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Unmasking America's Nightmares

By Jim Kirwan


The Top Half of the Doors

The Entrance to The Global City

The illustration begins in the top half of this hourglass

Then feeds into the lower half of the image

When Zombies Feed Upon Each Other

The impoverished peoples of the world

Are intertwined within

This background of the old world.

The global religious & political symbol’s

of today & yesterday are the poisons

That created this nightmare.

The chaos, thus produced, cannot be disengaged from.

This mixture makes up a falling crescendo

Leading the world

Toward the end of genocides

and global crimes against humanity.

Many of these contradictions in terms can be clearly seen

in the above image

And in the one that followed this, at the link above.

The 5 by 7 foot drawing took awhile to do

Take just a moment to please

To see whatever you can see within it. (1)

Once, America was a unique mix of cultures, promises and lies which was born from a 400 year war that almost exterminated the 5,000 year old native population. While that war continued, the Money-junkies of old-world Europe ran their international slave trade from Africa to the new world. During that same 400 years America’s massive and illegal commercial-profits were made. A ‘new-nation’ as a colonial power of the first order was born!

These two glaring facts have been largely omitted from the histories which America chose to share with its citizens. These omissions went a long way toward creating a skewed reality of this particularly American-nightmare. This contradiction-in terms, which “America” is today, has brought us to the place where the crimes we committed to ‘become a nation’ in the first place, have now come full circle.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that our responsibility for the massive crimes we committed against the natives and the slaves will have to be paid for in the blood and treasure of today, by way of accounting for the crimes of yesterday ­ before the arrival of any real-tomorrow can take place.

There is still some doubt among Americans about just how deeply we have become immersed within this nightmare. This raises some very basic questions that have yet to be asked by others. These questions should have been front page news around this nation and across the world: Because this obscenity appears to be the first of its kind in all of human history!

America is supposedly a nation. However, America is now totally ruled outright by foreign Zionists. At the same time real Americans are denied all their “rights” as Americans; including the responsibility to serve in government or to have any major role anywhere else inside the USA.

America is not America anymore. America has become The Jewnited States of Amerika where Americans no longer have any place to be, and can be arrested for mentioning the US Constitution or the founding fathers. There is no LAW except Zionist Law in America today!

The Jewnited States has outlawed all religions except the Jewish Religion. Jewish holidays are honored while religious Christian-holidays, such as Christmas, have been officially outlawed. The Menorah on the White House lawn will replace the traditional Christmas Tree this year and the list goes on and on. The media does not mention these radical changes in American Life.

America is under attack in the schools, by the government, by city and state councils, by state and federal legislatures—this is happening virtually anywhere there is even a hint of government oversight (That would be everywhere now) ­ but the public takes no notice, at least not yet! The ‘people’ doing these attacks answer to Israel, not to the people of the USA. They were elected or appointed as Americans, but they are in truth servants of Israel.

Our troops fight Israel’s wars for Israel. Meanwhile the military-defense of this nation is non-existent when it comes to whatever Israel chooses to do on American shores. Mossad has free-reign to murder any American on American soil without fear of any consequences ­ and that’s been the case since Caligula ruled the Tarnished House. No other nation in the world would have permitted such a colossal treason to exist within their country without at least trying to arrest the traitors en masse.

The false-flag that is coming up again on October 1st is not just the semi-annual wolf-cry that is meant to scare the hell out of us. Instead, this ‘deadline’ marks the semi-annual giveaway of American resources and public lands to those countries, like China, to which we owe such fantastically enormous sums of money which we can never repay. Jews, posing as Americans—are giving away our national park-lands, our natural resources and the bulk of supposedly “American Public & Park Lands” that were being held in trust for the future of Americans - at a phenomenal rate. (1)

The Long Beach Naval Ship Yard

The only deep water military-port on the west coast is being given to Red China: This is an act of deliberate-SABOTAGE, masquerading as a policy decision under the strings of our resident (Zionist) puppets in Washington. D.C.

Clinton and the Democrats decided to shut down the Naval Ship Yard in 1993, and now Feinstein and the Democrats are remaining SILENT about this act of blatant treason, while simultaneously pushing to become the number-one state in the USA to seize the guns of all Californians that legally purchased their weapons under the protection of US constitutional guarantees.” (2)

Originally, we stole this land from the natives. Now the Jews, masquerading as Americans, are stealing it from us and giving it to other nations as collateral for the global-debt we cannot repay. None of this is being covered by the media either.

This national and international-masquerade represents global-criminality on several continents. This is what’s behind the false-flag serial-murderers-for-hire along with genocides being committed throughout the Middle East by imposters in depth, from Egypt thru Lebanon, what used to be Libya, and now in Syria. All these wars have the same evil source: The treachery of the Jews lying about who they are and what they represent in dozens of countries, not just here.

In America: Israel has already stolen this nation.

The real target of these traitors to the countries they supposedly represent has one major target right now - which they must have if their long-range plan is to ever succeed. That target is Iran. Actually it goes far deeper than that: Israel wants every neighboring country that has a border with Israel to be absorbed into Israel, as the minimum they will accept. Israel will nuke the whole region, unless they get what they’re demanding. The world must deal with the JEWS in every nation, not just here: All that now remains to finalize Israel’s crimes over the last 68 years is their outright ownership of America and of course all of the Middle East—no matter what they have to do to make that happen.

The crime of claiming to be Americans when in reality the individuals involved are JEWS, Zionists or both ­ during a time of WAR is part of this War Crime because that duplicity amounts to espionage, which is being engaged-in to steal the country they are pretending to serve.

That’s TREASON against the United States. Everyone engaged in this is clearly a TRAITOR. This is War, and that means they all need to be shot.

Americans have been trying to find a way to deal with this for a decade now, without a firm resolve. But there might be one way that we could show this government what we think about their colossal failures in the world, as well as here in this country.

This December 24th, the Federal Reserve will be 100 years old. It sits on PRIVATE land and is not part of the Federal Government. Private land is no longer subject to protection by this imposter-government because this government is not the US government. USI is the government of a foreign power and thus cannot be protected from an attack by US citizens upon this deception that is posing as a US institution.

The FED prints our money illegally and is responsible for the horrific loss of value in the US Dollar. It is a crime when the government destroys the value of US money, worldwide. Part of keeping the nation safe is and always was to keep our money on a sound and equitable footing. These imposters did everything in their power to sabotage this countries health and wealth with what they did to America and Americans.

The nation ought to hold a formal vigil on December 24, 2013 ­ at the Federal Reserve building in Washington D.C. As many Americans, as can manage it should be there during daylight hours, to oversee the fire-department’s emptying the building of all employees. The event itself should be a nighttime black-tie affair. The nation should publicly burn the Federal Reserve System headquarters building to the ground, in Washington D.C.!

This would not constitute a crime against the United States because the FED is owned outright by the Money-Junkie-Jews, internationally.

They inflicted themselves illegally upon us in 1913, and they have hijacked this countries’ financial capacity just as they have been murdering our financial future for the last one hundred years!

The Illuminati has always placed great faith in images: But so do a lot of real Americans. Since Christmas will no longer be allowed to be an American holiday, let’s replace it with the ending of the Federal Reserve by publicly destroying this 100 year old-symbol of tyranny so that we can physically take back the printing of our own money, at the very least?

Americans have to start somewhere. If there is still a country come December 24, 2013 why not get involved in this informal affair and begin to take this country back, one institution at a time…



Prosecute to the Full Extent of the Laws we once had.

1) Preliminary Sketch ­ at the bottom of the link

2) Transcription: Military Base Given to China on U.S. Soil

3) Diane Feinstein An American Traitor



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