we still fail to act!

This year people in the US will be responsible for 40 thousand more “laws” to go with last years 30,000 new laws which all of us are still responsible for knowing about. That’s 70,000 new laws on the books, in just the last two years, to go with all the other criminal-laws which were designed to unhinge the society while the world of the UN-legal strives to end civilization at its very core. (1)

The UN-dead must be confined to consuming their own UN-eatable “evil-fruits” so that they will choke, crash and burn on their UN-tenable precepts; which they have been trying for decades to force us to consume.

Have a fantastic NEW UN-Year!

1) We’ve Been Captured ­ Part One

Mechanisms of Conquest _ Part Two

The War Within Wars ­ Part Three



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