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Unexplored Shifts
Bring Real Potentials

By Jim Kirwan

The world has been wrestling

With the war between humanity and the natural world


Unending War Forever,

And “people” are winning in unexpected ways!

The wars in the middle-east and Africa are being waged by Israel and the Jewnited States under cover of the West’s supposed need for “OIL & GAS”.

But “OIL” has always been only the cover-story needed to hide their real agendas: To establish more Rothschild’s Banks while creating massive new debts in places that were formally debt-free and successful as independent nations. These brutally primitive attacks upon so many nations today have only sought the expansion of the criminality of both USI & Israel, while leaving in their wake the near total devastation of every “place” they have turned back into the stone-age on their way to ending any people. The people who still challenge their global-plans for their version of the so-called human race.

8 Reasons Why the NWO Hates Syria

1, Syria’s Central Bank is State Owned

2, Syria has no debt to the IMF

3, Syria has no GMO

4, Syrians are aware of the Global Conspiracy

(Unlike the sleeping Amerikans)

5, Syria has gas and plans to build pipelines

(Syria was working on a pipeline going thru Iran, Iraq & Syria to Europe, cutting off Israel from taking control over all the oil between Asia Africa & Europe ­ the new pipeline was an attempt

To free the world from Israel’s total control over all oil & gas)

6, Syria opposes Zionism and “Israel”

(Syria is one of the last countries to oppose the state of Israel)

7, Syria the last secular country in the Middle East

(Afghanistan, Libya Iraq & much of North Africa were secular nations ­it’s easy to see why Syria had to be destroyed ­ if you’re the NWO)

8, A strong national & cultural identity

(Culturally Syria has maintained its own individual-identity a definite no-no in the new-old-order of only one of everything) (1)

Thunderbolts of Change

During the last few weeks ‘Change’ has been replacing the fear & terror being generated by the Jewnited States & Israel at a phenomenal rate. Diplomacy and reason have been winning on the ground and throughout the world, much to the sheer-frustration of Netanyahu and our own failed NERO.

Where once it was ‘understood’ by insiders, that no matter what the rest of the world wanted to happen ­ Israel would always get her way, regardless of consequences up to and including the implementation of World War III.

Now, thanks to calmly confident Russia, and to a lesser but important degree China ­ there is at last a moment to pause and reflect on the very real possibility that there might yet be a way out of this Israeli-created-Armageddon after all.

The US, Nero & Kerry included, have had their lies handed back to them with the calm and reassuring force that is behind the BRIC countries and most of the planet that did not want any of this shit to continue for one more second. What Americans need to take from this new and refreshing breath of fresh air, is that the world has begun to push the monsters back into the shadows they came from.

What is left to do is to confront them and destroy them all ­ utterly, so that just-us can be unchained, and treason, traitors, and tyranny will be hunted down and wiped out while leaving the bulk of the world still in-tact and functioning.

In the US we need to crush the FED and burn the main building to the ground in D.C. We need to print our own money after we have given all that massive debt back to those illegal-banks, worldwide, that tried to bury the planet in illegally-cast and totally bogus debts that were never real in the first place.

With their fake money destroyed all their “PLANS” TO “END-US” WILL COLLAPSE - in place of the financial collapse they’ve designed to stop the heart of the world in an instant. The same thing will happen to their plans for False-Flags-Everywhere, that they had planned to use to institute Martial-Law inside the U.S.

All we must do is to stop buying into all those articles and faux media reports that are just Trolling-for-Terror to keep the population not just docile, but so terrified, that soon we’ll all be rounded up or murdered. The reasons which they site cannot be carried out physically because they only have about one-one-hundredth of the resources they would need to even begin to fight an angry and outraged American public ­ believe it and act on what you discover this situation to actually “BE”.

This is our world, if we can keep it, and we must take it back. It needs to be thoroughly cleansed of a few thousand creatures, but that is far more preferable than the massive obliteration of seven-eights of the world which is what was planned to happen to each and every one of us, who failed to unconditionally surrender to the darkness of the Star of Evil.

1) Why Zionists Hate Syria ­ 9min 2sec VIDEO





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