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Unknown Known’s
May they rest in peace forever!

By Jim Kirwan


Of all the things we thought we knew,

There are a great many things

That the public has remained totally unaware of.

Since 2001all the public’s been able to rely on whenever we are confronted with criminal polices, has been a total disaster. DEATHCARE, blanket amnesty for 50 million illegals or cuts to all the social programs that are being slashed this year ­ these non-solutions will only raise taxes and bail-out corporations. The only “guarantee” the public has ever gotten is that all agencies of this government are proven liars, despots and traitors one and all. This has literally been the case for decades!

Against that backdrop this news was released on October 30, 2013. Please review the imbedded links and then ask yourself this question.

How can “A Knockout Blow to the Power Grid” be simulated without shutting down the Grid?

Once down the startup will be filled with failures because the system cannot be restarted except by reactivation in very small sections until the entire grid has been restored. This happened in San Francisco after the1989 earthquake and took three days to restore only a partial shutdown of the electrical-grid. If the whole of the North American Continent is “tested”, which is being discussed, then inevitably there will be major failures throughout the system. Inside the affected zones chaos could easily develop into uncontrollable events.

If there is no real threat, why create one by shutting down the grid?

Heads up! From the 'people' who brought you 9/11, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and miscellaneous minor false flags: Huge Electric Grid Failure Drill Scheduled for 13 -14 November 2013 --NERC will host GridEx 2013 on 13-14 November 2013 --North American wide distributed-play exercise --Executive 'policy trigger' table top exercise on 14 November 29 Oct 2013 Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow of Power Grid 17 Aug 2013 (The New York Times) ...Thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. They will practice for a crisis unlike anything the real grid has ever seen, and more than 150 companies and organizations have signed up to participate. "This is different from a hurricane that hits X, Y and Z counties in the Southeast and they have a loss of power for three or four days," said the official in charge of the drill, Brian M. Harrell of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC. "We really want to go beyond that." See also: GridEx II - GridSecCon Update -- Grid Security Exercise - Grid Security Conference 2013, published by NERC.” (1)

A reader wrote:

Good article. However I think the upcoming test is a simulation. They wouldn't actually turn the grid off for exactly the reasons you discussed. There would be traffic accidents; patients in hospitals would die; there would be horrible publicity.”

k) Part of the point is that there would be no adverse publicity if there is no media to report anything ­ which is what I’m suggesting they’re planning to carry out. Are we the public to be so naïve that this would be just “a Drill”? This government has lied about everything. Look at the number of global scandals regarding NSA leaks, the assassination of Ambassador Stevens, along with our role in Libya and now Syria that have yet to be answered for—an all of this jut goes on and on.

In fact we have never been told the truth about 911, Aurora, Colorado San-Hook, or any of the other “security-instances” where this government has lied and lied and lied again. In fact based on the evidence of their previous actions—there is no reason to ever believe anything that this government has said or will say ­ ever again!

Instead I think they will do a simulation of the shutdown. What they really want to practice is the restart.”

k) The “restart is where the hell-resides. What this government is suggesting is similar to going to a hospital and complaining of chest pains, only to be thrown onto a gurney, knocked-out, then rushed into an operating theater where they open you up from neck to toes to “look for any problems” that you might have been suffering from: Instead of looking for the problem in a non-invasive way.

This is exactly the kind of mindless approach to “protecting the public” from terrorist attacks, which they want to launch against the electrical-grid of the United States, Canada and Mexico ­ that has to be challenged and stopped dead. What this “test” will really do is defeat the United States without having to fire a single shot. (2)

.gov wants the ability to deny power to a specified geographical area without impacting the rest of the grid. If Boise, Idaho, for example, is in open rebellion the power to the metropolitan area can be turned off until they see the light.”

k) There has been no indication whatsoever that any city in this country is in danger of going into open rebellion, therefore, there is no need to shutdown “electricity” against any city in this country. Apparently the reader is unaware of the current state of the Police-State in America: Crimes against unarmed men, women and children. This does not included armed people resisting or attacking military forces or mercenaries in the streets. The “militarized-forces” have massacred thousands of innocent people since 2001, in the name of Homeland-Security. Whereas people have not massacred their opposite number during the same time frame. The only real threats in this country come directly from the outlaws in D.C & Israel, not from the population trying to live ordinary lives…

“I don't quite see how it will happen but I believe that these shady acts by .gov will result in its eradication.”

k) Apparently the reader believes that the country is being legitimately governed. On that she’s dead wrong and she’s laboring at a huge disadvantage ­ but she’s certainly entitled to her opinion. In any case the answers to these questions are not far off, so she won’t have long to wait.

Given all that’s happened to this place since Bush junior took over, it’s a miracle that we haven’t already totally self-destructed. Officially we’re 17 trillion plus in debt and in reality we are over $2.1 Quadrillion if you add in all the mystical illusions that we’ve allowed the New Robber-Barons to burden the planet with. Their problem is that no one can ever repeat history, and neither can they. The Robber-Barons are still pissed that the US put their policies in chains after the Wall Street crash engineered by the banks and the Robber-Barons in the 30’s.

Now of course they’ve joined their causes with those of the Rothschilds and the rest of the global-outlaws to end not just our way of life, but to kill us all, along with that. These are the most disgusting creatures on the planet and we already have the percentages of those required to completely shut them down—in fact we’re much closer to ending them than even they realize…

1) Shadows of Invisibility

2) Escape from Bondage?



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