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Unintended Consequences?

By Jim Kirwan

The truth beneath the Old World Order

“…And for the international order that we have worked for generations to build. Ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs. Progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign…”

The video clip above was taken out of context from Obama’s keynote speech to the EU in Brussels on May 26.

However IF you listen to the entire pack of lies, above, that was delivered in Brussels it becomes clear that every justification which Obamanation claims therein, is nothing more than a treacherous lie, based on his perverted twisting of the truth, to sway the world toward the opposite of that which is the real global-situation today.

What makes his words above so hideous is that we know he believes the words in the opening paragraph to be the hidden truth behind all US polices both in the states and in the world. The expanded form of those words means this:

Ordinary Americans are too small minded to be allowed to govern their own affairs, regardless of their skills, their experience, their preferences their sexual status, their racial attitudes or their national affiliations. All of us must surrender all our rights to an “all powerful sovereign”.

Obamanation in his duplicity is affirming the Israeli-actions of thugs in uniform that are clearly shown in the recent attempted-murder of a 19 month old infant in Atlanta. This is an unforgivable act that must be publicly punished: From the uniformed thug who threw the grenade, to his commanding officer and the chief of police that allowed this criminal to wear a badge. The cowardly media that chose not to show the public what the real damage to the infant looks like should lose their license to broadcast because they purposely tried to minimize this heinous crime against an innocent child—because they rightly feared a massive public outcry.

Those in uniforms throughout this country today have been trained by Israeli’s to the point that if they were not wearing badges they’d all be in jail because they’re just mercenary criminals pretending to be cops.

And since the thug who did this is not in jail, he and his commander as well as the Chief of Police must have their full names and addresses published on the front page of the Atlanta newspapers for everyone to see – in case the public should decide to deal more firmly with these contemptuous criminals face to face.

Graphic, but INCOMPLETE “news” just a further cover-up

On top of this, as if any more proof is needed, 41 U.S. Senators have just co-signed legislation to repeal the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That’s because they are determined to end Freedom of Speech for all Americans – forever!

Treason that goes unpunished only grows with every new assault. When we failed to prosecute any of the resident traitors in the Tarnished House we ended up with openly treasonous outlaws. The consequence is that we no longer have any laws that protect us from the criminals in government at any level. But we have over 70,000 new laws in just the last two years to punish and control us in even the smallest parts of our lives… Not to mention that we have lost all our personal freedoms and the right to think for ourselves, regardless of any situation that anyone might find themselves immersed within.

No situation is too small to have its own complete set of rules so that there are no areas of your life in which you are allowed to have any control whatsoever: Thanks to the requirements of always being

Politically-Correct, which means being permanently controlled under the undeclared absolute surrender of the population to the police-state worldwide!

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