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Now Undiagnosed Hemorrhagic Fever Has Broken
Out In West Africa, Cameroon

By Patricia Doyle

How long before the Third World blacks bring this disease to the US and Europe?  

 This has been a bad Winter for African diseases and illegal-brought diseases to the US and Europe.  Cameroon is on the border with Nigeria and should this fever move into West Africa, we will see many thousands hit with it like 2014 and Ebola.

 Do we really need another outbreak in Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria?  I have had enough illegal-caused disease this Winter.  I had over 8 weeks struggling with Hepatitis A and now this brutal flu-like illness with obvious meningitis involvement.  

 Last night was extremely hard. I have a lot of fluid and hard to breathe.  I have Laryngitis and a terrible headache.  The stiff neck from the base of my head right to the front of my head is hurting badly…a near certain sign of meningitis.  I have just gotten Allicin C and have started it aggressively.

 Still not one word of Ghana Flu in the ’news media'.  I suppose the CDC knows if people find out about the flu and meningitis co-infections in Ghana, they will demand Trump close our borders to countries like Ghana, Madigascar, Uganda and Cameroon.  But no, he has closed nothing and the influx of these bleeding-eye savages continues.  If Americans were told the truth…that this deadly flu is NOT normal influenza and is from Africa and brought over by blacks - they would, I hope, demand that Trump stop exposing us to this and so many other diseases.